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Monday, December 20, 2010

Touch Me Tuesday Poem and Song "Crash Into Me"

After enjoying this song and a poem on ladysiri blog, I
was inspired to do my own version of this song and my
own poem...
Please check out ladysiri blog at
Push Play Please...

Kisses of want,

Turn into kisses of passion...

Kisses of passion,

Turns into kisses of lust...

Kisses of lust,

Turns into kisses of unconditional love...

Softly touch my trembling body,

Touch it firmly, roughly, as surreal sensations crash inside my mind, crash inside my loins...

Run your fingers through the soft curls of my hair,

Ease them over the width of my exposed bosom,

Letting their swell crash into the palm of your hands...

Grip my bosom firmly,

Grip them until my lungs moan of pleasure,

Strum soft gentle touches over the erectness of my hardened nipples,

Then swallow them into the soothing heat of your mouth...

Lay my heaving, naked body down on the still of the mattress,

Cover its nakedness with passionate bites, deep suction, while showering it with docile wet kisses,

With the pink tip of your tongue, leave a hot wet trail to my glory...

Hips buck,

Lungs quietly scream, as the tip of your tongue drink deeply in the swell of my wishing well, making waves of pleasure, "Crash into me"...

Bring your sex and push it into mines,

Let it fall into my wet hidden depths until it crashes all the way into me...

Thrust your hips slowly,

Thrust your hips softly,

Thrust your hips with gentleness,

Thrust your hips with loving strokes, letting your sex slowly-softly-gently-lovingly, "Crash into me"...

Passion swells,

Lust roar,

Love consumes,

As their mythical sensations crash... Deep into me...

Lips crash into lips,

Breast crash into chest

Hips crash head on,

As orgasmic waves crest;

Then "Crash into me", leaving our sexes soaking wet...

Graveled moans,

Follow deep gyrating thrust; crash your swelling sex deep into my sex...

Hips crash into each other one last time as bodies’ tremble and shake,

Lungs groan as the walls of my sex feel the swollen sides of your sex deeply palpitating,

My mind quietly screams, as my haven feels the heat of your white hot seed,

Crash into me....

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Prelude To A Scream .......... Retort to Prelude To Wet ...

Music softly echoes into my ear,

As bodies rest from their last dance,

Bodies stir as they untwine...

Eyes open and finds yours deeply engaging them,

The alluring smirk on your face tells me sleep, is a distance thought…

Eyes of brown stare deep into mines, as a single fingertip ease across my brow like a lonely teardrop slowly descending down my cheek all so softly,

Leaving a trail of slightly stinging tingling flesh behind it....

It eases across the nape of my neck, then tenderly twirls through the hair on the back of my head,

Suddenly it departs, leaving me lonely and hungry for more of your tender touches....

Big brown eyes slowly depart from mines,

As they drift away, I feel them swallowing all of me in, making my nakedness feel... naked,

They keep drifting downward, capturing every curve of the flesh that covers the masculinity of my skeleton...

Eyes catch a glance of the pinkness of your tongue peaking out, while moistening the cotton soft surface of your lips,

They watch your head lower; your lips part open, just as the reach their destination, my lungs quietly moans as they secure my nipple between them...

My body twists in a jerky motion, as I feel the sensitive of the tip of my nipple sucked into the moist heat of your mouth...

As it becomes erect, a single fingertip swirls over my right nipple,

My back bows inward as surreal sensations rush through my loins, rush up my spine, causing my center mass to slowly rise from its deep slumber,

Mmm, you moan as your eyes feast on the effects your actions has had on my body...

Big brown eyes now fixate on the growth between my thighs as my mass length grows inch, by inch, while its girth thickens...

Soft fingertips grip around the swell of my mass; they slowly slide up and down the soft smooth surface of its sides,

Quite moans now emulate subdued graveling groans...

Suckling kisses surrounds my nipple; one then the other, making two feel as one...

My inner fire grows from a soft glow to a roar of a wild fire, as the soft palms of your hand manipulate the outstretched mass between my legs...

Right hand reaches out, fingertips search then finds your head, they intertwine into the fullness of your hair,

After securing a firm grip, they direct your lips over the center of my throbbing mass...

Without further hints, your tongue flick on the center of my mass mushroom head,

Mmm you moan, as you taste the wet prelude of my inner seed...

Lips lock on the bare surface of my mass,

They rest on its sensitive ridge for a second, then slowly move side to side as your tongue dart across my mass bare head,

Audible moans escape past my lips, as electrified sensations rocket through my extremities...

