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Saturday, August 8, 2009


Legs widen, soft flesh lowers then waits

A soft whisper of a moan drifts into the air as the softness of her folds slowly part

Her body lowers again, the tautness of her soft pink walls caress the girth of his manhood, as his hips gently thrust upward

Lungs expand, but do not fill, as indescribable sensations spiral rampantly through their lions

Hearts race, desire of the flesh takes control of the mind, as voices become silent, while their bodies prepare to make harmonizing music together

His length disappears deep into the darken abyss of her womb, pushing her pink flesh open wider and wider, as it slowly soars on it's upward flight

Short breaths of air burst past their lips as hips move in a synchronize movement

Fingertips dig deep into soft bare flesh as his length rise and fall inside her domain

Breast rubs against chest; sweat rubs against sweat, as hips softly collide head on

The deeper his length ease into her domain, higher her voice whispers his name in his ear, as their minds are bath in sexual bliss

The moon smiles at them through the window, but before their dance of desire ends, the sun will be smiling upon them too


  1. Delicioso texto querida amiga...
    òtima semana pra ti

  2. "The moon smiles at them through the window, but before their dance of desire ends, the sun will be smiling upon them too" A very nice visual my friend!

    Hugs & Kisses,

  3. Complicated kitten said it best... that too is my favourite line. It conveys more than the words imply.

  4. Um que delicia
    Meu amigo boa noite

    "Cada momento tem seu próprio tempo e, graças a Deus, não se repetem, pois avida fica muito mais bonita e alegre quando os momentos passados foram originais e sinceros. Faça do momento presente o melhor em nossas vidas."

    Tenha uma noite feliz e amanhã um bom dia


  5. enjoyed this excursion into the erotic, and as the commentators before me, the end lines are a vivid visual,and excellent ending to the poem.


  6. Obrigada pela visita...
    A amizade é um tipo de amor

    que leva à luz,

    à paz, à alegria profunda.

    É um tipo de amor

    que não decepciona nunca

    e que deixa o outro livre.
    Um beijo

  7. Uaaaaaaaaauuuu I love it!