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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Slow Hand ....... Prose Poem .......

Soft rhythmic beats of music plays softly in the distance of the darken room,

Illumination of soft candlelight's flicker off the bedroom walls, while their vanilla scent captivates the smell of the room....

The softness of your delicate fingertips melts around the round hardness pointing away from my body,

Their sliding back and forth motion, causes friction to appear on the smooth surface of my harden flesh,

The sensation of your actions, causes my lungs to quietly moan,

My body to tease tight,

My eyes lids to droop, then close...

The soft flow of vibes from the music of the IPod serenades my mind,

As sensations coming from the back and forth slow rhythmic slide of your delicate fingertips, on my hardness shaft, soothes my soul, while awaking the smoldering fire within my loins...

Low audible gasp trickle into the air,

As your fingertips grip tighter, and slide further, on the smooth hard surface of my shaft...

Breath has becomes shallow and erratic,

Chest muscles tighten,

Legs flex straight,

Buttock clench tight,

Fire in loins burn hotter,

As my mind anticipates the viciousness of my inner thunder roar...

Lungs inhale one last gasp,

Silence beckons the storm....


  1. hot little story...and this gif matches it perfectly :)

  2. such imagery with images included. All my senses are so aroused. So thankful for my imagination. Moistly Appreciated.

  3. Mmmm... I could almost feel the vanilla scent of the candles...
    And this line is pure poetry 'As my mind anticipates the viciousness of my inner thunder roar...'

  4. El deseo consume cada momento, impregnando la piel y dejandose arrastrar por esos instantes de pasión.



  5. Evangeline, thank you so much for the comment. It is appreciated...

  6. 2cute4u, nice to see you again, thank you...

  7. Nice site,
    Gratings from Sweden

  8. R, Thank you for such a wonderful comment...

  9. Lunna, gracias por la visita.

    Yo siempre agradezco sus comentarios,


  10. Sugen, Nice to have Sweden to stop in..

    I shall repay you the visit...

  11. is it wrong that I could stair at that handjob gif all day? nice post btw.

  12. Johny five, Every time I come in, i look at that Gif. I can almost feel it.. lol. thank you for the comment, i appreciate it very much...

  13. Que blog enlouquecedor...sai daqui de pica duraaaa!!!kkkkkkkkkkk!!amei seu blog...serei seu seguidor...beijos meus!!

  14. Muito obrigado a você, eu aprecio o seu comentário
    E obrigado por seguir ...