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Monday, December 21, 2009

Deeply ... Prose Poem

He stood in silence as I undress

His eye followed the downward flight of my clothes

As they ease to the floor one by one...

As my panties fell to the floor, I was unaware his shorts was easing quietly down his legs

As my body turned and walked toward the bed, I first felt his presence

But before my head could turn, my body felt his next to mine...

His arms wrapped around my torso in a tight lustful embrace

The hardness between his legs was felt pulsating on my buttocks

With a bull rush, his body pushed mines against the end of the bed

The strength of his left arm pushed my body forward

Pinning it against the bed

His right hand held his pulsating meat...

While holding it tightly, he aimed it at the center of my core

Before I could react, the pain of brute force penetration was rushing upward through my spine to my brain...

Lungs gasped

My voice moaned deeply in pleasure pain...

His strokes started off short and quick

But as my nectar started to flow

His strokes were slower and deeper...

Again and again his harden flesh forced my walls open wider and wider

Then pulled out the tightness of my core

He moaned how tight my pink walls griped his hardness

How good it felt on the swollen girth of his harden flesh

While slowly cramming it deeper and deeper inside me...

His hips thrust with so much power

Each thrust bounced my body off the mattress edge

His voice graveled that my corridor was too tight to get completely deep in this position

Get on the floor on all four was the next sound that rung into my ears...

A popping sound was heard as his massive flesh pulled out my corridor

A tight embrace around my waist helped me to the floor

As soon as my body was in position

A massive intrusion was felt rushing down my slippery corridor walls

Each trust of his hips came with reckless abandon...





Dropped deeply into my darkness

Each hard stroke make my lungs gasp, then curse his name...

As his beast drove deep into my eclipse

My buttocks heave forward then spring upward in rhythm of his powerful strokes..

The sensations overwhelm my mind senses

My womb flooded with clear slippery liquid
Drenching his beast completely
While flowing down my legs, like a swift moving river current....
His animalistic strokes had no rhythm
No pace
No direction
Just carnal attitudes of abandon lust...
He just thrust his beast wildly into the darkness of my depths
Just as my mind thinks he has thrust in my womb are as deep as possible
His harden flesh trust ever deeper...
A grunt… Then absolute sensations of deep penetration rushed inside the confines of my womb...
Because of the salvage pounding his beast was bestowing between the softness of my thighs
My body gradually slide downward into a vertical position...
As it slid down, his assault never wavered
His pursuit of absolute sexual abandon on my body continue none stop...
My lungs gasp
Then screamed his name
They cursed the air they breathe
They begged of him to stop the onslaught
They begged for mercy
Suddenly they stop begging and demanded for him not to stop
They scream thrust harder, deeper
they yelled, come on baby, give me all you got...
His thrust hesitates
His hardness withdraws from the comfort of my womb
My legs are quickly pushed together
His legs straddle the width of my hips
The swollen head of his beast touches the wet
Lips of my heaven,
Then with hurricane velocity
Slides down the middle of my pink domain....
His long
Penetrates to the bottom of my depths with one-
Trust of his hips
Sounds of his scrotum slapping on the bottom of my buttocks
Rings into the air

As his savage strokes impales my body onto the carpet floor

His lungs gasp as the softness of my womb surrounds his girth with tightness

Causing electrified sensations to burn into his loins...

My womanly scent drifts into the air that's already crowded with he sounds of deep moans, and high-pitched groans

While sloshing sounds of wetness and suction

Enticed the sexuality of our minds..

My body feels his body ease upward

A sudden tug is felt on my hair

As my head tilts backwards

The head of his length slams into the abyss of my womb

Starting a trickle of a tremor in my loins...

Again and again his beast slides suddenly and deeply into my depths

His lungs snorts in short burst as my womb surrounds his wide girth even tighter

On each thrust of his hips, a squeal barks from my lungs...

My walls vibrates with hard pulsation from the harden flesh between his legs

The sensation of pulsation's in my womb triggers a large volcanic like tremors to rush through the sensitivity of my soft pink womb walls

My body shivers and quakes as the tremors consumed the being of me...

Just as my release subsides, my womb fills with vibrations of palpitations

Then the feel of his hot,




Flushing against the pinkness of my tenderized womb walls is felt

Ooh-gud, oh-gud screams from my lungs as his ejaculation of hot seaman fills then overflows the confine of my womb

Sweat falls off bodies

Muscles relax from the after effect of internal release

The smell of sexual musk looms in the air

Heavy panting exhales from our lungs

My mind starts to fill with disbelief

As my womb feels his beast girth widen

Then zoom back to it's full harden length of destructive pleasure


  1. .

    Do umlauts bite because I do not know.
    Run in your body, back and on the reverse
    without fear of skidding when cornering.

    Do not forget the accidental kiss you, my
    received mouth, lips, breasts or
    soul, between the legs if your desire.



  2. Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Gonna go play with myself now!

    Thank you for being so vivid in your writing!

  4. This is so sexy, I couldn't be here sooner, but i'll follow you and try to keep it up from now on.

    Thanks for the blogroll, you're in ours.

    Have a great holidays!

    Feliz navidad!!

  5. Dear!
    Te desejo um Natal regado a muito amor, junto aos teus entes mais queridos!
    Ah... e que não falte, é claro, um peru bem gordo em sua ceia Natalina, Amém! rs
    Beijos doces!

    Oh Oh Oh ...
    Helô Noela!!

  6. I felt like it was me being there taking him in.

  7. hi hun, congrats about ur blogg. u r a really nice writer. I enjoy a lot erotic letters.


  8. Abra seu coração e deixe entrar toda a alegria da chegada do
    ANO NOVO, e com ela novas esperanças e realizações.

    Que 2010 traga, a você e aos seus, muita saúde, paz, amor,
    harmonia, felicidade e prosperidade!


    FELIZ 2010 !!!

  9. Que este ano seja de muitas realizações encantos e 2010 lápis de cor para ajudar a colorir cada um dos 365 dias que se aproxima.
    2010 vem ai e teremos
    2010 coisas para pensar
    2010 atos para realizar.
    Beijos de mel

  10. I love the destructive pleasure
    Jep :)