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Monday, December 21, 2009

Deeply ... Prose Poem

He stood in silence as I undress

His eye followed the downward flight of my clothes

As they ease to the floor one by one...

As my panties fell to the floor, I was unaware his shorts was easing quietly down his legs

As my body turned and walked toward the bed, I first felt his presence

But before my head could turn, my body felt his next to mine...

His arms wrapped around my torso in a tight lustful embrace

The hardness between his legs was felt pulsating on my buttocks

With a bull rush, his body pushed mines against the end of the bed

The strength of his left arm pushed my body forward

Pinning it against the bed

His right hand held his pulsating meat...

While holding it tightly, he aimed it at the center of my core

Before I could react, the pain of brute force penetration was rushing upward through my spine to my brain...

Lungs gasped

My voice moaned deeply in pleasure pain...

His strokes started off short and quick

But as my nectar started to flow

His strokes were slower and deeper...

Again and again his harden flesh forced my walls open wider and wider

Then pulled out the tightness of my core

He moaned how tight my pink walls griped his hardness

How good it felt on the swollen girth of his harden flesh

While slowly cramming it deeper and deeper inside me...

His hips thrust with so much power

Each thrust bounced my body off the mattress edge

His voice graveled that my corridor was too tight to get completely deep in this position

Get on the floor on all four was the next sound that rung into my ears...

A popping sound was heard as his massive flesh pulled out my corridor

A tight embrace around my waist helped me to the floor

As soon as my body was in position

A massive intrusion was felt rushing down my slippery corridor walls

Each trust of his hips came with reckless abandon...





Dropped deeply into my darkness

Each hard stroke make my lungs gasp, then curse his name...

As his beast drove deep into my eclipse

My buttocks heave forward then spring upward in rhythm of his powerful strokes..

The sensations overwhelm my mind senses

My womb flooded with clear slippery liquid
Drenching his beast completely
While flowing down my legs, like a swift moving river current....
His animalistic strokes had no rhythm
No pace
No direction
Just carnal attitudes of abandon lust...
He just thrust his beast wildly into the darkness of my depths
Just as my mind thinks he has thrust in my womb are as deep as possible
His harden flesh trust ever deeper...
A grunt… Then absolute sensations of deep penetration rushed inside the confines of my womb...
Because of the salvage pounding his beast was bestowing between the softness of my thighs
My body gradually slide downward into a vertical position...
As it slid down, his assault never wavered
His pursuit of absolute sexual abandon on my body continue none stop...
My lungs gasp
Then screamed his name
They cursed the air they breathe
They begged of him to stop the onslaught
They begged for mercy
Suddenly they stop begging and demanded for him not to stop
They scream thrust harder, deeper
they yelled, come on baby, give me all you got...
His thrust hesitates
His hardness withdraws from the comfort of my womb
My legs are quickly pushed together
His legs straddle the width of my hips
The swollen head of his beast touches the wet
Lips of my heaven,
Then with hurricane velocity
Slides down the middle of my pink domain....
His long
Penetrates to the bottom of my depths with one-
Trust of his hips
Sounds of his scrotum slapping on the bottom of my buttocks
Rings into the air

As his savage strokes impales my body onto the carpet floor

His lungs gasp as the softness of my womb surrounds his girth with tightness

Causing electrified sensations to burn into his loins...

My womanly scent drifts into the air that's already crowded with he sounds of deep moans, and high-pitched groans

While sloshing sounds of wetness and suction

Enticed the sexuality of our minds..

My body feels his body ease upward

A sudden tug is felt on my hair

As my head tilts backwards

The head of his length slams into the abyss of my womb

Starting a trickle of a tremor in my loins...

Again and again his beast slides suddenly and deeply into my depths

His lungs snorts in short burst as my womb surrounds his wide girth even tighter

On each thrust of his hips, a squeal barks from my lungs...

My walls vibrates with hard pulsation from the harden flesh between his legs

The sensation of pulsation's in my womb triggers a large volcanic like tremors to rush through the sensitivity of my soft pink womb walls

My body shivers and quakes as the tremors consumed the being of me...

