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Friday, April 17, 2009

His Warmth ... Prose Poem....

The sun slowly rises, turning my lonely night into day
As it soft glowing rays fills my window frame and seeps through my windowpanes, I sit up in the bed while letting my naked flesh bath in its warming rays.
I ponder on the future, while blocking out the past, because you are my future, and you are the only thing I want on my mind
As the sun rays warms my body flesh, my thoughts of you warm my soul, my mind slips into a fantasy as I think of how the warmth of the rays feels like the touch of the gentleness that's in your hands
You hold me tight, your warm naked flesh mesh into mines, while holding me tight like a piece of toast being grilled in a toaster
Once my will has popped all so slowly, your fingertips run across the softness of the textured of my bare flesh 
My body weakens; my mind goes blank, as the warmth of your caring touch overrides everything in my mind
Harden nipples become harder, as your fingertips touch them, I sigh as your fingertips twist them all so gently
The sensations are twice fold as your fingers twist one nipple while circling around the other, my body leans back on yours as the sensations runs into my loins, causing my offering to moisten
A gasp escapes into the air, as your hands squeeze the bottom of my breast, firm but not to the point of pain, but to the exact point of instant pleasure
My hands grab yours and squeeze them, the warmth of your touch sinks deeper into my breast flesh
As my hands continue to hold his, one of his hands continues to manipulate my breast and nipple, the warmth of the other ease down my waist, stopping and spreading it's warmth on the sensitive part of my navel, then ease down to the moisten heat that's hiding between my legs
His hands warmth touches my haven opening, my insides instantly catches on fire, pushing out my hidden desires
His fingertips touches my folds, sliding down their slippery surface, while another fingertip slips through my wet slit
My legs widen as the heat from our hands melts the flesh on my inner thighs, while seeping through my womb, setting my soul on fire
Audible moans roam the room as his fingertips ease into my offering; I feel my own wetness on my fingertip as his plunges deep into my pinkness
Sweat runs down my forehead as my inner heat, starts to come to a boil
His finger excites my opening, and circles the erectness of my clit
My body softly shudders as the sensations fills my loins with pleasure
Heat, moister, suction, a caught off guard scream emerges, as the warmth of his lips suckle on my neck flesh
Breast tingling, haven screaming, as his hot kisses run rampant on my neck, has my body squirming, my breath rushing, my heart racing, as the pleasurable sensation build in the pit of my stomach
My hand push two of his fingers deep into my offering, my hips gyrate wildly bucking my clit on the smooth surface of his hand; he squeezes my breast tighter, his kisses on my neck are deeper, my body sweats as the pleasurable sensations builds ever higher
Small tremors buck through my body, my hand pulls his fingers out my offering and slide them frantically across my clit
My back arches, my eyes close, as a thunderous orgasmic release powers completely through my body
His free arm holds me tight as my body trembles and shakes; body spasms tighten, as the powerful orgasmic release peaks 
My body collapse in his arms, my lungs struggle to inflate, my mind falls into a deep calm
Eyes open, the warming rays of the sun continues to caress my naked flesh, my womanly scent fills the air, my offering nectar has ooze on my leg
As I remove my fingers from my offering, I can no longer feel his, just the feel of the sticky residue from my nectar on my fingertips
The warmth of his flesh is gone, just the memory of him is here
I sit up in the bed and wonder, when will my man in his warm naked armor will come and rescue me, from these fantasies of him….


  1. hello friend o 'your blog is a espactáculo I love it, I look at my blog have a translator for all languages to try for your blog so we can translate the entire work with you if you send the code is just saying
    a good kiss and a weekend

  2. amigo desculpa tens que tirar o que diz só para adultos se não não dá para traduzir e faz como eu escreve em cima que é so para adultos
    um beijo

  3. so lovely - I felt like (wished is more like it) I could have been the source of the fantasy ;-)

  4. Red Rider, if you felt it, then it was of you, that's how poetry is suppose too work... Thank you for the comment .....

  5. Lovely too ...
    Kisses for you !

  6. Amigo
    assim com o tradutor é melhor, foi a minha amiga Princesa que me ensinou assim todos podem ler-me, mas olha tens que trirar o conteúdo para adultos do teu porque não conseguimos traduzir assim vê como está o meu e faz assim olha experimenta tradizir assim e vê que não dá.
    um beijo

  7. You have fire in his words, baby!
    More a poem to me ignite the mind!

    Hot kisses for you

  8. Tanks for add my blogger!!

    Kisses in your heart!

    Nany C.

  9. Olá I came to also thank to the visit in mine blog, pretty blog! Bjos in your heart!