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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Missing You .......... Prose Poem .........

Sunshine seeping through the windowpane beckons me

Arms stretch out,

Fingertips reach outward,

But only grab the reflection of you next to me...

Deep sigh reverberates in my throat, as I realize I'm again alone without you...

My body rolls over off its stomach

As my mind replays the memory of us together,

Which seems just moments ago...

A light shutter eases through my muscle as I recall the soft side of your lips suckling on the nape of my neck

The feel of your left hand tightening around my waist, as your other hand slipped past the elastic band on my silken pink panties…

Your body stood behind mines,

As your tongue slowly swirled on my ear lobe, while your right fingertips strummed across my folds, teasing them with a soft sweeping motion...

As my folds became wet and inflame with desire, you moisten your fingertips and eased one,

Then another,

Just inside their softness...

Back arched,

Lungs inhaled

Stance widens,

As the sensations of your action rolled up my spine

Into the back of my mind…

A soft moan wisp past my lips, as your lips left a deep impression on the length of my neck...

Mmm, my fingertips are felt touching the weeping womb between my thighs, as the vivid memory of out night of pleasure flash before my eyes...

Your hands surround my stomach flesh, then gingerly ease up my flesh to the roundness of my breast

Suddenly my breasts are no longer captives of my bra…

Fingertips quickly surround and squeeze them,

Gingerly pull on my nipples,

Circle and massaged my breast bare surface...

Lungs breathe deeply as my body is gently maneuvered toward the bed edge...

Once there, you lay my limp body,

Full of desire; face down over the matters edge...

Fingertips ease my panties slowly downward past the thickness of my thighs,

Were they come to rest at the top of my ankles...

Pulsation is felt on the moistness that has collected on my vulva

Its hardness softly circles on my swollen folds flesh,

Purposely letting me feel its pulsating heartbeat

Seducing my desire

Weakening my will

Building my inner fire higher...

A quick thrust,

Sudden sexual pain,

A Sigh,

An overflow of first penetration sensations race up my spine...

Back arch

Fingertips dig deep into mattress,

Then curls into satin bed sheets

The width of your girth opens my womb to maximum proportions...

Legs involuntary shake,

As your massiveness free falls deep into the darkness of my wanting...

Slow soft strokes rain into my womb

Followed by more slow soft strokes, and more slow soft strokes

My womb tautness on your girth width, feels so sensuously tight,

It feels almost unbearable…

But at the same time, it feels extraordinary wonderful,



Piercing scream goes silent into the soft pillow top mattress,

Body shutters then convulses with multiple eruptions

Time seems to stand still as my mind rockets to unknown origins…

As my mind senses trickle back to reality,

Piercing heat of his atomic release washing against my pink walls is felt...

A deep shutter wakes me from my daydream,

As my fingertips frantically rub across my folds...

Back arches as release screams through my extremities,

My lungs loudly cry out your name...

Body heaves upward,

Then sink suddenly into the comfort of the soft plush mattress

A deep inhale of air intrudes into my lungs,

As it exhales,

My eyes slowly close, my mind falls into a deep dream state...

Sounds of a door opening quietly echoes in the room

The feel of the mattress moving startles my senses

Before my eyes can open, the feel of massive intrusion is felt between the softness of my thighs

Pain of first penetration rockets up my spine

My lips part to let out a scream of ecstasy,

But before they can,

A deep,




Smothers them completely...

As the hardness between your legs,

Strokes deep inside the softness of mines,

Your voice whispers in my ear…

“I heard you missed me”...


  1. Sounds like the story of my life (jk) I found your poem very erotic and sensual. I really enjoyed it!


  2. Un poema excitante y muy erótico...una muy sugestiva lectura...Ideal para comenzar el fin de semana...Disfrutalo.
    Un beso.

  3. Kitten, Thank you much my friend....

  4. Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ♥ MaR ♥Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ, Gracias por las amables palabras

    Tienen un fin de semana fantástico

    Un beso.

  5. Wow, awesome poem, sooooooo erotic. I love the pic that goes with it too, perfect. Ty for sharing!

  6. His lil girl, That you for the visit and comment, it is appreciated...

  7. intimidades, Thank you


  8. @Barefoot Dreamer... hmm... me too, lol ...
    Have a great week....

  9. Acordar com tais sensações, o sol penetra entre as cortinas o desejo desperta.

  10. Lovely, I appreciate you reading my older poems...

  11. Well written. This proves that erotic poetry can be great literature also.

    Mgcini Nyoni
    Editor -

  12. poetrybulawayo, Thank you very much, I appreciate your comment...