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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Honey Dip... Picture Poem ...


Lackadaisically ease over my stomach flesh

Tasting its bare essence

My womanly fragrance spills into his nostrils

Teasing his brain with its infatuating scent

His tongue slowly spirals downward,

Over the thin fabric that keeps his tongue from tasting the full robust flavor of my pinkness

Leg rises

My womanly musk grows stronger,

As his tongue ease between my legs across the soft lacy fabric covering my folds

My body twinges and jerks as his tongue tease the surface of my folds with its heat and sliding motion

Mouth opens wide as the imprint of my folds are inhaled into it

Giving my mind a visual of the coming proceedings…

Stiffen tongue pushes aside the pink fabric

Then lick the moisten offering in front of it

As the taste of my haven flavor ease down his throat,

A quiet moans disturbs the quietness that surrounds us

Breath inhale

Then exhaled in short burst,

As his tongue parts my folds and slide slowly down its length

Legs weaken

My body leans back searching for the support of a nearby wall

My fingertips intertwine into his hair as surreal sensations reels through the sensitive walls of my womb

Quiets screams fall on deaf ears....

Monday, January 25, 2010

Careless Whisper .... Repetition/Rhyming Poem

A careless whisper, whispered softly into her ear
A careless whisper, from the one who she had feelings for so dear
A careless whisper, from the same person who was holding her so near
A careless whisper, said without hesitation, nor fear

A careless whisper, that came as a dumbfounded surprise
A careless whisper, that was going to be his demise
A careless whisper, that left a taste on her lips of foul wine
A careless whisper, he would never be able to define

A careless whisper, that came from the near pass
A careless whisper, from a time he had a blast
A careless whisper, that came as he was really tapping that ass
A careless whisper, that lead to the best oral sex he ever had

A careless whisper, that was going to leave his sacs dry and his mind sad
A careless whisper, that made her quickly dress and forever leave his sorry ass
A careless whisper, he thought was just a brag
A careless whisper, his ultra ego whispered, letting the black cat out the bag

Friday, January 15, 2010

Release Me.. Picture Poem for "A Complicated Kitten"

The phone rang...

A soft whisper of a voice said "hello"

A voice of deep baritone softly spoke in a firm demeanor

The soft voice listened, as the deep voice instructed it

After the deep voice was done speaking, a soft "yes sir" was the last of the conversation...

His tall frame stretched as he left his vehicle

His keys jiggled as he unlocked the front door

A silent deep hmm danced in his throat...

As one arm closed the door behind him, the other was quickly taking off his suit coat

As his coat floated to the floor, he turned and walked toward the studio room...

As he entered_

There she was

On bended knees

Dressed as directed by the phone conversation...

Her breast valley looked deep

Their firm roundness heave out at him,

As her strapless waist cinching black corset

Wears her body tight...

Her lips was painted his favorite shade of red

Shear black nylon stockings, came up to the thickness on her thighs

They were held up by a black garter belt

She finishes the outfit with long towering leather black boots

Which had five-inch heels...

His eyes fixated on her

Making sure not even a strand of hair was out of place

He approached her in silence

When he stopped

His crouch was crowding the area her nose was...

As her lungs inhaled the scent of his sex

She didn't look up

Her body didn't move

Her voice was silent

Her heart raced from the excitement that was about to come...

A lone fingertip ease over her cheek

That was her cue to begin what he had instructed her to do on the phone...

She quickly unzipped his pants

With a firm gingerly pull, she ease his long throbbing manhood out from where it had been harboring

It sprung out suddenly

Slapping her across her nose

She didn't flinch

She didn't breathe a sound past her lips

She endured the sting of pain

That rested on the tip of her nose in silence

She secured his throbbing meat, and stroked it slowly with firmness, just like he liked it...

Fire seem to be coming from his eyes as he watched her every movement...

Lips part

Head leans forward

Her tongue slides past her lips and greet the smooth bare surface of his manhood...

Hips push slightly upward as her tongue swirls across the bare surface in front of it

Her ears ear a quiet gasp as her tongue swipes across the bare surface ridge, down its shaft, across his scrotum, then slowly back up to the bare surface ridge...

Her head moves forward

Her lips parts open wider

The bare surface of his manhood ease onto the softness of her inner lips...