Just as my release subsides, my womb fills with vibrations of palpitations

Then the feel of his hot,




Flushing against the pinkness of my tenderized womb walls is felt

Ooh-gud, oh-gud screams from my lungs as his ejaculation of hot seaman fills then overflows the confine of my womb

Sweat falls off bodies

Muscles relax from the after effect of internal release

The smell of sexual musk looms in the air

Heavy panting exhales from our lungs

My mind starts to fill with disbelief

As my womb feels his beast girth widen

Then zoom back to it's full harden length of destructive pleasure

Monday, December 14, 2009

Night Moves (Feel Me) 3 ... Prose Poem

Burning lungs inhale deeply
Eyes attempt to focus in the darken room
In the distance her eyes make out the shape of the large bed
But not the shape of the object laying next to the bed post
Her focus is distracted as simultaneously the softness of his fingertips ease up her spine, and the soft firm touch of his tongue slides over the smooth firm surface of her stomach flesh...
Soft suckling kisses appear on the bottom of her bosom
Eyes close
Her mind floats in space as exquisite sensations rush through it
As soft suckling appears on her bosom flesh
Nipple flattens
Back arch
Sensations bombard her mind
Lust creeps inside her soul
As she taste the flavor of the center of her core from his lips
Passion heat sweeps through her body...
Her lips suddenly suckle on his neck with hard suction
He moans in passion pain
Tingling sensations of a hundred fingertips ease down his chest
As the softness of her hair follows the wet trail of her spiraling tongue
Over the width of his massive chest
Across the small ripples on his stomach...
The sharp sensations spirals through him
He feels the heat from the tip of her tongue bump into the thickness of his manhood shaft...
The heat of her mouth is felt slowly sinking into it, as hard suckling motion of her lips is felt on the soft flesh that covers the hardness between his legs
Legs flinch as a passion bite is inflected on the towering extension of him...
The warmth of her hand is felt easing up and down his hardness length
As warmth and gentle suction is felt on his scrotum…
His lungs moans
As her hand glides gracefully up and down his extension...
Her lips softly suckle
While her tongue darts on the surface of his scrotum
Legs vibrates as she gingerly suckles on one side then the other
As her hand guides up to the tip of the mushroom head of his extension
The warmth of his fluid oozing out the slit is felt
Quick darting licks sweeps the surface of his scrotum, her tongue darts and dance up the back of his extension
Once it reaches the smooth bare surface on top, it sweeps the liquid offering off its bare smooth surface
She moans softly from its delectable taste...
His lungs moans deeply as her tongue sweeps around the ridge of the mushroom head of his extension
The ripples in his stomach flattens, as her head leans forward and the mushroom head of his extension ease past her parted lips
His legs twitch and shake as her lips glide up and down on the roundness of his extension
As the tip of his harden flesh penetrates inside of her throat...
The heat of her hands surrounds his shaft and scrotum
His head suddenly tilts back then flops forward as her lips surround his mushroom head tighter while adding more suction
Loins ache with painful pleasure of agonizing sensations...
The heat of her mouth sinks into his harden flesh
As the head of his extension sinks in the depths of her throat
Moans of pleasure reverberate in his throat, as her head starts to bob back and forth...
Back and forth...
Fingertips grasp the bottom of his buttocks
Holding his body in place as her head deeply rocks forward and back
Pushing the head of his length in and out the tightness of her throat...
Wet slurping sounds
More suction
More wet slurping sounds
Moans entertain her ears as her oral assault sends tantalizing sensations through his being, capturing his sexual soul
His hold body vibrates and shakes, as her oral assault ravages his body senses...
Knees bend
Head drops
As his eyes focus on his length falling into the depths of her mouth
While intense sensations flow from his scrotum
Up his spine
Into the back of his brain
A slight popping sound whisk into the air...
Tongue swirls and spirals on the delicate ridge that circles around his thickness
Once her tongue hits "the spot'', his legs tense tight…
She suckles on the spot as her tongue dance on it in a circle
Firmness of his hands grasp her face
Fingertips vibrate on her facial flesh
As his arms quakes
Runs rampage from the tip of his shaft, into his loins
Lips parts
Half his length quickly disappears between the soft surfaces of her lips
Fingertips grip deeply into her shoulder flesh, as his legs weaken from the surreal sensations rampaging inside his loins
Head slowly moves back and forth, easing his girth in and out the heat of her mouth, while her right hand strokes the sides of his harden flesh in rhythm of her head movement
His eyes close tight
His facial muscles contorts
His mouth opens wide
While his lungs inhale and exhale deeply...
His mind drifts to a quiet
Surreal place
Of unknown origin...
Her head moves in a slow constant pace...
He doesn't speak
He doesn't moan
The only sounds in the room are the suction sound of her lips, sucking his manhood closer to closure
While the sounds of quick bursts of breath seeping past his parted lips...
Scrotum tightens
White manly seed gathers and waits for the precise moment to charge down the center of the small orifice in the center of his hardness...
Deep intense sensations in his loins slowly comes up
His scrotum feels heavy from the large gathering of his manly seed...
The deep burning sensations in his loins, starts to burn hotter and hotter
As his length reaches into the depths of her mouth then surface over and over again
Fingertips sharply grasp the back of her head
Hips pumps in the slow rocking motion of her head...
He moans loudly as in pain, as his lungs grasp
His arms pull her head forcefully forward, force-feeding all of his length into the heat of her mouth...
Again her fingertips dig into the back of his thighs
As she deep throats the long length and wide girth of his manhood...
His loins ache with pleasure pain
As his white seed burn hotter then lava..
He prolongs its eruption as the surreal sensation makes his body shake from the tip of his toes, to the top of his head...
As the swelling head of his shaft ease deeply into her throat
His girth widens
His body tense tightly...
Sensing his rapture is about to burst
Moans of passion gurgles in her throat...
Fingertips dig into his buttocks flesh
Steadying his swaying body
The slit in the center of his hardness quickly opens
Breath is taken away as the lava hot heat of his manly white seed ejaculates deep into the flesh of the back of her throat...
Harden flesh palpitates continuously and unmercifully...
Lips tightens its grip as her head bobs back and forth in a slow...
A rasping voice begs for the oral assault to halt
As the sharp sensations on the tips of his manhood becomes too much for his mind to bare...
Chest heave in and out
As the air in his lungs reverberate inside...
While she holds the flaccidity of his length loosely in the warmth of her mouth
His body slumps in surrender,
To the tender
Soft touch
Of her lips...

