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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Kiss Me There .. Prose Poem

The soft touches of your lips are so essential to me

They control my mind temperament, to my body fulfillment

Because when you kiss me there, my legs go weak

When you kiss me there, my body jerks and squirms

When you kiss me there, my lungs sigh from pleasure

When you kiss me there, my stomach flattens and quivers

When you kiss m there, my legs tremble uncontrollable

When you kiss me there, my body shudders with anticipation

When you kiss me there, I wish you were kissing me here

And when you finally kiss me there... I.. EEee.... Aaagggg....

Consummation, of sexual satisfaction…


  1. heyyy, I really loved here, that´s so sex. congratulations, thanks for your visit. kisses a lot and come back always, please. bye

  2. We always want more!! Those kisses are addictive....


  3. Bom dia

    A vida é bela
    e as esperanças nunca devem acabar
    Assim como também não deve acabar
    o Amor que existe dentro de nós,

    (para meditar)

    Um beijo e um bom dia para si

  4. O beijo como princípio sem fim.

  5. Ulá lá lá !! Imagens lindas, parabéns pelo bom gosto do Blog !!
    Beijos mil

  6. you got me there.... love the play of words.

    thanks for visiting my blog~