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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Soft Touch .... Prose Poem from picture.....

Hmm, I love it when you touch me... There...

Softly ease across the slushiness of my folds,

Comb through the dampness of my hair,

Just before you skinny-dip into the wetness of my wake...

And how you make me feel all so exuberant, when you playfully dive into the heat of my current,

Then hold your breath as you linger in my depths...

What I love most about you,

You never mind when I call out somebody else's name,

When it’s you that's holding me tight, while we sexually dance,

In the cramp darkness of my womb..

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  1. Belíssima foto...........


  2. Perdão. Sempre apenas abraço! Vim agora ver minha falha. Peço desculpas!

  3. @Blue, Obrigado, eu aprecio os seus comentários ...

    Eu vejo!
    às vezes eu escrevo como uma mulher ...

    E eu entendo,
    abraços e beijos são o costume ... (sorrindo)

  4. @temptingSweets99, don't tempt me... lol .. Thank you for the visit and sexy pic...

  5. Thank you for visit and comment, i hope the spring is warmer than the autumn here in the Southern Hemisphere, and come back more often, have a nice day, hug.

  6. Oh my darling how I've missed your poetry, it feeds me in the most pleasant way. Your words are impeccable.


  7. Meagan, thank you much, humbled for sure....

  8. There's nothing better than feel the touch of that person that you love, that's pure glory.

    Great tex my friend, and the picture... mmmm!

  9. "What I love most about you, You never mind when I call out somebody else's name,..."

    I love to masturbate and if I chose to call out a name, of course it is the name of someone else.

    I really liked this poem and the girl in the pic is luscious.


  10. beautiful image.

    kisses for you, babe

  11. hot picture... i laugh along the line...when i call out somebody else's name...ha..ha.. I could think of hot stars for that....

  12. Heaven, thank you for the second visit and comments. I appreciate it..

  13. Syd, thank you as always my friend...

  14. Hedone, I'm happy you were please with this post...

  15. *yllenah* SM , thank you much, see you soon...