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Saturday, May 30, 2009

He... An Act Of Surrender... PT2...

"HE” strong grasp kept bending me over until I was almost on the floor and across his knee, a sharp painful sensation was felt on my buttocks as his demanding low voice emphasize my obedience on each crisp swat of his hand

"He", swatted my buttocks again and again with caring but powerful strokes, bringing tears to my eyes, his voice demanded respect of what "He", had spoken

Whack, whack, whack, sounds rung in the air, as "He" smacked one cheek then the other

The punishment was short and painful, but also bittersweet

My womanly nectar was flowing freely, as my buttocks stung from the rapture of his spanking

"HE", held me down as he looked at the effect of his punishment on my sore behind in the mirror, my buttocks had quickly turned beak red

His fingers wrapped firmly on my buttocks, then ease across my burning flesh, each stroke of his hand was gentler then the last, as his touch became loving soft,

"HE", moved his fingers between my thighs, then slowly ease them over my swollen den lips, first one then the other, after his fingers were wet with my womanly lubricate, he ease two inside the center of my taught fiery den

My legs tremble as they slid slowly down the wetness of my soft, slippery, pink walls

Once they fell deep inside me, his thumb twirled on my clit as his fingers basked in my wetness

After soaking his fingers in the wetness between my thighs, "HE" slowly ease them out, the sensation sent goose bumps down my spine, sending miniature trembles through my body, again his deep attentive voice demanded my attention

"He", told me since I couldn't obey his wishes like a person, he wasn't gong to treat me like one

"He" lowered me off his lap and put me in the doggy position on the floor, "He", demanded my body stay completely still in this position, until "HE" told me to move

"HE", left me on the floor on all fours, as "He" stood up, I could feel his eyes fixated on me, watching my eyes to see if they moved, watching my body to see if it was still shivering from his gentle touch

My ears tuned in to the sound of his belt being unbuckle, my thoughts was "HE", was going to spank me some more for being defiant, my nectar started to flow like a river as my mind anticipated the sharpness of his spanking

The sound of his zipper coming down echoed in the room, this my mind did not understand, "He" always gave me another spanking if the first one aroused me, to punish me for being aroused

"HE" pants fell to the floor before my eyes, soon all his clothes were piled together, my mind was racing not having a clue what was going to happen to me

"He", kneeled down before me, He, said he was going to teach me a lesson, he was going to fill ever hole I had, and If I moved before he was down, I would be punished beyond my imagination

"He", wrapped his fingers around his enormousness, and held it so it just touch the tip of my lips

His manly scent filled my nostrils, his size applaud my brain, my lips wanted to open and suck in all it could hold, but my mind was obedient in his words

"He" just held it there, then "HE" pushed it next to my lips

Again, "He", didn't move, he let his hugeness pulsate on my lips, every pulsate was more erotic then the last, arousing me almost to the point of uncontrollable lust

"Lick it", "He" demanded!

Quickly my tongue flipped lightly over the bare surface of his hardness, it twirled on its slit, "He" maneuvered it so my tongue could slide across its ridge, "HE" lungs gasp as his body jerked from the sensation of the tip of my tongue riding on his enormousness ridge, his hand tremble, as the sharp electrified sensations ran up his shaft into his loins

I could feel "He" watching me constantly, making sure my body didn't move, and my head stayed straight ahead

"He" slides just the head of his harness, between my lips, then gyrated his hips in a small tight circle, my eyes watch his stomach flatten as his hips circle his enormity between my lips

As "HE" enormity circle on the tender inside of my lips, the sensation made my thighs shiver, the visual of his enormity, sliding past my lips, made my mind scream with erotic feelings

A sharp whack on the roundness of my buttocks, regain my attention

Again "HE hips slowly gyrated, "HE" whole body stated to shiver, his fingers intertwine in my hair, his hips now moved back and fort, sliding his enormity in and out the moisten warmth of my slippery wet mouth

At first "He" started gyrating his hips slow with short thrust, but it wasn't long before his hips gyrated with harder with longer thrust, pushing my mouth open wider and wider with his huge girth, while plunging deeper and deeper in my mouth with his extended length

"He" pushes his enormity to the back of my throat and held it there, then "HE" slowly pulled it out my mouth completely, "sit up" was "He" next command

My body eased upward, my eyes stayed fixated looking straight ahead, "HE" enormity was now pulsating straight out at my eye level, the mushroom head was now a light pink in color, its girth was swollen to the point of exploding, its veins was thick with blood, while its flesh looked paper thin

"HE" body leaned forward, "HE" stiff harden flesh pushed against my lips, sliding quickly back into the warmth of my mouth

"HE" enormity had pushed my mouth open wider then it could go, "HE" harden shaft had pushed its mushroom head quickly, deep down into my throat

"HE" hips now gyrated with urgency, as his fingers gripped my head tighter, holding my head steady, as his hard thrust pushed his enormity in and out my mouth, pushing the smooth mushroom head of his enormity, further down my throat on each trust of his hips

Throaty grunts emerged from his lungs on every long, hard thrust, sweat fell off his hands onto the side of my face as his hips gyrated wildly, my eyes were fixated on his enormity sliding past my inner lips down my throat, going deeper then ever before as his scrotum tapped lightly on my lips surface

"He" pull his enormity out of my mouth until only the tip of its head remain inside, "HE" did this again and again, each time faster then the last

"HE" hips fell into a quick rhythm, the muscles on "He" arms bugled as he pulled my head back and forth with great force, they begin to spasm uncontrollable as his orgasm begin to form deep in his loins

"He" body begin to tremble, oh how I wanted to grab hold of his buttocks, and feel them tighten and quake as his release surge through his body, but my body remain obedient and did not move

A deep howl embarked into the air, followed by an enormous ejaculation of "HE" white manly seed into my mouth; somehow every drop of his prodigious explosion was swallowed before it could escape past my lips

As "HE" body froze still by his convulsing and tightening of his spasmodic muscles, my mind had become exhilarated, while picturing the whole scenario of "He", making lustful love to my mouth as it unfolded

As the last palpitation of his loins came to an end, "He" slowly slid his fast becoming flaccidity in and out my mouth, milking out the last drop of his seed

"He" didn't move nor speak for several minutes, his flaccidity laid completely still in the warmth of my mouth

Suddenly "HE" deep authoritative voice barked out "lick it clean"

My mouth was tired and sore from being pushed open so wide from the hugeness between "HE" legs, but to be obedient, my tongue slowly swirls around "HE" flaccidity ... To be continued..


  1. Fico por aqui, sossegadinha à espera da continuação:)

  2. You have got me all excited!!! I can't wait to read more.


  3. Ooooooooops

    Muito excitante...


  4. Palma da Mão, obrigada por vir aqui e é PT3

  5. @ Kitten.. Meow!! ... lol ...