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Night Moves (Feel Me) 2 ... Prose Poem





Exchange from one set of lips

To the other

Breaths quicken

Hearts races

Embraces so tight, their naked flesh seems as one





Moisten with a soft wet kiss

Moans of enticement

Softly enters the air...

Towering nipples inhaled

Then consumed...

Hands grasp

Fingertips pull on hair

As fallen lips decent downward




Flicks of his tongue touches her flesh surface

Stance widens

As his body slips between the thickness of her inner thighs...

Buttocks surrounded

By his sot firm touch

Labia touched

With the heat from his tongue

Body shivers

As his tongue ease over her swollen folds

Breath held

As his tongue slides down the center of her slit

Legs tense

As the opening between her legs is covered with suctions heat

Breath taken away

As his tongue plunge into the slippery depths of her core...

Hips gingerly grind

In a slowly circular motion

Meeting every soft lick of his tongue...

Sharp sensations

Bumps head on

In the center of her loins

Legs weaken

As his tongue soft touch gently circles around her clitoris

A soft high scream of passion pleasure

Emerges from the depths of her lungs

As her clitoris is firmly stoked by the tip of his tongue



Consumes her body...

As her sweet nectar flows freely from her core

Quick licks is bestowed inside her core, as he taste the flavor of its center


Is her body

To the Surreal touches of his tongue

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Night Moves (Feel Me) 1 ... Pose Poem

Clad only in a silken robe, she gracefully walks down the dim lit hallway

She stops in front of the close bedroom door

She hesitates to open it

Her heartbeat quickens

Her breaths become deeper

As her mind wonders what surprise he has in store for her

Soft fingertips ease the door slowly open...

As the door opens, her eyes see nothing but sheer darkness

Her ears hear nothing but total silence

As she pauses, the deepness of a low baritone voice vibrates softly, "come in"

First one step

Then cautiously another

Her eyes focus on a spot where she thinks she see his body silhouette, but his voice comes from another distant corner as he ask her to close the door and wait

She does as his voice ask

She waits

She listens

She feels the hard beats of her heart

Pounding in her chest

As her inner excitement

And anticpation

Build up

But only the whisper of silence is heard and darkness is seen

Soft touches startles her from behind, but the softness of its caress quickly soothes her mind, while calming her tense shoulder muscles with a deep massage...

