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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Proposal (Let Me) ... Repetition Poem

Let me in your mind, and I’ll prove I'm worth my weight in gold
Let me look into your light brown eyes, so you can see into the depth of my soul
Let me hug you so my body can feel your softness next to me, as my nostrils inhale your essence
Let me hug you tighter, so you can feel the strength in my arms to protect you
Let me kiss your lips softly, so you can see my gentle side
Let me kiss you harder, so you can feel the inner passion that lingers inside of me for you
Let me lay my hand between your breasts, so I can feel your heartbeat faster, as my nose rubs gently on yours
Let me cup your firm derrière in my hands, so my fingertips can feel the tautness and roundness of its texture
Let me run my hands up and under the back of your blouse, so the sensation of the softness of your flesh, lay on my fingertips
Let me unfasten your blouse, so my eyes can fixate on your harness breast
Let me slip off your harness, so I can release your breast from its captive
Let me lightly touch and massage, around the curvature of your round breast, as my eyes watch the pinkness of your nipples rise from the gentle touch
Let me take your erect nipple in my warm mouth, to protect it from the cold
Let me glide my fingers gently on your back, to awaking the passion that's sleeping deep inside your soul
Let me sweep you into my arms, to lie you down on the bed so, my fingers can easily touch every ounce of your creamy soft flesh
Let me remove your skirt, and expose your curvy legs and firm thighs to the sights of my hungry eyes
Let me touch your legs and thighs so soft, every inch of their flesh feels like it's electrically charged
Let me run my fingers over your panties, to make your hidden, moist, soft, lips swell
Let me remove your now wet panties, so my eyes can see your wet, swollen sex 
Let me remove my clothes, so my body nakedness can feel your body nakedness
Let me touch your wet, swollen sex, and wake up your passion to it's fullest
Let me lay my head between your legs, so I can make you moan and groan from my kitty like licks and kisses on your sex
Let me raise your legs, so I can fill the sensations of my manhood being surrounded by the tightness of your taut, hot, wet, haven as its hardness, sinks into the abyss of your darkness
Let me hear you gasp, as my hardness rides in the abyss of your haven, while slowly gyrating in and out its wetness
Let me see the passion on your face, as my hips gyrate faster and deeper inside the hotness of your sweet sex
Let me feel you finger nails rake and claw across my back, as the steadiness of my swelled manhood, riding deeply up and down your over-stretched haven walls
Let me hear, the grunts, the moans, the groans, the bab, bab, babbing sound of my sacs hitting your round derriere and the slurping sound of my hard manhood being tugged on, by your taut love tunnel as my manhood ravages inside you
Let me first, before we do all the things above, get married to you, so you can be my loving wife, and I can be the father to our children, and we can have a happy ending to this sexual tale

Repetition Poem: 
Repetition of a sound, syllable, word, phrase, line, stanza, or metrical pattern in a poem


  1. "Mais vale um verdadeiro amigo virtual, do que um amigo que não conhece o verdadeiro sentido da palavra amizade"

    Um beijo

  2. Sweet, nice day for you!



    my new blog! ;)


  4. Bom fim de semana.
    Princesa Da Noite

  5. Sensual caricia que recorre cada centímetro de su piel despertando todas las sensaciones placenteras.



  6. “A vida não é feita só de lembranças.
    Ela continua nas promessas diárias
    e nos pequenos gestos que fazem a
    alegria dos que caminham sempre juntos“

    Beijos carinhosos..

  7. Just catching up on my reading and see your newest creative piece...