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Sunday, May 31, 2009

HE.. An Act Of Surrender PT3..

My lips tighten on "HE" flaccidity flesh, they suckled on it until his entire shaft had disappear completely between my lips

Then it happen, "He" flaccidity started to grow in my mouth, his girth became semi hard, his length grew and grew until it pushed out my mouth, the fill of "He" enormity growing in my mouth was so erotic my nectar started to free flow 

After "He" enormity became rock hard, "He" withdrew it form between my lips

Without saying a word, "He" grabbed me by my hair and let me to a couch in the room; again "HE" put me in the same position on the edge of the couch

"He" position himself behind me, without any foreplay, any warning or a gentle touch, "HE" plunge his enormity down the middle of my wanting wet womb

The sensation of "HE'' penetrating my pinkness, made my eyes close, my head tilted backwards, my mouth open wide while my lungs gasp

The sensation of having my small opening stretched was sensational, 'He" grasp my ample breast as "He" enormity slithered down my pink corridor

A scream osculated in my throat as his size stretched my walls beyond their maximum capacity

He moaned as my taught hole squeezed his enormity with all its might

Once "HE" enormity became accustom to my tightness, "HE" thunder his hugeness down my walls with lighting quickness and animalistic viciousness

It took all my might and will to hold still as "He" thick girth rammed inside between my thighs again and again, while his scrotum slapped my bottom harder then his hand had before

My head would pop upward on each thrust, "He' fingertips dug deeper into the softness of my breast flesh, as "HE wailed his enormity viciously deep into my pink domain, sounds of "HE" deep breaths was ringing in my ear as "HE" lungs gasped air deep into them

Pop, pop, pop, sounds wailed into the air while the wet sloshing sound of my taught womb pulling on his girth played in rhythm in the background

My orgasm was growing on each thrust of his hips in the pit of my stomach; I could feel his punishing thrust bringing me to an atomic orgasmic frenzy

I couldn't take it anymore, I had to move, I had to nurture the orgasm building within me, without reservation, my hips thrust in time with is, my butt slapped against "HE" stomach as I let all caution go into the wind, I didn't care about the punishment that I would receive later for being disobedient, I wanted this now, I needed it now, I wanted all of him now…

My lungs groaned, my mind screamed as my womb creamed all over his enormity

"HE" leaned my body forward, I felt his fingertips intertwine into my hair, and then pulling on it with great force, getting all the power he could to viscously slam his enormity deep into me 

MY body felt like it was wedged between a hard brick wall while being hit with a wrecking ball; his enormity was hurting all so good inside my taught pink den

My mind went blank as my orgasm release through me, my legs quivered as my womb creamed heavily on his enormity flesh, my lungs cried out loud as his enormity raced in and out the pinkness of my den

The sensations of "HE" enormity swelling tighter against my sensitive pink walls raced through me, the ejaculation of "HE" hot seed pouring into my den like a roaring river made my body tremble helplessly

The sensation of 'He" hot manly seed, washing down my pink walls, triggered an atomic orgasmic release deep in the pit of my stomach

Suddenly "HE" lungs cried out, as "HE" lost control of his body functions 

"He" orgasm was so violent his body jerked and quake with viciousness, "HE" never notice nor felt the orgasmic meltdown of my body

When "HE" body finally stops trembling, its dead weight leaned heavily on my backside

After several minutes, "He" woke up from the sexual dead; quietly "HE" pulled his flaccidity out the tightness of my den

"HE" said nothing until he was standing before me, "HE" growled "sit up' which my body eagerly did "HE" took a step forward and told me to take his limpness in my hand and lick it clean

A quiet Mmm floated in my throat as I tasted his seed mixed with my womanly juice, my tongue slashed around his crown and down his shaft like it was a melting ice cream cone, when the flat part of my tongue eased up the sides of "HE" shaft, and the tip of my tongue swirled on his limpness head, "HE" hands reached out and rested his weight on my shoulders as his knees buckle

"He" moaned ultra quiet, trying not to let me know I was pleasing him tremendously, but his body language was giving him away

In the lowest tone of his voice, "HE" demanded I suck his limp enormity completely down into my mouth 

Mmm... echoed in my mind because giving oral pleasure always make me all so wet between my thighs... To be continued (Hehe...) 

Saturday, May 30, 2009

He... An Act Of Surrender... PT2...

