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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Gradually 2. .. Prose Poem......

Her mouth opened from surprise,

Her eyes close as her mind pondered...

As their naked flesh meshed together for the ever first time,

She felt his size lean against her flesh,

Something her mind was ill prepare for, as her flesh felt the shear hardness of it,

The massive weight of it,

As its heavy pulsation's seem to rocked her body forward and back...

She pondered if her womb could accommodate its elongated length,

Would her womb walls stretch enough for the width of its girth?

After all, it was huge like something a large animal would have, not a man...

As her hips rocked backwards, she felt his massiveness slide up her buttocks,

Her right hand reached behind her and gripped its sides,

Her hand trembled in excitement, as it slowly slide down its length

Her mouth watered, as her hand was unable to close completely around it,

Her lungs sighed, as her mind thought how it hung between his legs like a projectile,

A projectile ready to launch, shoot, then explode, once it reached its objective...

The more her mind pondered, the more her womb wept with excitement,

But in mist of her excitement she was also scared of its enormity,

Scared she could not accommodate it in the small confines of her womb,

And it would rip her insides from pink to red,

Causing her unbearable pain...


What if?

Mmm, contemptible she thought


  1. Lovely, you certainly have a way with words.

    Hope you have a good weekend.


  2. Gostei da foto...

    Tens que fazer post's bilingues.

  3. saudades de ti meu querido...bjusssssss

  4. Ronnie thanks, I always enjoy your visits and comments...

  5. Once again the scene is set. Good work...

  6. Even in translation, where it loses some of the content that you pass, I loved what I read and I'll follow you, though of Wisconsin, the first state to abolish the death penalty, the largest producer of milk and be very progressistaem relationship politics, as seen now a bit of geopolitics, as we always have to know all of our planet, I hope to also know my poetry, as we have in common the erotic poetry, have a beautiful week, hugs.