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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Happy Hump Day Pic And Poem ... Gradually 1.. Free Verse

Hands overflowed with her endowment, triggers a gasp past her lips,

An inarticulacy sound emerges into the air, as fingertips squeeze the inner firmness of her naked breast,

A soft sigh diminish from her throat, as his fingertips glides over her towering erect nipples....

Hips tilt and implant into pelvis,

Naked bodies meshed together,

Shock waves of pure pleasure scampers through her, as a visual picture of his length, his girth is painted in her mind, as his pulsating hardness impales into the softness of her naked flesh...

Eyes close-

Mouth opens-

Lungs inhale...

Excitement, energy, body shivers,

As bodies pressed together into a embracing kiss...

Motionless, are their bodies, as thoughts of sexual grander floods their minds...

Chills of excitement scurries up her spine,

Endless waves of pleasure runs through her extremities,

As an succulent kiss embeds deeply into the nape of her heck...

Loins burn deeply with lust,

As desire,

Fuels, their inner fire....


  1. Like magnets your words draw us in forcing our selfs to seek the pleasures of all must haves! Simply beautiful baby!

  2. Meagan, It pleases me you enjoy Part1...