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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The beginning ... Prose poem ........

As the naked flesh of me, eased between the naked flesh of her legs, and our naked bodies impacted, a moan of anticipation escape past her lips

The soft tips of her fingers lay on he bottom of my buttocks, then with a soft touch, ease over their roundness

Slow, almost not touching my flesh, they ease up my spine, sending electrified sensations up into my brain

Slowly the ease over my scapular, then up the back of my neck, stopping to softly squeeze its surface

A soft moan escapes my lungs, moments before I implant a soft kiss on her lips

Her nails gently rake down my back, causing it to arch, the extension of me touches the lips of her wanting womb, causing her to moan loudly

Our kiss deepens, hips move gingerly side to side in a sexual rhythm

My extensions enters her domain, her moan vibrates in my throat, as lips press together tighter

Backs arches, lips embrace parts, eyes look deep into each other, anticipation conquers our minds as penetration of my harden endowment slowly travels down the hidden valley, between her legs...


  1. Um sorriso nada custa,
    Mas vale muito e enriquece...

    Dura apenas um instante,
    Mas pode, na lembrança,
    Durar a eternidade....

    Estou esperando um sorriso seu!
    um beijo

  2. hey, I love y=this history, very hot. kisses a lot

  3. Wonderful! This is really fantastic!

  4. nossa amei este poste ...quente!!!bjus lindinha...

  5. A amizade
    É a luz que nos ilumina
    Pelos caminhos do futuro
    E que nos ajuda a vencer
    Os desafios da vida!

    bom fim de semana
    um beijo

  6. My extensions enters her domain, her moan vibrates in my throat - dig that. that is a good line. It makes me feel all sorts of things. I love your point of view always.

    1. Thank you for reading and commenting on a older poem Freckles.. I appreciate it a lot... :)