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Monday, December 14, 2009

Night Moves (Feel Me) 3 ... Prose Poem

Burning lungs inhale deeply
Eyes attempt to focus in the darken room
In the distance her eyes make out the shape of the large bed
But not the shape of the object laying next to the bed post
Her focus is distracted as simultaneously the softness of his fingertips ease up her spine, and the soft firm touch of his tongue slides over the smooth firm surface of her stomach flesh...
Soft suckling kisses appear on the bottom of her bosom
Eyes close
Her mind floats in space as exquisite sensations rush through it
As soft suckling appears on her bosom flesh
Nipple flattens
Back arch
Sensations bombard her mind
Lust creeps inside her soul
As she taste the flavor of the center of her core from his lips
Passion heat sweeps through her body...
Her lips suddenly suckle on his neck with hard suction
He moans in passion pain
Tingling sensations of a hundred fingertips ease down his chest
As the softness of her hair follows the wet trail of her spiraling tongue
Over the width of his massive chest
Across the small ripples on his stomach...
The sharp sensations spirals through him
He feels the heat from the tip of her tongue bump into the thickness of his manhood shaft...
The heat of her mouth is felt slowly sinking into it, as hard suckling motion of her lips is felt on the soft flesh that covers the hardness between his legs
Legs flinch as a passion bite is inflected on the towering extension of him...
The warmth of her hand is felt easing up and down his hardness length
As warmth and gentle suction is felt on his scrotum…
His lungs moans
As her hand glides gracefully up and down his extension...
Her lips softly suckle
While her tongue darts on the surface of his scrotum
Legs vibrates as she gingerly suckles on one side then the other
As her hand guides up to the tip of the mushroom head of his extension
The warmth of his fluid oozing out the slit is felt
Quick darting licks sweeps the surface of his scrotum, her tongue darts and dance up the back of his extension
Once it reaches the smooth bare surface on top, it sweeps the liquid offering off its bare smooth surface
She moans softly from its delectable taste...
His lungs moans deeply as her tongue sweeps around the ridge of the mushroom head of his extension
The ripples in his stomach flattens, as her head leans forward and the mushroom head of his extension ease past her parted lips
His legs twitch and shake as her lips glide up and down on the roundness of his extension
As the tip of his harden flesh penetrates inside of her throat...
The heat of her hands surrounds his shaft and scrotum
His head suddenly tilts back then flops forward as her lips surround his mushroom head tighter while adding more suction
Loins ache with painful pleasure of agonizing sensations...
The heat of her mouth sinks into his harden flesh
As the head of his extension sinks in the depths of her throat
Moans of pleasure reverberate in his throat, as her head starts to bob back and forth...
Back and forth...
Fingertips grasp the bottom of his buttocks
Holding his body in place as her head deeply rocks forward and back
Pushing the head of his length in and out the tightness of her throat...
Wet slurping sounds
More suction
More wet slurping sounds
Moans entertain her ears as her oral assault sends tantalizing sensations through his being, capturing his sexual soul
His hold body vibrates and shakes, as her oral assault ravages his body senses...
Knees bend
Head drops
As his eyes focus on his length falling into the depths of her mouth
While intense sensations flow from his scrotum
Up his spine
Into the back of his brain
A slight popping sound whisk into the air...
Tongue swirls and spirals on the delicate ridge that circles around his thickness
Once her tongue hits "the spot'', his legs tense tight…
She suckles on the spot as her tongue dance on it in a circle
Firmness of his hands grasp her face
Fingertips vibrate on her facial flesh
As his arms quakes
Runs rampage from the tip of his shaft, into his loins
Lips parts
Half his length quickly disappears between the soft surfaces of her lips
Fingertips grip deeply into her shoulder flesh, as his legs weaken from the surreal sensations rampaging inside his loins
Head slowly moves back and forth, easing his girth in and out the heat of her mouth, while her right hand strokes the sides of his harden flesh in rhythm of her head movement
His eyes close tight
His facial muscles contorts
His mouth opens wide
While his lungs inhale and exhale deeply...
His mind drifts to a quiet
Surreal place
Of unknown origin...
Her head moves in a slow constant pace...
He doesn't speak
He doesn't moan
The only sounds in the room are the suction sound of her lips, sucking his manhood closer to closure
While the sounds of quick bursts of breath seeping past his parted lips...
Scrotum tightens
White manly seed gathers and waits for the precise moment to charge down the center of the small orifice in the center of his hardness...
Deep intense sensations in his loins slowly comes up
His scrotum feels heavy from the large gathering of his manly seed...
The deep burning sensations in his loins, starts to burn hotter and hotter
As his length reaches into the depths of her mouth then surface over and over again
Fingertips sharply grasp the back of her head
Hips pumps in the slow rocking motion of her head...
He moans loudly as in pain, as his lungs grasp
His arms pull her head forcefully forward, force-feeding all of his length into the heat of her mouth...
Again her fingertips dig into the back of his thighs
As she deep throats the long length and wide girth of his manhood...
His loins ache with pleasure pain
As his white seed burn hotter then lava..
He prolongs its eruption as the surreal sensation makes his body shake from the tip of his toes, to the top of his head...
As the swelling head of his shaft ease deeply into her throat
His girth widens
His body tense tightly...
Sensing his rapture is about to burst
Moans of passion gurgles in her throat...
Fingertips dig into his buttocks flesh
Steadying his swaying body
The slit in the center of his hardness quickly opens
Breath is taken away as the lava hot heat of his manly white seed ejaculates deep into the flesh of the back of her throat...
Harden flesh palpitates continuously and unmercifully...
Lips tightens its grip as her head bobs back and forth in a slow...
A rasping voice begs for the oral assault to halt
As the sharp sensations on the tips of his manhood becomes too much for his mind to bare...
Chest heave in and out
As the air in his lungs reverberate inside...
While she holds the flaccidity of his length loosely in the warmth of her mouth
His body slumps in surrender,
To the tender
Soft touch
Of her lips...


  1. Love it and the power she has over him at that moment. Great!

  2. Uffff, que calor tengo de repente! ¿ Porque sera ?
    Te superas amigo mio. Genial post.
    Mil besitos!!!

  3. "on his length falling into the depths of her mouth"

    oh I adore that phrase...beautiful, hot, lovely work!


  4. I like being in charge of things.

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    Desejo-te a ti e teus familiares um

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