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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Happy Head Day.... Erectile ........... Prose Poem .....

Walking thru the bedroom door
My eyes catch a glance of you standing there all tall and delectable

Your head slightly dip, acknowledging my presence entering the room
Your eye watch me closely, as I ease closer to you

A little drool of excitement is seeping past your lips
It's because you know, I'm about to give you a little bit of this...

Arms reach out
My fingertips touch your soft smooth skin with flexed muscle ripped all so tight Showing the outline of your bulging blood vein

A wet kiss is laid on top of your smooth clean head, followed by a quick flick of my tongue tip….

Gently over your clean head, my thumb slides, as my lips suckle their way down your unwavering taut sides
The feeling of your hard muscle flex and relax, flex and relax, has made a visual of you inside of my mind

You are now a must have you in me now thought

Hot as an oven, I slowly open wide and let you ease down into my wet moist offering
My lips feel every ripple of your hard flesh as it slide down the center of my moist wetness
After taking you in as much as possible, my slippery erotic dance slowly roll you past the tight grip of my wanting wet lips

Slowly my lips squeeze your body with pressure on the way down, and then suckle on your body tight, as it slides back past my lips...

In and out
In and out
Past the tender pink inner side of my lips your harden flash slide…

Your hard muscle is licked and sucked on like eating a Tootsie Roll Pop
Licked and sucked
Licked and sucked

In and out
In and out

Twisted, up and down
Up and down...

Licked some more
Mmm… Feeling a pulsation here, a pulsation there, your inner fire is looking for me too release it soon
Faster, deeper you go, as your hard rippling shaft feels shear suction surrounding its sides

You make me gag, as you force your swollen head to touch the front of my throat, by pulling down on my head as it bobs and weaves in a rhythmic motion...

Hips involuntary pumps faster and faster, sliding your entire length through the tightness of my lips with lightening speed

My lips fight to hold its grasp on the bulbous head of your shaft, as your hips gyrate in an erratic motion

Lips clamp even harder on your muscle girth, as my head bobs up and down while staying in rhythm with your urgent pace

Moans turn to groans, moments before a strangle scream escapes from the depths of your lungs

Body of whole flexes tight, then like a rapid firing machine gun, your loins explode, ejaculating your fire hot seed inside of my mouth, coating it completely with your milk of white tangy sweet cream

On each pulsating jerk, your hard muscle gets smaller and smaller, until it deflates to complete limp

Now soft and limp you lay secure in my wanting mouth, while your white offering is sucked completely dry

Mmm… Intimacy has never taste so good….


  1. Would it surprise you I watched that dick for awhile? (wink)

  2. Very sexy! You have a way with words.

  3. Jack and Jill, Thank you, I appreciate the comment... Please come again...