"HE” strong grasp kept bending me over until I was almost on the floor and across his knee, a sharp painful sensation was felt on my buttocks as his demanding low voice emphasize my obedience on each crisp swat of his hand

"He", swatted my buttocks again and again with caring but powerful strokes, bringing tears to my eyes, his voice demanded respect of what "He", had spoken

Whack, whack, whack, sounds rung in the air, as "He" smacked one cheek then the other

The punishment was short and painful, but also bittersweet

My womanly nectar was flowing freely, as my buttocks stung from the rapture of his spanking

"HE", held me down as he looked at the effect of his punishment on my sore behind in the mirror, my buttocks had quickly turned beak red

His fingers wrapped firmly on my buttocks, then ease across my burning flesh, each stroke of his hand was gentler then the last, as his touch became loving soft,

"HE", moved his fingers between my thighs, then slowly ease them over my swollen den lips, first one then the other, after his fingers were wet with my womanly lubricate, he ease two inside the center of my taught fiery den

My legs tremble as they slid slowly down the wetness of my soft, slippery, pink walls

Once they fell deep inside me, his thumb twirled on my clit as his fingers basked in my wetness

After soaking his fingers in the wetness between my thighs, "HE" slowly ease them out, the sensation sent goose bumps down my spine, sending miniature trembles through my body, again his deep attentive voice demanded my attention

"He", told me since I couldn't obey his wishes like a person, he wasn't gong to treat me like one

"He" lowered me off his lap and put me in the doggy position on the floor, "He", demanded my body stay completely still in this position, until "HE" told me to move

"HE", left me on the floor on all fours, as "He" stood up, I could feel his eyes fixated on me, watching my eyes to see if they moved, watching my body to see if it was still shivering from his gentle touch

My ears tuned in to the sound of his belt being unbuckle, my thoughts was "HE", was going to spank me some more for being defiant, my nectar started to flow like a river as my mind anticipated the sharpness of his spanking

The sound of his zipper coming down echoed in the room, this my mind did not understand, "He" always gave me another spanking if the first one aroused me, to punish me for being aroused

"HE" pants fell to the floor before my eyes, soon all his clothes were piled together, my mind was racing not having a clue what was going to happen to me

"He", kneeled down before me, He, said he was going to teach me a lesson, he was going to fill ever hole I had, and If I moved before he was down, I would be punished beyond my imagination

"He", wrapped his fingers around his enormousness, and held it so it just touch the tip of my lips

His manly scent filled my nostrils, his size applaud my brain, my lips wanted to open and suck in all it could hold, but my mind was obedient in his words

"He" just held it there, then "HE" pushed it next to my lips

Again, "He", didn't move, he let his hugeness pulsate on my lips, every pulsate was more erotic then the last, arousing me almost to the point of uncontrollable lust

"Lick it", "He" demanded!

Quickly my tongue flipped lightly over the bare surface of his hardness, it twirled on its slit, "He" maneuvered it so my tongue could slide across its ridge, "HE" lungs gasp as his body jerked from the sensation of the tip of my tongue riding on his enormousness ridge, his hand tremble, as the sharp electrified sensations ran up his shaft into his loins

I could feel "He" watching me constantly, making sure my body didn't move, and my head stayed straight ahead

"He" slides just the head of his harness, between my lips, then gyrated his hips in a small tight circle, my eyes watch his stomach flatten as his hips circle his enormity between my lips

As "HE" enormity circle on the tender inside of my lips, the sensation made my thighs shiver, the visual of his enormity, sliding past my lips, made my mind scream with erotic feelings

A sharp whack on the roundness of my buttocks, regain my attention

Again "HE hips slowly gyrated, "HE" whole body stated to shiver, his fingers intertwine in my hair, his hips now moved back and fort, sliding his enormity in and out the moisten warmth of my slippery wet mouth

At first "He" started gyrating his hips slow with short thrust, but it wasn't long before his hips gyrated with harder with longer thrust, pushing my mouth open wider and wider with his huge girth, while plunging deeper and deeper in my mouth with his extended length

"He" pushes his enormity to the back of my throat and held it there, then "HE" slowly pulled it out my mouth completely, "sit up" was "He" next command

My body eased upward, my eyes stayed fixated looking straight ahead, "HE" enormity was now pulsating straight out at my eye level, the mushroom head was now a light pink in color, its girth was swollen to the point of exploding, its veins was thick with blood, while its flesh looked paper thin

"HE" body leaned forward, "HE" stiff harden flesh pushed against my lips, sliding quickly back into the warmth of my mouth

"HE" enormity had pushed my mouth open wider then it could go, "HE" harden shaft had pushed its mushroom head quickly, deep down into my throat