The lone touch of a fingertip eases on her ear lobe flesh

Slowly following her ear outline, then easing down the nape of her neck

Goose bumps rise on her skin from the gentle sheerness of its touch

Suddenly her body feels his gently mesh up to it

It feels the extension of him

That's hard

And pulsating

Pushing up against her buttocks

Without warning her lungs moan in anticipation of its fulfillment in the pink domain between her legs

Soft tingling sensations appear on her arms as his fingertips ease across them They stop at the flimsy silken belt that holds her robe partially close...

After one quick movement of his hands, she feels the chill of the night air covering the expose nakedness of her flesh

But before the chill can set upon it, his fingertips roams across its surface, warming it with soft feathery touches, while sending surreal sensations up her spine...

Back arches inward

Head tilts backwards

Her body leans back and rest on the body of him...

Fingertips gingerly roams over the flesh covering her breast

As they glide over her towering nipples

A soft moan breaks the silence hanging in the room

Her womb starts to seeps pleasure tears of clear nectar...

With his most tenderize touch

His fingers ease downward to the robe that was trapped between their bodies

They ease it down with purpose in mind; they let it slide down slowly, gently, across the creamy softness of her flesh, while barely touching its surface

A sharp tingling sensation wonders through her body in a rush

Lungs gasp as silky soft cloth passes over the thickness of her thighs...

His arms wrap around her body and draw its softness into his

A sigh emerges from her lungs as she feels the hard




Of him

Wedge inside the crevice between her butt cheeks...

The soft flesh of her neck yields to the firm softness of his lips kisses

The heat from his tender kisses, penetrates into her flesh deeply, as the strength of his arms caresses her body tighter

Her legs go weak...

The deep softness of his baritone voice whispers into her ear...

But she does not hear him

She does not see him

She only feels him

Because her body has surrendered


To the surreal softness of his loving touch...

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Bond of lust ........ Repost

Eyes unable to see through the silken scarf
Soft cushion cuff bounds your arms upward
Ample breast rest as its extensions point upward
Mainly for my pleasure, your legs remain free, to ease getting into the position of my pleasure
First a taste of pinkish tips, erect and awaiting the arrival of my lips embrace
Long sweeping lashes from the tip of my tongue, gently twist and swirls around their tender edges, between my lips gentle suckling on their erectness
Echoes of moans, vibrate thru my ear, as my tongue taste the soft flesh of feast bestowed in front of me
While lingering, my lips suckle on the flesh of your breast
Back arching, arms teased to the point its muscle veins try to push out its protected layer of flesh
A burning electrified trail follows my tongue descent
A dimple in the road is suckle, tease and licked, as your legs twist and contort, while squeezing my sides
Still spiraling downward toward you haven slit, stopping only to part your slit layer of protective hair
Hips buck, as the heat from my moisten tongue passes your sweet spot, a dismaying sigh, as the heat keeps spiraling downward to your inner thigh
Suction lures a painted toe into the warmth of my moisten mouth
Moans ring out as the tip of my tongue taste its texture, between moans the rest are randomly tasted for flavor
Legs spread wide like the wings of an eagle, as my legs slides under yours
A slow entry past swollen moisten lips, I sigh, you gasp as your corridor is crowded by "the beast stuck in me" intrusion
Heavy moister, heat, pressure, "the beast stuck in me" endures as it slide down your taut pink flesh walls
Slow rhythmic roll of the hips, seats "the beast stuck in me" deeper, bringing your pleasure up slowly
A sudden suction surrounds a nipple, an intense sensation travels down your spine, a astound gasp escapes your lips
Your body wet with desire, surrenders with "the beast stuck in me"passing and the soft tip of my fingers touching your secret place simultaneously
Our slow rhythmic pace quickens, as our heart beats race
A deeper plunge to bring up your pleasure, as our bodies swell with irrepressible lust
Like a plane caught in a fierce thunderstorm, your body rides on top of mines rolling, shaking, vibrating, dipping upward, tumbling downward, but steadily holding it's course
Deeper penetration awaits as legs widen, hips move as one as the anticipation of your release spirits you onward, as our passion soars to a higher plain
Orgasmic release surge through your body, as 'the beast stuck in me" soars in and out the river of your sweet nectar
A deep plunge of reckless abandon, excavates an intense orgasmic release from the abyss of your damp walls, while your body becomes unyielding to bend...
With blinding quickness, captive, your arms are no longer
A pillow, hips heightened, absolute penetration, an unforgiving squeeze on the "beast stuck in me" dripping flesh, as it quickly ease down the tautness of your pink walls
The "beast stuck in me" rides deep in your clear nectar; each thrust brings me closer to absolute ultimate release
Soaring is our passion, but lust has the upper hand as our bodies collides head-on with the force of two steam locomotive trains
Body temperature rising, flesh covered with heavy dew, passionate dance quickens with urgency
Taut soft breast touched by gentle finger tips, flat contours of your stomach leads way to the tender inside of your thighs
Body caress completely on the outside, while the inside of your havens corridor is caress fully by "the beast stuck in me"
Roll, dip, thrust, stroke our bodies move in this precise dance, while our passion release comes to closure
Finger tips dig into my thigh flesh as my hips are pulled toward yours, pulling "the beast stuck in me" deeper into it's quest for our uncompromising release
Like a river dam break, your nectar floods out your havens gate, tautness surrounds "the beast stuck in me"
Hands squeeze your waistline; your body is pulled into a deeper collision
Hot, liquid white texture fills the inside of your haven silky walls, with a continues burn from my loins core into the core of your sweet haven
A passionate gasp is inspired from deep inside your lungs, by the heat of my fiery liquid washing down your sensitive walls
Quakes travels through both bodies, until our passion release is done, making us a body of one
Passion dissipates, lust rest, but its hunger always lingers....