As your head drops downward, my legs slowly rise upward,

Down, up, down, up your head slowly bobs, each time leaving more of my mass shaft wet...

Loins tighten, the fire inside rages out of control, my hand pulls your head up high, before the fire can explode...

My arm pulls your body on top of mine, then tenderly roll you over while our lips meet and greet with deep embraces,

Once my body is over the center of yours, I feel your fingertips surround my mass and guide it between your thighs...

A soft thrust pushes my wet mass into the slippery wetness between your legs, as it first enters your domain, the surreal sensations takes our breath away....

Chest rest on ample breast, hands caress the roundness of your derriere tightly, pulling your hips deeply into mines,

As my dripping wet shaft girth opens the tightness of your slippery wetness, it falls deep into its depths,

The prelude to your screams begins...

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Tender Touch Tuesday.... Prelude To Wet ... By Sayble ........

The thought of your touch lightly caressing my skin makes me tingle

Fantasies assuage my psyche all as sundry not just single

Your warm, delicious lips dancing a trail along my neck

Mmmmmm baby, elicits a responding chord so deep it makes me wet

Your questing hands move lower to my golden brown chocolate tip twins

Your head dips down for not to taste would be a sin

The nipples you twist and twirl on your magical tongue

Remembering that there are two tips not just one

Your hands travel lower to my quivering waist

Thoughts circling around our heads not definitely chaste

This dance we’ve danced many times before

Makes you, my darling, the greatest maestro of this score

For your gentle hands, your tongue, your lips

Orchestrate frantic movements from my hips

Begging you to join us together as one

The look in your eyes, the shake of your head telling me this song has just begun

My tempting body you’ve just begun to sample

Of honey, chocolate, sweet flowing nectar there is ample

The journey has taken you down, down below

Tears fall from my eyes, it’s my center I want you to kiss not my toes

The maestro wouldn’t be great if he just went in for the kill

So he takes his time, warms the instrument of my desire with his infinite skill

He knows what he’s doing he sucks one toe then makes his way to all ten

My body begins weeping in arousal again and again and again

Then he moves back up…..slowly headed north

Making frequent stops along the way up my calves, knees, and thighs with his mouth

‘Le petit mort’ claimed me so many times I lost count, I think it was three

He wouldn’t let me go, kept pushing the button had me climbing up a tree

Finally with a smile and a kiss he heads to the spot

That’s burning up, so decidedly hot

My parted thighs he watches as he gets ready…gets set

To spear the fountain that’s oh so wet

His prelude he has played like a master from old

Now his score he will start from beginning to end to me he told

Just when I think it is over

He will surprise me and go to the Coda

The music swells as it reaches steady crescendo

I can’t help but breathe a shrill, repeating OHHH

At the end of the music where the score says fini

His bow pulsed and throbbed pushing forth his seed

With his well oiled bow he has mastered his set

And this time he has made me soaking…..wet

This Poem Was Written By My Poetic Guest Sayble...

Friday, December 3, 2010

Waiting .......... Prose Poem .........

Heaviness follows me as thoughts of you reflects inside my mind,

Extended weight rest on my leg as feelings of wanting streams through my loins...

Release could be in an instant, with a helping hand,

But how does one replace the intimacy of two...

Two bare flesh leaning against each other,

Two set of lips embracing in a soft slow dance,

Two tongues tenderly hugging, while fluid exchanges from one orifice to the other,

Two sexual flesh meeting as one,

While the soft touches of fingertips reel in sensations from the fathomless depths inside ones soul...

Fingers ride on top of the stretch smooth surface of my heaviness; it can feel the steady rhythmic heartbeat of my wanting as it bobs up and down in the still of the air...

Wanting you crowds my mind, as the pain of not having you burns like a forest fire deep inside my loins...

I want, but I cannot have...

I need, but all I can do is want...

I lust, for my need of two...

They say a mind is a terrible thing to waste,

But longing for another without acting, precedes all wastefulness...

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Tender Touch Tuesday .... Picture and poem... ......Thoughts Of You.......

Moisten droplets, ease past swollen lips,

Wet panties lowered,

Knees rise toward bosom,

Heated fingertips slide in slippery feminine sweat…

Desire consumes loins,

As thoughts of you rekindle the passion we shared last night,

Intertwined as one...

Picture from

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Fixated ..... Prose Poem .......