"HE" hips now gyrated with urgency, as his fingers gripped my head tighter, holding my head steady, as his hard thrust pushed his enormity in and out my mouth, pushing the smooth mushroom head of his enormity, further down my throat on each trust of his hips

Throaty grunts emerged from his lungs on every long, hard thrust, sweat fell off his hands onto the side of my face as his hips gyrated wildly, my eyes were fixated on his enormity sliding past my inner lips down my throat, going deeper then ever before as his scrotum tapped lightly on my lips surface

"He" pull his enormity out of my mouth until only the tip of its head remain inside, "HE" did this again and again, each time faster then the last

"HE" hips fell into a quick rhythm, the muscles on "He" arms bugled as he pulled my head back and forth with great force, they begin to spasm uncontrollable as his orgasm begin to form deep in his loins

"He" body begin to tremble, oh how I wanted to grab hold of his buttocks, and feel them tighten and quake as his release surge through his body, but my body remain obedient and did not move

A deep howl embarked into the air, followed by an enormous ejaculation of "HE" white manly seed into my mouth; somehow every drop of his prodigious explosion was swallowed before it could escape past my lips

As "HE" body froze still by his convulsing and tightening of his spasmodic muscles, my mind had become exhilarated, while picturing the whole scenario of "He", making lustful love to my mouth as it unfolded

As the last palpitation of his loins came to an end, "He" slowly slid his fast becoming flaccidity in and out my mouth, milking out the last drop of his seed

"He" didn't move nor speak for several minutes, his flaccidity laid completely still in the warmth of my mouth

Suddenly "HE" deep authoritative voice barked out "lick it clean"

My mouth was tired and sore from being pushed open so wide from the hugeness between "HE" legs, but to be obedient, my tongue slowly swirls around "HE" flaccidity ... To be continued..

Friday, May 29, 2009

He... An Act Of Surrender... PT1...

I wrote this for my friend Complicated Kitten, who one day, stumble unto my first blog. I have followed her since, reading her adventures of life. This was written from one of her blog comments that stuck in my mind.. (I hope this cheer you up..) P.S. -"HE' is the dominate. one....

The reflection of myself was compiling, over powering, as I admired the curvature of my own body

Short skirt, showing off the taut thickness of my thighs, the long length of my legs, the tight woven top was capturing the pear shape of my naked breast, and the length of my now excited nipples

Slowly and softly my fingertips ease over the soft fabric that covered my flesh, making my nerve endings tingle

As one hand cupped my breast, my mind instantly thought of "He", and his powerful grasp, that could be so gentle and loving, especially when I was compliant to his wishes

A gentle touch on the end of my nipple makes my chest heave forward from the explosion of sensation running down to my den, my legs squeezed together as the sensations started my moister to trickle

In the corner of the mirror, my eyes caught a reflection, the reflection of "He", watching me

At first my mind felt embarrassment from my open display of arousal, but a split second later my mind went into a tease him more mold

My hands dropped and slowly eased down my thighs, just like the way he does it, my fingers ease toward my den and lightly stroked on my inner thigh flesh, soft moans past my lips as my legs stretched tight from the flow of tingling sexual sensations running rampage, exciting my mind, body and soul

As one hand slid under the tight woven top and cupped my breast, my other hand slowly eased up the hem of my skirt, giving him the view of the very top of the thighs he loved all so much to caress, to kiss

"He", had positioned himself closer behind me off to the side so he could still see me in the mirror and still hide, not realizing I already knew of his presence in the room

Just as my skirt hem was pulled higher, a thought flashed through my mind

"He", had told me not to wear any panties today, because "He" knew how I love to feel their softness tight on me and "He" didn't want anything touching me there but the caress of his fingertips

Quickly my hand was lowered, hoping "He", didn't see the flash of my panties fabric

A deep, loud, audible voice vibrated in the room, "HE", was on top of me in a millisecond, his strong grip grasp my arm and spun me around as his demanding voice demanded my full attention

"HE", reminded me of how he told me not to wear any under wear, and sense I listened like a kid, I was going to be punished like a kid

My flow of nectar increased as I wondered what was "HE", going to do to me

"HE", grasp got tighter on my arm, with a twisting force, the force bent me over while his other hand ripped the soft fabric of my panties off the flesh of my derrière... To be continued....

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Passion Sensation 2 ........ Prose Poem ..

In between the moans and sighs, a soft whisper appear in my ear, " Somebody really gets into this position, don't they?"

