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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Bond Of Lust ........ Prose Poem ........ unedited ,,,,,

Eyes unable to see through the silken scarf
Soft cushion cuff bounds your arms upward
Ample breast rest as its extensions point upward
Mainly for my pleasure, your legs remain free, to ease getting into the position of my pleasure
First a taste of pinkish tips, erect and awaiting the arrival of my lips embrace
Long sweeping lashes from the tip of my tongue, gently twist and swirls around their tender edges, between my lips gentle suckling on their erectness
Echoes of moans, vibrate thru my ear, as my tongue taste the soft flesh of feast bestowed in front of me
While lingering, my lips suckle on the flesh of your breast
Back arching, arms teased to the point its muscle veins try to push out its protected layer of flesh
A burning electrified trail follows my tongue descent
A dimple in the road is suckle, tease and licked, as your legs twist and contort, while squeezing my sides
Still spiraling downward toward you haven slit, stopping only to part your slit layer of protective hair
Hips buck, as the heat from my moisten tongue passes your sweet spot, a dismaying sigh, as the heat keeps spiraling downward to your inner thigh
Suction lures a painted toe into the warmth of my moisten mouth
Moans ring out as the tip of my tongue taste its texture, between moans the rest are randomly tasted for flavor
Legs spread wide like the wings of an eagle, as my legs slides under yours
A slow entry past swollen moisten lips, I sigh, you gasp as your corridor is crowded by "the beast stuck in me" intrusion
Heavy moister, heat, pressure, "the beast stuck in me" endures as it slide down your taut pink flesh walls
Slow rhythmic roll of the hips, seats "the beast stuck in me" deeper, bringing your pleasure up slowly
A sudden suction surrounds a nipple, an intense sensation travels down your spine, a astound gasp escapes your lips
Your body wet with desire, surrenders with "the beast stuck in me"passing and the soft tip of my fingers touching your secret place simultaneously
Our slow rhythmic pace quickens, as our heart beats race
A deeper plunge to bring up your pleasure, as our bodies swell with irrepressible lust
Like a plane caught in a fierce thunderstorm, your body rides on top of mines rolling, shaking, vibrating, dipping upward, tumbling downward, but steadily holding it's course
Deeper penetration awaits as legs widen, hips move as one as the anticipation of your release spirits you onward, as our passion soars to a higher plain
Orgasmic release surge through your body, as 'the beast stuck in me" soars in and out the river of your sweet nectar
A deep plunge of reckless abandon, excavates an intense orgasmic release from the abyss of your damp walls, while your body becomes unyielding to bend...
With blinding quickness, captive, your arms are no longer
A pillow, hips heightened, absolute penetration, an unforgiving squeeze on the "beast stuck in me" dripping flesh, as it quickly ease down the tautness of your pink walls
The "beast stuck in me" rides deep in your clear nectar; each thrust brings me closer to absolute ultimate release
Soaring is our passion, but lust has the upper hand as our bodies collides head-on with the force of two steam locomotive trains
Body temperature rising, flesh covered with heavy dew, passionate dance quickens with urgency
Taut soft breast touched by gentle finger tips, flat contours of your stomach leads way to the tender inside of your thighs
Body caress completely on the outside, while the inside of your havens corridor is caress fully by "the beast stuck in me"
Roll, dip, thrust, stroke our bodies move in this precise dance, while our passion release comes to closure
Finger tips dig into my thigh flesh as my hips are pulled toward yours, pulling "the beast stuck in me" deeper into it's quest for our uncompromising release
Like a river dam break, your nectar floods out your havens gate, tautness surrounds "the beast stuck in me"
Hands squeeze your waistline; your body is pulled into a deeper collision
Hot, liquid white texture fills the inside of your haven silky walls, with a continues burn from my loins core into the core of your sweet haven
A passionate gasp is inspired from deep inside your lungs, by the heat of my fiery liquid washing down your sensitive walls
Quakes travels through both bodies, until our passion release is done, making us a body of one
Passion dissipates, lust rest, but its hunger always lingers...



  1. You always have the sexiest pictures 1manview. I was digging the toe sucking ;-) plus all the other lovely phrases had me squirming in my chair.


  2. Thank you kitten, glad you liked it...

  3. I have seen this picture several times and have copied it, It is beautiful and intense, and I love what it has inspired you!

  4. Thank you Green eyed Frenchy...