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Thursday, June 9, 2011

French Quaters ... Pose Poem 4Frenchy...

Image Heisted From Frenchy's Secret Garden

Key in hand unlocked the door he had closed behind him months ago,
As he stood in the open doorway, the gleam in his eyes sadden,
His anticipation of her standing there waiting to greet him wearing nothing but her exposed glory was dashed...
Quietly he called out her name, but she did not answer...
He closed the door behind him and walked down the long lonely hallway,
As he came to the hallway end, he heard quiet muffled noises of sexual play...
Expecting the worst he quietly turned the corner, then froze in place in astonishment...
There she was, lying in the middle of the hardwood floor, entertaining her self with self-pleasure...
Her eyes were closed, her soft painted lips suckled on the fingertips of her right hand, as her left hand gingerly dipped into her havens wake,
Her hips gyrated irregularly; her lungs inhale in a raspy gasp, letting him know her body was closing in on sexual closure,
Just as her back arched inward, the softness of her voice moaned his name, then her body shuttered and quaked with thunderous shock waves of sexual release....
In absolute silence, he stood in place and watches her body go dead limp...
Her body lay on the floor motionless, her breast deeply heaved in and out; his eyes caught the flight of a single tear of joy sliding down her cheek, as her thoughts of him rushed into her mind,
Suddenly her eyes flew open, her body tensed up with unaware freight...
Eyes of ocean blue was looking into his, her body starts to shiver from the sensation of his deep sea anchor rapidly falling into her wet depths,
A quiet moan eases into his mouth, as their lips engage into a deep wet French kiss that they will taste for the eternity...
Lips part, a loving smile crosses her face, moments before a deep groan grips her lungs, as keen sensations of the last inch of his swell fell inside her comfort...
Her eyes close... Her buttocks tightens... As her body prepared itself for the ride of its life...


  1. How can this delicious photo not inspire such sexy thoughts?

    A perfect, erotic match...

  2. @Cheeky Minx.. Yes it was too hard to pass up. Frenchy and yourself have mastered the erotic pose and back it up with creative writings.. My hat is off to you two...

  3. Oh My this Frenchy is mostly touched and honored to be compared to the very talented Cheeky Minx, and very happy that this picture had such effect on you.

    Blowing kisses!

  4. An erotic piece of writing.... I like that she moaned his name, and then saw him... from dreaming about him, to getting the "ride" of her life ~

  5. excellent post all around

    that pic is inspiring to be sure...fingers in mouth...

  6. I'm so happy for them both x
    Beautifully written

  7. fingers in mouth is so good. I love that... kisses

  8. Un relato sensual en donde la duda se transforma en una aventura por la piel necesitada de placer.



    P.D. Ya he conseguido poner el traductor, para que pasees por mi rincon cuando lo desees.

  9. Frenchy, I'm very happy you liked it. Can;t wait for the next one..

  10. Heaven, thank you much...


  11. A sensual journey of words cleverly based on a beautiful woman's image. Well done!