At that particular time, my eyes had been fixated on her body, but after hearing her voice, I gazed into her big light brown eyes and smiled

Afterwards as our bodies intertwine in a love embrace, she whispered "why do you like that position so much"

At first I'm silent, as my lungs inhale large quantities of air, reviving my senses

Then a reply slowly creeps out my mouth, "As my manflesh feels every stroke inside the wet softness of the inner you, my fingertips feels its caress of the soft texture of the outer you, while my eyes sees it all"

Not only do I feel my fingers roam over the smooth texture of your breast flesh, but my eyes witness, how their light touch makes your nipples rigid, how a soft touch makes your stomach quiver, while a firm touch makes your thighs quake

My eyes see every passionate change your body goes through, and the every changing expression of passion on your face

They watch your eyes flutter, as my fingers ease down the flatness of your stomach; the slow tilt of your head backwards, as I touch your clitoris

Then when your haven is warm and wet, and anticipate the arrival of my harden manflesh, my eyes follow its tip as it intrudes into your pinkness, while pushing your womb lips open wider and wider, until they are open wide enough for the swollen head of my manflesh to ease into the heat of your wet haven

Then as I feel your tightness surround my swollen head, my eyes watch my shaft slowly descend down your haven slippery corridor, visually stimulating the front half of my mind as the sensuous fell of your taut womb walls stimulate the back half of my mind

Haven't you ever wondered what the intricate part of lovemaking looks like, or do you just accept the feel of it all?

After a brief silence I whisper, "I have a surprise for you"

The TV comes to life as the button on the hidden remote control is pressed,

She sees we are the stars on the TV screen and frowns as its starts

Together we watch the first kiss that lead too a assortment of deeper passionate ones

We watched the steamy foreplay, then her eyes becomes fixated on the TV screen as she watches my lust filled manhood jumping and throbbing just before I cupped it between my fingers and ease it to the front of her womb

She had never notice the pink color flesh of the head of my blood-swollen manhood before it enters her domain

In silence she watched it slide up and down her lubricated slit, never knowing its size compared to her small love womb; its bold color compared to the paleness of her entry

As my finger press the zoom button on the remote, in awe she watches my manhood size push her swollen womb lips aside, then slither inside her tight, hot-wet-pinkness as her soft swollen lips yields to the mushroom head of my shaft

Her mind now visualize the feel of the soft pink flesh inside her womb, surrounding my shaft with a tight hug as it passes by

She watches the screen even more intensely as her hips lift off the mattress, then hearing herself gasp out loud while my shaft slowly impales inside her treasured domain

She fills a dampness between her legs as her mind flash back on the still lingering effect of my manflesh shaft slowly descending and disappearing into the darkness of her pinkness

Her brown eyes fixate on my shaft flesh as my hips rock back and forth, thrusting the harden flesh of my manhood into her slowly

Still in silence, she watches the warmth of her hand slowly stroking up and down my thighs

Now she sees her hips instantly match my strokes rhythm, and the wet look of her juices on my shaft flesh as it glides in and out her crying womb

Her eyes never leave the TV screen, but her fingers gently roam around my scrotum and wrap themselves around my semi hard shaft, then slowly stroke it to its fullness

Her eyes focus on my fingers roaming softly across her breast; her skin tingles from the remembrance of the sensation of her nipples rising, as she watches her body contort and twist from the sexual feelings, while her body jerks on each of my hardest strokes

While still watching in silence, I can hear her breathing getting louder and faster

Her grip on my shaft was getting tighter, as the heat of our lovemaking on the TV screen turned into a lustful ball of fire

She wears a curious smile as she watches my shaft ease quickly back and forth smoothly through her womb, while making that slurping suction sound in her well-lubricated tightness

Excitement fills her eyes as she watches my hips roll in a tight circle, burying my manhood deeply inside her wet hot haven, while watching herself as she gasp and moan, while her body convulsed

Now her eyes see, while her mind visualized the feel of her fingertips digging tight into my thighs flesh, as they pull hard on the thickness of my thighs, burying all I have to give, deep inside her

Her eyes never blinked, as she watches herself cry out while her body jerks uncontrollably, as the full length of my harden shaft completely disappear, in the depths of her small womb, bringing us both to the point of release

She watches my arms extend, as my fingers grip the roundness of her butt cheeks, pulling her hips off the mattress and colliding our bodies together again, and again, as she moans passionately on each hard thrust

Her fingers squeezes my manhood with all their might, as her light brown eyes watches my back arch seconds before the ultimate release rocks through my body

Her mind still feels the lingering heat of my sticky hot white seed, ejaculating deep inside her pink domain Her eyes freeze frame the sight of my body shuddering, as my arms violently shakes

A sudden scream from the TV shakes her out of her trance, she marvels at the sight of her back being in a perfect arch as her body vibrated from a sudden thunderous orgasm, brought on by the feel of my manhood palpitating between her sensitive womb walls, as my steamy hot seed burns its way down to the darkest corner of her womb

The TV screen goes silent...

