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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Gather........ Prose Poem

My mid thinks about it all the time,

Its aroma,

Its texture,

It's varies shapes of mood

How soft its flesh feel as it lays limp in the palm of my hand

How pliable it is when it’s flaccid

How my fingers can swirl it in a large circle, dangle it in the air

Then there's that I don't know mood,

It’s stiff but not hard,

It feels firm but not solid,

Its flesh is stretch but not enough to uncover its big head,

It points straight without rising itself up,

While making my mind anticipate

Safe Creative #1111260038302


  1. oh yes, what an accurate description. Mmm!

  2. One of my favorite pictures (warm smile)

  3. @TS, Thank you, I have some experience in that area..

    @ Drenchxox, why do i think there is no pic of a penis your would not like? ... lol ...

    @intimidates.. Hmm ... lol .. thank you for stopping in....