The sun laid low on the horizon, almost blinding my eyes as my hand pushed the shift lever into first gear

As my foot pushed down on the clutch pedal, and my fingers gripped the head of the shifter knob to put the transmission into second gear, her hand ease between my legs and rested on my thigh

The engine revved higher, as my fingers gripped the shifter knob tighter, preparing to pushed the shifter into third, the feel of my pants zipper was felt opening

As the car lunched forward faster, her hand ease down the resting flesh between my legs, her fingers gently wrapped around its head, then slid down its length

As my hand pulled the shifter backward into forth gear, her hand slid up my length, putting my mind in the first stage of sexual imagery

Again the engine revved up, my hand pushed the knob forward into fifth gear, as the soft touch of her fingertips slid down my fast growing flesh, putting my mind into a second stage of vivid sexual pleasure

There were many times in heavy traffic, I regret having six gears to shift in and out of, but as I pushed the gear shifter knob toward six gear, her hand slid up the tight smooth skin of my harden flesh, and firmly squeezed its head, in my mind, I wished I had more gears

Every time I would shift up or down the transmission gears, her hand would ease up and down the taut smooth surface of my aching shaft

My eyes veered over at her, she had sat close as possible next to me, she sat there calmly with an evil sexy grin on her face, her eyes were cover by dark sunglasses to block out the piercing sun rays, which kept me from seeing them, but I could feel their hungry devilish stare

Once out of the heavy traffic, the engine roared loud and pulled hard, almost hard as the flesh between my legs had become

The shifter slammed quickly into the next gear, as my car raced homeward bound, my mind could sense the feel of climaxing ecstasy..

My car swerved around slower cars, the tires scream around every corner, the brakes smelled of heat, as the stretched flesh between my legs became hot and heavy while throbbing in sexual pain, in need of sexual release

Her fingers ease alone the side of my scrotum, and teased it with light sensuous touches, causing my legs to vibrate and tremble in delight

My mind raced as my loins filled to capacity, just one more block to ecstasy was in my thoughts

The car raced up the driveway, just barely missing the slowly opening garage door, then came to a hard braking, squealing, halt

Lips meshed together as the garage door closes

My fingertips softly probed between thighs that hid dampen panties, while her fingertips slid over the tip of my pre-wet erection, as deep kisses consumed our beings

Doors fling open, as our bodies raced to the locked doorway

Bodies embrace passionately as the door key slid down the center of the door lock, once it hit bottom, I opened it as the palm of her hand pumped feverishly up and down the expose harden flesh between my legs

The garage door slams behind us, our bodies’ trip and stumble down the hallway, they dry hump against the hallway walls, as lips deeply taste the flavor of each other

Another door closes, deep breaths consumes the quietness of the room

We stood before the tall bedroom mirror with our bodies embrace tightly together, our nostrils consumes each other body essence, while the thoughts of carnal lust consumed our minds

Suddenly she sits down on the chair, her fingers wrap into the fabric that covers my naked body flesh, then slowly and provocatively starts to undress me

As our minds preempt with what will happen next, an age old advantage comes to mind, "If only mirrors could talk"....

Friday, November 19, 2010

Bad Girl ............ Repetition Poem ....................

Bad girl, is what I want, what I need

I want a bad girl, who act like she is addicted to me like a junkie is to speed

I need a bad girl,

That will toot my flute all night long,

Instead of a good girl, who just want to talk to her girlfriends all day on the damn phone...

I need a bad girl,

Who will suck on my flute tip, like it was a crack pipe,

Suck on it, until I see stars in the daylight,

Suck me deep into the darkness part of her throat,

Suck me past the hacking gag and the, I'm going to choke...

Suck me like I'm her Master to please,

Suck me while I'm standing and she's on bended knees...

I need a bad girl,

To lick my body from head to toe,

Making me squirm and holler, while wanting her badness even more...

Put her tongue in places, it doesn't need to be,

Just to please the naughty nasty need that's in me...

I need a bad girl,

To let me swirl this long, thick, Tootsie Roll,

In her forbidden tight, darkest hole...

So please, my dear fragile wife,

Be my bad little girl, for just once in your **** life...

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Touch Me Tuesday Poem... Winded ... Etheree Poem




Foreskin stretches,

Fascinating sight,

Astronomical heights,

Redolent masculine scent,

Elevated compacted flesh

Stroked firm by woven fingertips,

Preparation ejaculation

Violent, spasmodic muscular twitch,

Discharge stream of hot gushing white seed

High into the clear of the air,

Bombarding soft silken sheets,

Mesmerizing sight,

Deifying moan,




The poetry form, Etheree, consists of 10 lines of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 syllables. Etheree can also be reversed and written 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. Get creative and write an Etheree with more than one verse, but follow suit with an inverted syllable count.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Ellicit Thoughts ......... Reverse Nonet Poem ........