Instantly her soft body rolls on top of mines, she quickly guides my harden manhood between her thighs, sinking most of it inside her haven with one quick thrust of her hips

She has the remote in her hand and pushes the record button

As my throbbing manhood slides deeper inside her wetness, a smile crosses her face, then she whispers, "Close your eyes, it's my turn to watch"

My eyes slowly close as the feel of her velvet soft walls surround my shaft as it impales into her womb depths

The softness of her fingertips wondering across my body is felt, it stops to manipulate my nipples to an erection, then ease over my face softer then a feather; my body shutters and vibrate from the sensations

Her walls contract tight on my shaft as she works my manhood up and down between the velvety softness of her walls, as she takes me on her visual quest..

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Native Tongue ... Prose Poem

Silky hair, luscious lips, calling my name

She lays there, quietly still, in a dead state, while in a dream

I stand before her, wanting her

Wanting to touch her softness, 

Wanting to kiss her moist lips

Wanting to slide my tongue between them, and taste their delicate inner ridge, then slowly plunge my tongue deeper, and taste her full flavor

Wanting to hear her moan, as I taste between her lips deep

I lean down and part her hair with my tongue, sliding on her lips edges, slowly down one side, then slowly up the other 

Now bestowing a soft kiss on them, before I let my tongue ride gently on their tender inside ridge

First one, now the other

They're now plumb, juicy, succulent looking with flavor

A quick lick to tease and moisten, then a slow long lick down the middle of her slit

A gasp, hips bunk, legs widen, as my tongue starts its journey

First up one side of her womb opening, slowly, softly, than down the other, going a little faster each time

A quick reverse in travel, my tongue now moves more in a circle, it stops for a second and taste its offering, then speeds back into a quick circular rhythm

Hips fly off the masteries as my tongue plunges deeper inside, tasting the pinkness between them, feeling the velvet flesh of her inner walls, plunging as far as possible, tasting her flavor, licking her inside, sucking up her nectar, as her hips roll in rhythm with my tongue lashing

She moans between deep breaths, while her thighs tighten on my head

My tongue now circles in a figure eight, licking inside her lips higher and higher each time

Her sweet spot is meet; she cries out loud, her hips stroke harder, her offering taste sweeter, her hands pull on my head with all her might

Faster, harder her hips roll, my head bounces up and down as if on a roller coaster ride, a vibration travels through her arms making them shake

A quiet scream, her body bucks, then another buck, her body goes rigid as her womb muscles spasm, as her pinkness floods my mouth with its clear nectar 

My tongue trash inside her swollen lips like a hurricane, seemingly touching every spot at once, sending spasm after spasm running through her velvet walls, making her body quake

One last quake and her body falls to the mattress in a heap, while my tongue slowly lap up her river of wetness

She lies still, at first gasping loudly for air, then quietly, in a complete calm, finally her body goes into a silent hush

I stand and watch her sleep peacefully, her hair is wet, her lips has a darker pink tint to them and swollen

Quietly I lie back down next to her, and hold her sleeping body tight, next to mine 

Holding her between, my loving arms

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Surrender_ I ... Picture Poem

This picture was given to me by my friend pebbles, who also inspired the poem for it...

Come... Take me, I surrender
Touch me... Slowly, gently, with a soft caress
Ease your fingers over every inch of my starving flesh
Massage me, almost to a gentle sleep
Let your fingers roam, over the contours of my bosom, the erectness of my nipples, then sweep downward and caress the roundness of my bottom, while filling me completely with desire
Then awaken me, with your deep touch of lust that will enlighten my soul, with a passionate flow
Gently touch my wetness, and complete my surrender with the anticipation of completeness
I am yours to keep, to want, to have, to hold
Now embrace me, with the gentle touch of your lips on mine
Embrace my lips again, this time with passion, a passion that builds an inner fire
that warms me inside out, until my flesh sweat
Then extend yourself into me, and bring up the warmth my body aches for, my mind begs for, my soul weeps for
Coat my insides, with the texture of you
Take all of me, I surrender, but once you release me, make sure I am full of your undying love

Monday, May 18, 2009

Foreplay ... Prose Poem

Long, sharp, painted fingernails, eases down his naked flesh, following the curvature of his spine, while barely touching it 

A trail of sharp tingling sensations trails right behind it 

Once at the bottom of his spine, two long sharp fingernails ease slowly upward, a sigh, his back arches as the sensations are now twice fold 

Soft, wet, moisten lips touch his shoulder, follow by a wet soft touch from her tongue 

His body flinches, as an electrified spark shoots down and through his loins 

A soft moan, his body jerks as five long sharp fingernails ease down the middle of his back... 

