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Thursday, April 23, 2009

All Of ME

Every time my body falls, my mind feels you deep inside me, your girth fighting to open the softness of my taut walls.

Sensations run rampage throughout my body, as my lips whisper out your name

My toes tingle, my ears ring, my body pores leak clear liquid as your harden manhood ease between the softness of my domain walls

Tears of desire runs down my face, as my mind entertains the passionate feelings raining inside me, as it feels all of you, tapping my core

My eyes watch your manhood disappears between my thighs time after time gain, it watches your eyes fixate on its shinning surface, while your hips gyrate in rhythm with mines

My lungs screams and moan, my body shivers, my arms contracts, as my mind takes in the electrified sensations from your passion thrust

But your body remains silent, as if you can't feel the inner me, only reacting to the tautness of my domain, and the climaxing end

Your eyes don't watch my breast bounce as my body rise and fall on top of yours, they look straight ahead as if you are looking through me, or your mind is seeing someone else riding your manhood to its demise

Your fingertips don't seem to touch my flesh with any emotion, like mines does when they touch yours

And afterwards, after our passion dance is over, and my voice whisper I love you, your voice still remain silent, your lips just press up against mine, seemly just to start another passionate dance

You act as if you can't get enough of me when your manhood is swollen deep inside the tautness of my domain, but now, at the height of this passionate moment, my mind wonders, are you feeling all of me

Do you feel my heart pouring out its love, my mind always thinking of you, my soul feeling all of your inner energy?

Or is it just the tautness of what's lying between my thighs the only thing you feel, or the smoothness of my lips as my head does a dip

My mind is wondering are these only things you crave

Or, Is it the power you feel, the power of making my passion tears, but it seems you forgot about the power of protecting me from my fears

As another deep thrust sends your enormous erection down the center of my domain, instead of a deep sigh, my mind ponders on if you can feel my inner passion of life, or just your passion of lust

Maybe you love the power your mind gets when I call out your name when you are between the thickness of my thighs, playing your, " I have the power game"

You might think you have the power over me, when you putting my body though the test, while making my hair sweaty and a mess, but you can't have the power of my mind, unless you can feel all the rest of me

Just like you feel the warmth of my womanly juices run down your leg, you have to feel the flow of the warmth from my heart that I'm giving to you

And just like your harden flesh feels the softness of my lips kissing it, your heart should feel their softness when they wrap your lips into a deep intimate embrace

The softness of my walls feel your manhood swelling, your girth is pushing my walls open wider; your eyes close and your mouth opens, the throbbing of your upcoming release is felt inside me

My body goes numb as my mind clearly see through your attempts to keep my body your captive

As my finger points you to the door, my soul is set free, but I shall forever remember, the rhythm of our last dance...


  1. Há coisas bonitas na vida! Sim...

    Mas, bonitas são as coisas vindas do interior
    de cada um, as palavras simples, sinceras e significativas.

    Bonito é o sorriso que vem de dentro,
    o brilho dos olhos, o beijo soprado...

    Bonito é o dia de sol depois da noite chuvosa

    Lindo erótico onde arranjas estas imagens amigo, me ajuda
    um beijo e uma boa noite

  2. Interesting way of getting inside the female mind when it's feeling insecure or those damn wheels won't stop spinning....

  3. Essa plantinha é chamada de AMIZADE!

    Você deve regá-la dia após dia, com palavras de Carinho
    e Sinceridade adubá-la com Respeito e Dedicação e
    deixar que o sol do amanhecer ilumine e
    aqueça suas raízes para que ela possa
    crescer sempre forte e bonita!

    bom domingo

  4. Ui !! Faz calor aqui, né ?? rs
    Obrigada pelo carinho constante em meu Blog !!
    O seu tb é lindo e de bom gosto !!

  5. Helô Müller ... Obrigado
    um abraço

  6. Thank you.See you son.

  7. Castigador, you are welcome...

  8. Olá...
    Muito bom seu blog!! Estou seguindo, ok?

    Quando puder dê uma passadinha no meu também...


  9. FilipeSan, thank you, and i will...