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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Your Birthday ........... Prose Poem .........

Upright, her body straddle his as he laid comfortably on the bed mattress...

He could see her affection for him shine in her light brown eyes,

Feel the still air warmed by her smile...

The oval shape of her soft breast caught his attention,

His eyes focused on her nipples, that was reaching out begging to be touched...

Downward his eyes roamed, surveying the surface of the soft curve of her stomach,

Then glanced at the tautness of her thighs, which instantly enticed his mind...

But as her body leaned forward and brushed against his leg, her centered heat received his full attention..

Moisture dripped on his leg, it told him her heat needed to be fed,

His loins flushed with excitement, as his inner sexual arousal started to flow...

Fixated eyes was felt following his aroused excitement, as it climbed to new heights,

A smile merged on her face, as its length reached further into the air,

Her body felt electrified inside, knowingly she still had that strong sex appeal to him, after years of togetherness...

Her eyes watched his mass girth swell as it length peak, then stiffen to inflexibility...

She reached out and touched its velvet smooth surface, she playfully pushed his stretched foreskin back, then tenderly rubbed her thumb over its soft mushroom face...

His legs stiffen then lightly vibrated, as she foreplay on his hardness...

As much as she wanted to devour his large mass on the spot by taking it deep inside the moist heat of her mouth, then watch his body severely jerk and twist while surreal sensations ran rampant through it, she resisted...

"What do you want", whispered into the still air?

He smiled, then said "All Night"

A giggle eased from her lungs, as her mind reflected on all the all nighters they sexually played as one, his answer had made her feel cosy warm inside..

She asked him again in a firmer but still soft whispering voice,

What do you want?

"You" was his answer...

As a bigger smile crossed her face, his hand reached out, he dipped his index fingertip into her moistened heat,

Her head tilted back while her lips slightly parted, allowing a sigh of anticipation escaped past them...

Her eyes closed then reopened, as she tried to refocus her attention to pleasing him, which was almost impossible while his teasing fingertip floated up and down her now soaking wet slit...

It's your Birthday she replied, "What.. Do...You... Want"?

"Slow" was his finale answer....


  1. Hum.....

    dá uma vontade cheia de urgência!!!!

    Belas imagens...

    Beijos carinhosos,


  2. "What do you want"

    "All Night"

    What do you want?


    "What.. Do...You... Want"?


    Wow man, you've just write some of the best ideas for a birthday gift that someone could give.

    Perfect day, perfect "all night"

    Glad to see you again my friend!

  3. Syd, seeing you here put a big smile on my face....

    I can't take credit for the idea,

    My Birthday was last week for real,

    My wife crawled next to me in the bed and she asked me, "Want do you want"

    Some of my poems are true life, like this one...

    Peace my friend...

  4. {ÍsisdoEgito}JZ - Tua, somente tua,

    Olá e obrigado

    Feliz em ver seus comentários ..


  5. This is so tender and sexy!

    "What do you want?"

    There's no woman in the world who'd be able to resist this...

  6. Definitely irresistible as are you and your words. "Slow" is my word for the day. xo - E.

  7. This is so purely and truly tender, sensual and sultry. And I think Ella might be right - today we should all embrace "slow"...

  8. Adorei seu espaço, estremamente instigante...
    Obrigado pela visita!

  9. Well, then your wife loves you very much, those presents last forever.

    And with a little delay, but... Happy Birthday my friend!!

    Un abrazo!

  10. ¿Qué quieres?
    A usted. Fue su respuesta....
    Besos mil!!!

  11. R, No, she didi not... Thanks for the comment...

  12. 2cute4u, I'm Glad you enjoyed it.. Thanks for the comment...

  13. EllaGirl, Well thank you so much... Please come again soon...

  14. Cheeky Minx, I'm happy you liked it. Slow it shall be...

  15. Mila,

    Obrigado, volte em breve ...

  16. Syd, Sometimes she does, sometimes? lol ....

  17. *yllenah* SM , thank you for the visit and comment, hope to see you again...

  18. Happy Birthday Sweet Man may all your wishes come true!I loved this....

  19. Anonymous, thank you much, and thank you for reading this...

  20. Beautiful blog, words, poems, images, athmosphere...


  21. ANgle, thank you, I appriciate your comment. please come again....

  22. Delicia de leitura, e ver esse sobe e desce no finalzinho.... nossa!! fiquei.... vc sabe

  23. Eró, Obrigado ... Agradeço o comentário ..

  24. Daddy's birthday is coming very soon. I love the gif at the end!


  25. Kitty, let me now so I can wish him a happy B-day. And yes, that last gif, nice and slow, mmm... lol ...

  26. Happy belated birthday! I just noticed by reading the comments that your birthday was last week...what a clever wife you have to give you such an awesome idea for your poetry blog!


  27. Kitty, actually the date of this poem was Oct-23- 2010... My birthday was the week before. And I'm still waiting for a birthday gift form ML, better then that night. And yes, I will quietly write about it too... :)

  28. Oh, my! I'm so ditzy sometimes! I forgot I had gone back in your archives to read this. Oops!!!

    Well, it's still a great present.


  29. @kitty, LMBO .... I knew you forgot, you are so much like ML is some ways... Sometimes she laughs at herself because she sees me smiling and she know she did something or said something to amuse me, and I will not say what it was...