Neck flex, stomach muscles tighten, as a deep suckling kiss appears on the side of his neck 

Breathing quickens, heart beats faster, as her nails and her seductive wet kisses runs rampage on the flesh of his neck and back 

A soft touch appears on the side of his waist, its soft, and moves slowly downward, easing down the middle of the tender flesh of his inner thighs 

Up and down it travels, suddenly changing directions, moving in a slow, soft circular pattern 

Back up to his waist the soft touch travels, his body contorts and jerks as his mind tries to keep up with all the sensations funneling into it at once 

The soft touch on his waist hesitates, then ease back downward, it stops at his flaccidity and surrounds it's small girth with softness and warmth 

With a gentle but firm squeeze, it slides up and down his flaccid man flesh 

A gasp, a moan, as a jolt of electricity shoots through his loins, her soft touch grip on his flaccidity widens as blood pumps new life into his limp man flesh 

As his body leans back, the feel of her wide, long harden nipples impaling into his back flesh is felt, then the feel of the pillow softness of her round taut breast resting on his flesh 

Five long, sharp, fingernails, now gently ease over the bare flesh on his chest, it rakes softly over his rigid nipples, down his flexing stomach, as her tongue trace the outline of his ear 

Eyes close as his mind concentrate on the sensuous feel of the sensations, the intimacy of her actions 

Breathing now labored, his man flesh unwavering, the soft touch of her hands strokes up and down the rigidity of his man flesh 

Her body twist around his, the touch of her soft lips enclose around his harden nipple, a wet tongue circles around his nipples sides, his body shudders with 

jubilance sensations as she softly suckle 

The soft touch around his man flesh girth widens, it grips tighter, while sliding up and down it's length faster 

Fingernails again trace across his back, his nipples are being consume with moisten heat as her lips suckles on one, then the other 

His heart races faster, his breathing comes in shorter durations, the soft touch that surrounds his man flesh girth squeezes harder, while longer strokes are bestowed upon it 

His hard man flesh pulsates between her fingers, as they slide up and down its side in a blur 

Sacs tighten, an audible moan rush past his parted lips, his body convulse, as his lava hot white seed erupts from his loins like molten hot lava erupts from a thundering volcano 

His facial muscle twist, his lips parts open, his body muscles tense tight then jerks in a orgasmic rhythm, his chest muscle tighten to the point he can't breath as his white seed ejaculates into the air 

With unforeseen velocity it rockets up onto his chest and stomach, the rest spirals downward onto the bed sheet, once his orgasmic tide finally diminish, his hot white seed ooze down her hands 

His muscle go weak, his voice is silent, his heart rates slows, flaccidity of his man flesh quickly returns 

The soft touch of her lips meets his, the touch is deep, the feel is of admiration and love... 

While barely touching it, the soft touch of one short, round unpainted fingernail ease down the naked flesh of her back, it travels downward on the curvature of her spine 

A trail of sharp tingling sensations trails right behind it, the intimacy of their foreplay continues... 

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Wanting ... Prose Poem ..

As his long-ness thrust slowly down the center of my domain, I softly moaned is name 

As his fingertips touch my derriere flesh deeply, while he pulls me into another deep thrust, I softly moaned is name 

As his hips crash into mines, leaving me in pleasure pain, I softly moaned is name

Because this one night, I don't want to be lonely

I don't want to be by myself, I want somebody touching my flesh, kissing my lips, pulling on my hips 

For only one night, I don't want to be alone with nothing but wanting thoughts

I don't care if he doesn't love me; I just need him to make love to me now

I don't care if he doesn't want me tomorrow; I just want him to want me now

I need someone to feel my flesh, hear my moans of passion, while inhaling my essence, even if it's just for this one night

I need to feel my domain stretched with his manhood, feel its harden flesh slide up and down the center of my domain

I need to hear him moan when my walls grip his manhood, like it's never been gripped before

I want him to wonder how a woman with some much passion, was ever alone

I want him to feel all I have to give, and want to come back for more

I want him to feel my body being consumed by his every passionate thrust, my nipples manipulated by his stiff wet tongue, my being smothered by his lust

