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Saturday, August 7, 2010

With In .... (Inside Me) Prose Poem


Stand close to me,

Now gently reach out for my hand...

Slowly stroll into the calmness of my wake,

Stop and take the time to touch my shoreline,

Fill its softness against your fingertips,

Feel it's wetness slowly side down your fingers sides,

Feel it tantalizing your senses,

Mesmerizing your thoughts,

Urge your will,

Fuel your desires...

Now, walk past my shoreline, and ease into its river wake,

Feel my river current softly flow around you,

While bathing you in its warmth...

Once you enter my wake,

Lean down and quench your thirst,

Let the sweetness of my juices sooth your throat,

Ease your soul to a journey toward paradise...

Now come, and ride inside me,

Ride my low tide, slow and steady,

Glide in its swiftness,

Bath in its softness,

Sail into its abyss of darkness...

Keep Riding inside me,

Until you find the hidden door,

To enter my love


  1. This is SO beautiful! My favorite part: 'Once you enter my wake,
    lean down and quench your thirst'

  2. Feel my river current softly flow around you...
    ¡sencillamente genial!

  3. How paralleled and magnificent. I haven't visited in a minute but this is my fave.

  4. R, thank you, i appreciate your comment..

  5. Cheeky Minx, just like you my dear, just like you...

  6. intimidades , thank you, it was nice to see your visit...

  7. SILVIA, as always, thank you for the wonderful comment...

  8. The Visionary Butterfly, welcome back, come again son...

  9. Your words draw me back to the shore once again. My secrets buried deeply in her burning sands. As my body feels the warmth the sun and my desires become once again ignited. Freedom rides on the horizon. I wait for one day I will break the chains that restrain my body. My spirit soars on silver wings gently painting the sky in pastels colors longing for the day I can once again taste the colors that have alluded me for so long.Thank You for letting me play it warmth,beauty and wetness once again.

  10. Anonymous, Thank you for the warmth...

  11. Replies
    1. Thank you reggie, i appreciate the read and comment...