Legs stiffen

Lungs groan softly, as her lips surrounds the head of his sex with pressure and moist heat

She holds just the head of his sex between her lips and moves her head side to side as her tongue darts around on its bare surface

After enduring as much sensations of pleasure he could, his hand moves to the back of her head and force it forward while tilting his pelvis upward

His body doesn't waver as her head falls, pushing his girth into her mouth

Buttocks are gripped tightly by her fingertips as her head falls downward, then upward

Downward then upward

Each time easing more of his girth into her mouth...

Just as her head movement falls into a smooth gliding rhythm

The feeling of his girth swelling and vibrating, tells her he's not going to withstand her lips assault on his girth flesh much longer...

He wanted it, he needed it, and he has to have it

"His release"...

Release from waking up late for work

Release from his car would not start

Release from having his paycheck docked from being late

Release from a day of arguing with his boss

Release from working in a room headed by the sun undulating rays

While the air condition took rest for the day

Release from working through his lunch breaks to meet a dead line

Release form the hour-long drive home in bumper-to-bumper traffic

Release from this day of total tension

Release from thinking of this moment during the last two hours of work...





Her head moved while her lips ease over the slippery smooth surface of his girth

A gravel moan rips into the air

Feelings of hot white gooey sperm is felt flushing down her throat

As it covered her throat completely with its white mass, she gasp then swallowed his release, while keeping her lips moving up and down his vibrating shaft

As his manhood went through the reverse balloon effect, her tongue wiped the head of his manhood clean

After the last palpitation rolled out of his loins, she sucked the last remaining drop of seed out his shaft

One last sweep of her tongue was felt on his manhood bare surface

The she held her body completely still while waiting in silence...

A lone fingertip ease across her cheek

Her lips parts

His flaccidity slides out of the warmth of her mouth...

She does not speak

She does not move

She just rolled her eyes upward and looked into his...

The fire that was in his eyes had disappeared

It had been replace with a twinkle of a smile and endearment inside them

She smile to herself

Because she knew her husband

Her lover

Her Master

Had been pleased...

Monday, January 4, 2010

Waken ... Prose Poem

Extended, hard throbbing membrane manipulates my slumber

Moisten skin, heart racing, eyes slowly opening

Darken room, lit only by a night light

Deep breaths eludes me, as my inner lust wakens my mind

Mouth dry, mind in a cloud, a quick glance over my shoulder

Soft skin, barely covered, glistens in the dark

On your stomach you lie motionless, the contours of your body looks like a silhouette next to mines

Derriere' round and high in the air, heightens my lust as I glance at its form

Smooth to the touch as my hand search its surface, feels its texture

Up, around, down my hand glides, as my fingertips marvels at the smoothness of its flesh

Over, under, between your legs, my fingers search and find your silky heaven

Warmth meets my fingertips as they manipulate your womb outer lips with a soft touch

Legs slightly part as moisten heat escape your haven swollen open lips

Hard, long, painful, fully extended membrane lust for the confines between your taut thighs; my mind can not endure a moment longer

Between my legs, the roundness of your derriere' is place

Fall, push, resistance, a small pop, my membrane falls slowly inside the warmth between your legs

Moan, gasp, sigh, as your pink velvety tautness surround my membrane flesh

Slow measured strokes push and pull my membrane in and out your taut haven

Lust, passion, reaps through me as my body sits up straight and ride on the roundness of your derrière

Hips roll, one up, one down, softly colliding into one another, as my hands rest in the contour of your soft back

My hips rocks, yours rolls, in a rhythmic motion as our lust romp turns into a slow passionate dance

Cheeks spread as my eyes watch the shiny flesh on my membrane, slide down and up inside your pink, wet velvet walls

Eyes watch, emotions swell, the tip of my membrane feels its intrusion between your cheeks again, and again, as my loins fill with liquid fire

The silent room fills with a faint slapping sound, as our rhythmic dance urgently speeds up

Moans cry out on every downward thrust, as my membrane falls deep inside your haven

A gasp, a pillow, a muffled scream adds to the sounds echoing around the room

Your body tense with sporadic muscle spasms, while your lungs screams

Body leans forward, hands hold onto the bed, thrust are deeper, harder, as my body rides your orgasmic wake

The roundness of your butt slaps my stomach, as my membrane falls deeply between your cheeks

The burning sensation in my loins escapes in a flash, my body freezes in time, while you roll the roundness of your derrière' into my stomach again, and again, until the last hot drop of my lust has succumbed to the tightness of your wet velvety walls

A long passionate kiss, followed by a tight passionate embrace, soft moans go silent

Suddenly upon me is the weight of your body, your eyes glare down into mines, my eye winks at yours then stare at the hungry elusive passionate lust, hiding behind your big brown eyes