Love me, love me not, lust me, lust me not, It doesn't matter, just as long as I'm not lonely, this one night

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Lechery Voyage ......... Prose Poem

My body is waken from the collision of your buttocks into my back, as your body seeks the warmth of mine

With a quick body roll, my body rolls over into yours

Your naked flesh ease into mines, as my arms cross your body and pulls it into a tight embrace 

In a hot second my mind realize that more then my body has been awaken as your round buttocks sinks into my groin

A gentle pull, your body rolls unto its back, a wet embrace bestows on your lips

As our hot passionate kiss sizzles, my fingertips travels downward toward your long pear shape breast

They seek and find your nipples, circling them slowly, pleasuring their outer edges

Once they reach out, my thumb tip circles on their sensitive tips, bringing then to their full length of sensitivity

After the taste of your tongue is bestowed on mine, my tongue follows my fingertips trail

Once again your nipples will be found, and my tongue will circle them softly, gently, slowly, then eased them into the warmth of my mouth, were my lips embrace will suckle on them like a baby suckling on its mothers breast

Firmly, but gently with a continues suckling effect, as the tip of my tongue tickles 

your nipples sensitive tips...

Your body contorts, your legs squirm, your lungs exhale and a moan is pushed through your throat into the air

A warm trail of electricity is sent surging throughout your body, as my hungry mouth seduce your breast, while the soft tips of my fingertips walk down the smoothness of your stomach flesh

Fingertips ease on the sensitive side of your inner thighs, as small tremors radiate through its flesh

Indolently your tighs spread open, giving my fingertips the freedom to roam unimpeded up and down its soft sensitive surface...

Again your lungs exhale, and a quiet moan pass your parted lips

As my mouth explore the tender underside of your breast, my fingertips slide through the dense protective forest of your womb outer door

Once past the forest, my fingertips touch your folds protective lips, finding them mushy soft and wet from your nectar seeping past them

A slight touch between them and your body goes tense, a long gasp, your back slightly arch inward as your front teeth bite into your lower lip

The air in your lungs leaves in quick short bursts, while your nails rake across the silky sheets, as the dampness between your slit mists on the tip of my index finger

As the anticipation of what I'm going to do next inters your mind, my tongue follows the path my finger has journeyed, the closer its wet trail gets to your moist haven, the more you body trembles in passion

Your eyes watch as my tongue taste its first drop of your nectar, then they close from the sensations of my tongue touch, as it slides up one side then down the other side of your folds

Once it split your seems, you lungs expand full of air, while your head tilt backwards, and your body tense up, while my tongue circles on the inside of your womb lips swollen flesh

A gentle push and my tongue dips inside and taste the flexible pinkness of your womb

My left hand cups and caresses your buttocks as my right hand roams the front side of your body, seeking your soft flesh sensitive spots

At first you lay motionless, as your body is bombarded with electric charge sensations running amok through you, but now your hips gyrate in an erratic slow tight circle, that becomes smoother and circles wider in rhythm with my tongue swagger

Each lick, each plunge is a precise movement to bring you pleasure as my head slowly rolls while my tongue plunges in and out your wetness

My head bobs up and down following the rotation of your hips, at first slow and smooth, but the pace slowly starts to build faster

On each rotation of your hips, a silent type moan brush past your lips, coming faster and more audible with each swing of your hips

The taste of your womanhood floods my mouth, while your breathing has become erratic; you lay both hands on my head and gently pull my hair

Aggh... Agggh... audible in the air as your hips move with more urgency and dip deeper and harder while my tongue ride in and out between your folds

With gentle suction, your pearl past my lips, your hands grabs my head tightly as your thighs tightens on my ear lopes

A squeal surge into the air, suddenly your hips push up off the mattress, my hands surround the roundness of your derrière as your hips bulk up and down, my eyes glance up and watch the passion wake expressions on your face as your hips starts to pump up and down while grinding your folds on my tongue

Your hands guide my head to your spot, as your hips pumps back and forth with reckless abandon

As your eyes fixate on mines, I see your arms muscle bulge as you pull harder on my head as my head bobs up like its on a wild roller coaster ride

Faster and harder your hips flex up and down while my lungs gasp for air as you bury my face deeper between your legs

My head bounces higher and higher with erratic movement on each deep rotation of your hips

As the heat of my tongue touches your erect pearl, your legs locks behind my head, your hips tilts forward plunging my tongue deep into your hot womb, the sound of your breath leaving your lung in short rapid burst fills the air

