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Monday, May 18, 2009

Foreplay ... Prose Poem

Long, sharp, painted fingernails, eases down his naked flesh, following the curvature of his spine, while barely touching it 

A trail of sharp tingling sensations trails right behind it 

Once at the bottom of his spine, two long sharp fingernails ease slowly upward, a sigh, his back arches as the sensations are now twice fold 

Soft, wet, moisten lips touch his shoulder, follow by a wet soft touch from her tongue 

His body flinches, as an electrified spark shoots down and through his loins 

A soft moan, his body jerks as five long sharp fingernails ease down the middle of his back... 

Neck flex, stomach muscles tighten, as a deep suckling kiss appears on the side of his neck 

Breathing quickens, heart beats faster, as her nails and her seductive wet kisses runs rampage on the flesh of his neck and back 

A soft touch appears on the side of his waist, its soft, and moves slowly downward, easing down the middle of the tender flesh of his inner thighs 

Up and down it travels, suddenly changing directions, moving in a slow, soft circular pattern 

Back up to his waist the soft touch travels, his body contorts and jerks as his mind tries to keep up with all the sensations funneling into it at once 

The soft touch on his waist hesitates, then ease back downward, it stops at his flaccidity and surrounds it's small girth with softness and warmth 

With a gentle but firm squeeze, it slides up and down his flaccid man flesh 

A gasp, a moan, as a jolt of electricity shoots through his loins, her soft touch grip on his flaccidity widens as blood pumps new life into his limp man flesh 

As his body leans back, the feel of her wide, long harden nipples impaling into his back flesh is felt, then the feel of the pillow softness of her round taut breast resting on his flesh 

Five long, sharp, fingernails, now gently ease over the bare flesh on his chest, it rakes softly over his rigid nipples, down his flexing stomach, as her tongue trace the outline of his ear 

Eyes close as his mind concentrate on the sensuous feel of the sensations, the intimacy of her actions 

Breathing now labored, his man flesh unwavering, the soft touch of her hands strokes up and down the rigidity of his man flesh 

Her body twist around his, the touch of her soft lips enclose around his harden nipple, a wet tongue circles around his nipples sides, his body shudders with 

jubilance sensations as she softly suckle 

The soft touch around his man flesh girth widens, it grips tighter, while sliding up and down it's length faster 

Fingernails again trace across his back, his nipples are being consume with moisten heat as her lips suckles on one, then the other 

His heart races faster, his breathing comes in shorter durations, the soft touch that surrounds his man flesh girth squeezes harder, while longer strokes are bestowed upon it 

His hard man flesh pulsates between her fingers, as they slide up and down its side in a blur 

Sacs tighten, an audible moan rush past his parted lips, his body convulse, as his lava hot white seed erupts from his loins like molten hot lava erupts from a thundering volcano 

His facial muscle twist, his lips parts open, his body muscles tense tight then jerks in a orgasmic rhythm, his chest muscle tighten to the point he can't breath as his white seed ejaculates into the air 

With unforeseen velocity it rockets up onto his chest and stomach, the rest spirals downward onto the bed sheet, once his orgasmic tide finally diminish, his hot white seed ooze down her hands 

His muscle go weak, his voice is silent, his heart rates slows, flaccidity of his man flesh quickly returns 

The soft touch of her lips meets his, the touch is deep, the feel is of admiration and love... 

While barely touching it, the soft touch of one short, round unpainted fingernail ease down the naked flesh of her back, it travels downward on the curvature of her spine 

A trail of sharp tingling sensations trails right behind it, the intimacy of their foreplay continues... 


  1. Obrigada por ter me visitado e melhor do que "tentar" ser uma mulher com sabedoria é ser vista como uma, beijo no seu coração!

  2. very exciting!
    I am anxious for the continuation!
    Kiss in your heart

  3. Wow... amazing.
    Congrats! Loved each moment... as if I could feel each one.

  4. Bonito como sempre meu amigo adorei de verdade
    beijos com carinho

  5. Siento no escribirte en inglés. Solo decirte que es precioso tu blog, pero el traductor no funciona. Gracias por visitar el OLIMPO DE MEDEA. Me encanta esta fotografia. Dejarías que te la cogiera?
    Caricias de Medea. Gracias

  6. wonderful, sexy, mmmm

  7. Rosana, obrigado pela visita ...

  8. Nany C, fiz-lo para o seu fim em mente, o que irá fazer muito melhor, em seguida, I.. Hehe .. Obrigado pela visita ..

  9. Seline, Thank you very much..

  10. Serpent, Thank you very much..

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