Monday, November 23, 2009

Breathless .... Prose Poem










Fragrance of musk












Friday, November 13, 2009

In Wait .... Prose Poem

I lie in wait

Waiting for you to open the bedroom door, and see the silhouette of my naked flesh beneath the silken sheet, under the soft glow of the candlelight's

As the door swings slowly open, your eyes stare at the the imprint of the rise of my round breast, and the length of my erect nipples pointing upward toward the sky

My eyes watch yours slowly fall, as they trace the outline of the smooth flesh covering my stomach, then wonder downward and fixate on the thickness of my wanting thighs

You smile, then start to quickly undress in front of me

Once your shirt is pulled off, I see the shape of your chiseled chest, your taut washboard stomach muscles, and just as my eyes start to feast on the muscles bulging in your arms, your pants fall to the floor

The room is dead silent, as my eyes fixate on the flesh that lies between your legs, as it strains to push itself out the confines of the cotton fabric that's straining to hold it in place

Moister is felt between my legs as my mind wonders what will happen next, will my body be bathed from head to toe by the warmth of your smooth twisting tongue, or will you take me like a salvage beast and drive your harden flesh deep inside the fiery eclipse between my legs, until my body succumb to it's sexual torture

The soft look in your eyes says you will make tender love to my mind and not just what lies between my inner thighs, but as your shorts fall and the beast that extend from your torso springs out and throbs wildly in the air, It makes me think you are about to make a quick feast of me

You blow out all but one candle, then slowly pull the sheets off my naked shivering flesh

My eyes close as your fingertips tenderly touch my face, while your lips taste the flavor of my mines

Suddenly you hesitate, my eyes open and wonder into yours...

Your eyes don't blink, nor do they stare back into mines, leaving my mind to anticipate...

Friday, November 6, 2009

Quest ... Picture Poem .... (Prose)

Dark skies

Bright distance stars

A full moon shines through the open blinds

And illuminate the darkness in the room...

Wicket thoughts

Soft touches

Erases clothes off bare flesh

Hands trembling

Lips meshing

Tongues dancing

As fingers probe the nakedness of their flesh...

Lungs gasping

Breast nipples inhaled into hot moist mouth…

Zipper zips downward

Meaty flesh girth surrounded by soft fingertips

And stroked with firmness

Body shivers

As lungs inhale...




Lurks in the darkness of the room...

Hard meets soft





Meets deep strokes…

Wetness covers dryness of stretched sheer flesh

Hips move in synchronize movements

As moisten breast flesh

Collides with the wetness of bare chest flesh...

Minds drift into space

As the carnal dance of passion

Glides in the moonlight

That illuminates the darken room

Souls hover over naked flesh

Intrigue by passion quest

Screams reverberate off the room walls

Moans deafens ears

Groans vibrates bed mattress

As the sounds of lovemaking

Consumes the silence in the room...



Breathe taking away...



White seed overflows her volume...

Silence again rules the darkness in the room

As the soft rays of the moonlight

Recycles their passion quest...

Thursday, November 5, 2009

No Mas ... Prose Poem

Lust doesn't have any patients

Desire doesn't care

Passion is the fuel

Release is the only option

To sexual gratification