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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Touch Me Tuesday Pic and Poem... Ponderous ... Prose Poem

It weighted heavy in my hand, even heavier on my mind,

As my mind dwelled on its size inside me...

Stretching my small space wider then it has every been,

Pushing against my depths and still have length to spare,

But at the same time, it was still intriguing...

Its size had my mouth drooling,

My womb spilling over with dampness,

As my mind played the scene of him taking me from behind,

And sliding his enormity deep inside my heat,

Making me scream in passion pain,

Making my cream run down my thighs, from the sharp surreal sensations between my legs,

Making my hips bulk, as my knees go weak,

As he thrust all so deep inside my pink dragon with reckless abandonment...

But for now I'm happy just holding a firm grip on it,

Sliding my fingers up and down the flesh of its smooth taut girth,

Feeling the power of its deep pulsation's in the palm of my hand,

While I day dream about my pink dragon being slain many times,

By his big black blade...


  1. Hot post and picture... I am speechless ~

  2. you....

  3. @Green Eyed Frenchy, now we are even, the drooling part I mean... lol ...

  4. There is just something about being taken from behind.
    PS love the photo. where can i get a guy with a cock that size. geezum

  5. Awesome poem, 1manview! The imagery is very very well done. And such erotic imagery at that!

  6. @Kittycat, Meow.. lol... be careful for what you ask for... Loose as a goose comes to mind Thanks for the read..

  7. @Dioneo, thank you for the visit and wonderful comment...

  8. Big black blade is right. Wonderful prose. Love that photo, too. :-D

  9. Love this and I feel the sentiments! Let me hold it size it up and dream how it can hurt me. Nice Ebs x

  10. Oh, HELLO THERE. Jesus Christ... hawt as hell.

  11. TemptingSweets99, thank you, always happy to see you...

  12. Ebs K, hurt, more like kill... lol.. Thank you for the comment...

  13. Rose, The Libertine, Thank you rose for the visit, read, and comment... I appreciate it...