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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

One Choice....... Picture Poem... (Repetition Poem)

Two moons osculating next to one another
Soft to the touch
Pleasing to the eyes
Tempting to the mind...
Two moons osculating next to one another
Round like two mounds
Firm to my fingertips feel
Exhilarating to my mind....
Two moons osculating next to one another
Hiding the entrance to her joy
Hiding the key to her pleasure...
Two moons osculating next to one another
Do I dare touch the softness in between them with my fingertips?
Do I dare taste the moistness that's seeping between them,
Or do I draw my staff and slide it in the softness of its moist wake
Two moons osculating next to each other...
Can I lick and taste the flesh that covers its roundness
Can I sink my teeth deep into its flesh?
Can my lips kiss on its surface lightly?
Two moons osculating next to one another
May I slap its soft surface until its glowing red?
May I tap on its surface with my leather whip?
Two moons osculating next to one another
May I circle the tip of my tongue on the dark hole between them?
May I plunge my staff into its darkness with all my might?
While servicing its darkest hole with pleasure and pain
Two moons osculating next to one another
Can I ride on its surface like a cowboy rides a bucking horse?
Can I rest my masculinity between its folds?
Two moons osculating next to one another
Has my mind pondering, twice fold....

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Forgotten .............. Prose Poem

Thoughts of you crowds my mind,

The passion,

The heat,

The fulfillment of all our desires,

Has my mind all twisted inside,

My loins begging,

Aching for more...

This was suppose to be a one night stand,

A quickie,

Just about sex,

That turned into gluttony of passionate sexual feast,

That lasted for days, as two people in heat kissed,



And gnawed at each other...


Deep throat


Reverse cowgirl,

And let's not forget waking up this morning to you on all fours,

Requesting a Toss Salad, before I took your darkest hole for morning breakfast...

I can still feel the torrid heat that lies between your creamy thighs,

Your delicious taste lingers in my mouth,

Your scent follows me throughout the room,

After days of carnal lust ruled the nights,

And brought in the new mornings...

Nothing was sacred,

No holds bar was for the winner,

Orgasmic release was for the loser,

And we both won and lost plenty on this sex feast occasion...

As my fingertips grip my girth tighter,

And slide up and down its length quicker,

My chest tightens,

My breath is hard to draw,

My buttocks clench together as one,

My thighs vibrate uncontrollable...

My mind envisions your womb, tightening around my shaft width,

Consuming all its length...

As the surreal sensations burns deeper into my loins

My mind now envisions the mushroom head of my shaft,

Penetrating deep inside the keen grip of your darkest hole....

Mmm, I feel my loins preparing to ejaculate my manly seed,

And again my mind envisions your presence...

This time your lips are tightly wrapped around my shaft girth,

Your head is weaving and bobbing at a frantic pace,

While my eyes watch my girth surface slid back and forth past the tender side of your painted lips, while my fingertips intertwine and pull heavenly on your long flowing hair....

Up and down my shaft length,1

Your painted lips raced until my manhood succumbed to your mouth moisten heat and tight grip....

I "AHhh," Still feel the effects of the power of my loins bursting open last night,

While the power of your lips vacuum my after mass dry....

Oh geez..ze, I'm cumin' once again...

Eyes close



White seed spews into the air,

My mind goes blank...

Eyes reopen, but this time, my hot white seed is not inside one of your body crevices, it's lying on my chest that's frantically bouncing up and down as my lungs gasp for air...

Even after my release,

My loins still ache for you

My body still lust for you

My mind still has the urge of desire for you...

I just wish before you left,

I had just asked one more thing of you,

"What was your name?"...

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Happy Hump Day

Picture from Blog...

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Happy Hump Day and Poem

In the dark wakes of the night,

Wetness of perspiration flows from our flesh like water flows over a mountaintop...

Deep inside my ravine his staff rides with long,



Penetrating deep into my wetness,

Making gushing sounds as his girth rides back and forth along the tautness of my walls...

Slowly riding my wants,

My will,

My needs,

My soul,

Into submission, as my ultimate slowly rises to the top...

Large beads of sweat fall on the middle of my back, mixing with mines...

After gathering in large quantities,

It tumbles down my back,

Then down the roundness of my buttocks,

Finally falling onto the blue satin sheets...

Bodies wet from head to toe,



Soaked absolutely,

As none stop sweat pours off our bodies continuously....

Hands tightens around the soft flesh around my waist,

They pull me harder and deeper into his ultra,



My voice whispers faster,

But his ears does not hear me,

Because his mind has chosen to keep killing me softly with shear,



Every inch

Every fiber

Every imperfection of his harden staff surface is felt against the softness of my walls, as it slowly falls in and out the darkness of my depths...

My mind flashes images of his staff perfect size

Its grueling girth

The thick blood vein running up to its peak,

The smooth roundness of its large crown...

Body weakened to the point it cannot scream,

As my cream ooze perpetually onto his staff, while my body shuddered and quake to the point my mind almost faints...

Thighs stiffen next to mines,

Minds screams silently in blissful agony,

As his hot white seed ejaculates into the depths of my ravine...

Consumed, his body rest on top of mine...

As we lay in contentment,

My mind wonders about how the rivers of the world shall never run dry,

As long as we make this slow passionate love together...

Happy Hump Day

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Touch ... Reprisal To Sexymimi Poem Below.....

Eruption is not what I truly seek
All I want is to make love to you like a man of meek...
If completeness is want you really need
Satisfaction is guarantied....
Lust, desire, and love you will never ever again have to seek
Because your fulfillment will be total, and complete...
The tip of my tongue will slide inside the confine of your ease
As I sex you, while on bended knees...
My tongue will lick all the dew off your folds
Bringing you closer to being that woman of whole...
I shall touch your femininity with the tip of my girth
Make brutal love to you for all I'm worth
The sun, the sky, the moon and distance stars
Shall past us both, as fulfillment comes from my depths of afar...