Tight pressure surrounds my head as your womb vibrates while your hips grind up and down in long deep snapping strokes

A sudden shower of sweet nectar in my mouth tells me your orgasm is near as my tongue darts around your pearl

Your head tilts back as moans loudly audible out your open mouth on each swing of your hips

Aaaaa..iii..eee echoes in the air at such a high decimal my ears can barely hear it

Your body completely freezes in place as the ecstasy of your release runs rampage through your body

A long low shriek plummets into the air; your body shakes and quakes as my tongue ravages your womb with sudden deep plunges and quick licks

As your womb vibrates, the weight of your body falls downward on my hands, 

it jerks helplessly in my hands with orgasmic spasms

At the peak of your release a faded moan cries out, I... want ... you...

At first I ignore your plea, your clitoris finds itself surrounded from the heat of my mouth, more screams echoes around in the room while your hips circles and bucks erratically 

Your clitoris becomes so sensitive you beg for its release while you pull upward frantically on my hair

After a quick release of your pearl, I find myself upright on my knees while laying your legs around my waist line

My eyes want to see your passion quakes as it rushes through your body; they want to see your facial expressions as my manhood enters the warmth of your tight womb domain

My left hand holds you up by your buttocks as my right hand guides my manhood toward your quaking womb; it circles on your womb lips causing small eruptions to vibrate through you body

A plea to enter your domain is heard, a quick thrust push the mushroom head of my manhood past your womb doors, as in slow motion you hips tilt up, you stomach flattens, your nipples reach for the sky, your head tilts backward as your mouth opens wide in silence

Another thrust pushes it half way inside your tight walls, as the third thrust pushes it closer to the back of your womb

Each thrust produce a gasp to past your lips and echo into the air, as I watch your body going through its passion wake, but with more and more intensity with each thrust of my hips

My passion soars higher as I watch your pleasure rocket through your body

The fourth thrust pushes my manhood to the hilt, the sensation of your womb being full rockets a deeper eruption through your body

My manhood is pushed in deep as possible and held in place, while I purposely make it throb even harder as your body quakes and shivers on its soft, hard shaft

As your release subsides, my manhood is drawn back and with a short thrust its slowly pushes back into your womb

As your tightness adjust to my hardness, my thrust gets longer and smoother as we find the optimum passionate rhythmic glide 

Our eyes look deep into each other’s as my measured strokes glide in and out your wetness

My left hand holds your body close to mine as my right hand slides over the contours of your smooth stomach, then up to your nipples, where it circles and gently tugs on them

My body leans forward as my lips seek to embrace your nipples

The warmth of my mouth surrounds it then taste and lick them hungrily, as if it was my tongue first time ever tasting them

You moan as my strokes glides deeper, you hips push into me harder, my loins tingle with sharp sensations as they fill with my thick manly white seed

My hand replaces my tongue as each of my strokes plunges constantly deep as possible into your womb

My eyes watch your eyes fixate on my manhood, whose flesh is cover with your passion nectar as it side up and down between your slippery wet womb walls

Your hips circle deeper as our body clash, your womb grips my manhood tighter, now it's your turn to watch as my eyes close, my body tense, my breath quickens as my release nears

The feel of my fingertips gripping your buttocks tighter is felt, pulling our bodies even tighter together, pulling my manhood inside you so deep my scrotum slams into the roundness of your buttocks on each thrust

Our rhythm quickens, your moans barks out your lungs on each gratifying thrust, as your own release builds from the passion of watching my body passionate movements and your urge to complete my release

My thrust comes hard and deep, my loins ache with the sense of fulfillment of sperm, my shaft swells in anticipation of my completeness 

Your hips thrash wildly as your eyes watch each deep dive of my manhood between your luscious thighs, you want my release to be complete, but your eyes begs for its delay

A gentle but firm squeeze is put on your breast, as a towering nipple is lightly twisted

My release roars from my loins, my shaft palpitates as my hot sperm ejaculates deep inside your womb

Your body jerks as my hot white release explode deep in your womb, coating its insides completely with my white sticky goo

The feel of my manhood palpitating and my hot sperm splashing against your sensitive walls, entices another release deep inside your womb 

Your hips grind s into mines, we moan in unison as our bodies quakes and shutters with the pleasure of passion pleasure

My body awakens and finds it self lying on top of yours, my head is on your shoulder, my manhood is still tucked inside the warmth of your tight womb

As my lips embrace yours deeply, your eyes slowly opens and greets mines