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Friday, April 3, 2009

Sexual Control ... (PT.2) ... Her .... Prose Poem

She's in the superior position
The alpha male is just lying there in a relax state, letting her sexuality subdue him
His hands are tied to the bedpost, giving her total control
She's upright, dancing on his manhood like a ballerina dances on the tip of her toes, up then down in a precise graceful motion
He watches her every movement, he feels every vibration of her body on the tip of his shaft
A teardrop of sweat slowly travels down from the top of her forehead, gracefully sliding down the side of her face, coming to a rest, on the top of her breast
A small part of the dance, but leaving a larger impression by tingling her face all so slow, heightening her nerve sensations; it's movement catches his eye, seducing his mind with her bold sexuality
He watches her taut smooth stomach, slowly curve in and out, like a slow moving ocean wave
The movement reminds him of watching a belly dancer seducing her alpha male, putting his mind in an erotic trance
Her small round breast, dance in a rhythmic beat, back and forth, back and forth, putting his eyes in a fixed state
Her eyes watches his, as she uses their expression to control the rhythm of her sexual dance......
While his eyes are open wide, she dances with quicker movement, seducing his manhood into a calmer state
With his eyes half close, she moves slower and smoother, sliding his membrane all so deeper in the wet velvet soft chamber of her kingdom
Once his eyes close, her hips moves with swiftness, but the rhythm is still smooth and gentle like a ballerina dancer, while circling and squeezing his manhood tighter, overloading the tip of his manhood with vibrant sensations, sending small tremors throughout his body
She will seduce him with all of her, from the feel of her soft skin riding on his, the sound of her quiet moans will seduce his hearing, letting him watch her cup and squeeze her breasts, seduces his will of control, the feel of his manhood gliding inside the tautness of her kingdom walls, seducing his alpha male sexuality
She's in complete control, she controls the feel of her chamber walls, she controls the flow of the rhythm, how fast, how slow, how hard his thrust will be, how rough or how smooth the dance shall be, how deep his manhood can go into the confines of her chamber
She controls all of his will, she even controls when he can release inside the warmth of the velvet chamber inside her kingdom...
His eyes are now tightly close, she decides she will let him release soon, but not for now
The rhythm of her hips moves faster, sliding his manhood in an out her chamber quicker, as she feels the fore coming of her own release
The rhythm of her hips pick up, deeper, and deeper she rocks his manhood, tighter her kingdom walls tug on the hardness of his manly shaft
After commanding him to trust harder... harder... then relinquishing her control, as her body surge, and quivers with a large, exquisite, release....
After her release is complete, she again slowly takes control of her alpha male; she lets him thrust deeply in her chamber, so deep she feels his scrotum tickling her bottom
She decides; it's his time for his release, and does what feels like a pirouette on his manhood
He tries to moan quietly as his shaft swells larger, but he cannot...
His breath comes in short burst as his manhood palpitates wildly inside her taut velvet slippery chamber
His body goes rigid as her sexual dance, dance his manhood to flaccidity, while her taut walls squeezes his manhood of all its thick white milky seed
Her warm body lays down on top of his, then they embrace and lie in silent
But their minds, ponders...


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  5. Adorei o texto tanto me excitou que a minha temperatura subiu.

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