All of my
Elicit thoughts
Of his harden flesh
Metronomically stroking
Thrusting deeply inside
The core of my inner heat
Bringing me to the point of a
Absolute orgasmic eruption

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Your Birthday ........... Prose Poem .........

Upright, her body straddle his as he laid comfortably on the bed mattress...

He could see her affection for him shine in her light brown eyes,

Feel the still air warmed by her smile...

The oval shape of her soft breast caught his attention,

His eyes focused on her nipples, that was reaching out begging to be touched...

Downward his eyes roamed, surveying the surface of the soft curve of her stomach,

Then glanced at the tautness of her thighs, which instantly enticed his mind...

But as her body leaned forward and brushed against his leg, her centered heat received his full attention..

Moisture dripped on his leg, it told him her heat needed to be fed,

His loins flushed with excitement, as his inner sexual arousal started to flow...

Fixated eyes was felt following his aroused excitement, as it climbed to new heights,

A smile merged on her face, as its length reached further into the air,

Her body felt electrified inside, knowingly she still had that strong sex appeal to him, after years of togetherness...

Her eyes watched his mass girth swell as it length peak, then stiffen to inflexibility...

She reached out and touched its velvet smooth surface, she playfully pushed his stretched foreskin back, then tenderly rubbed her thumb over its soft mushroom face...

His legs stiffen then lightly vibrated, as she foreplay on his hardness...

As much as she wanted to devour his large mass on the spot by taking it deep inside the moist heat of her mouth, then watch his body severely jerk and twist while surreal sensations ran rampant through it, she resisted...

"What do you want", whispered into the still air?

He smiled, then said "All Night"

A giggle eased from her lungs, as her mind reflected on all the all nighters they sexually played as one, his answer had made her feel cosy warm inside..

She asked him again in a firmer but still soft whispering voice,

What do you want?

"You" was his answer...

As a bigger smile crossed her face, his hand reached out, he dipped his index fingertip into her moistened heat,

Her head tilted back while her lips slightly parted, allowing a sigh of anticipation escaped past them...

Her eyes closed then reopened, as she tried to refocus her attention to pleasing him, which was almost impossible while his teasing fingertip floated up and down her now soaking wet slit...

It's your Birthday she replied, "What.. Do...You... Want"?

"Slow" was his finale answer....

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Slow Hand ....... Prose Poem .......

Soft rhythmic beats of music plays softly in the distance of the darken room,

Illumination of soft candlelight's flicker off the bedroom walls, while their vanilla scent captivates the smell of the room....

The softness of your delicate fingertips melts around the round hardness pointing away from my body,

Their sliding back and forth motion, causes friction to appear on the smooth surface of my harden flesh,

The sensation of your actions, causes my lungs to quietly moan,

My body to tease tight,

My eyes lids to droop, then close...

The soft flow of vibes from the music of the IPod serenades my mind,

As sensations coming from the back and forth slow rhythmic slide of your delicate fingertips, on my hardness shaft, soothes my soul, while awaking the smoldering fire within my loins...

Low audible gasp trickle into the air,

As your fingertips grip tighter, and slide further, on the smooth hard surface of my shaft...

Breath has becomes shallow and erratic,

Chest muscles tighten,

Legs flex straight,

Buttock clench tight,

Fire in loins burn hotter,

As my mind anticipates the viciousness of my inner thunder roar...

Lungs inhale one last gasp,

Silence beckons the storm....

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Need...... Repetition Poem.. Inspired By Frenchy

This poem is a reply to Frenchy's Poem "Want" Posted 12/25/10

I need, you to touch me, with your docile touch

I need, your tongue to change my flesh sweat, to wet

I need, you to taste my manly flavor, as your mouth devour my being

I need, you to surround my pulsating throb, with the tender softness of your full lips

I need, you to change my quiet moans, to raging groans

I need, to see your wetness dripping on the satin sheets, as my deep audible voice, projects talk of dirty sex into your ears

I need, you to be my slave, my little slut, fully under my complete control

I need, you to groan for me, as my girth thickness fills the tightness of your womb, beyond its means

I need, you to look me deep into my eyes, before my deep strokes hits its uncontrollable strides

I need, to see your fingertips intertwine within the satin sheets, as my length glides into your depths

I need, you to be as one with me, as I fill you with the thick wet whiteness of my manly seed

I need, you to always remember, I will always want you, need you, inhale all of you....