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Friday, November 25, 2011

Paradise ..... Prose Poem ....

My flower slowly opens,

My nectar is tasted then taken,

Quick screams are meet with trailing shivers of quiet calm

Wider my pedals are open,

As his stiff stick, slowly falls inside the wetness of my stem

Waves of tingling sensations rock my body,

As trust after thrust ride in my stem wake

Deeper... Deeper... And deeper, it rides into my abyss of sexuality,

Awaking all my senses, while putting every nerve ending on waiting edge

Bringing my body to a climaxing calm,

As he takes my soul to paradise ...

Safe Creative #1111260038302

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Happy Thanks 4 Giving Day...

A Special Thank You To All Who Have Supporter My Poetry Blogs ...

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

TMI TUESDAY ......... What’s Cookin’ Good Lookin’?

TMI Tuesday theme…Cooking

Instead of poking fun at tempting Sweets, I figure I would just post my answers for fun...
So here goes:

1. Haagen-Dazs or Ben & Jerry’s?

Neither, I rather dash a little of MS L (my lady) juice on my dish...

2. What is always in your refrigerator?

Chocolate whip cream, strawberry whip cream, carmel whip cream...

Did i mention, I hate running out of whip cream

3- What’s your worst kitchen disaster?

Over cooked my hot dog , which popped out and ejaculated on the kitchen floor. Hate when that happens, its sooo messy...

"Clean up in aisle four!"

4- Favorite kitchen gadget?

What else, Ms L. microwave hot dog warmer...

Talk about instant heat, Whew!

5- What was your last meal? Did you like it?

Flaming pink -a-la-mode, on her knees.. Hell yea... oops ..

6- What’s your favorite cookie?

Moist pink hoochie dip, preferred, served hot... But really, really, don't mind warming it up with my tongue. :)

Who writes these things anyway.. :)

Monday, November 21, 2011

Plagiarism.... "TO CATCH A POEM THIEF" .........

Plagiarism is among us,

They float among our blogs and steal our words, then post them as their own,

Then boast and take our credit...

They steals our ideas, our hours of mindful creativity,

Why, because they are too lazy or to uncreative to do it themselves,

Or maybe they can't pen at all, so to boost their self image they pray on those who can...

I'm flattered somebody finds my work interesting enough to steal,

But be a man if you are going to steal from this one-man words, and give the credit to the person who wrote it.

Every poem on this site is not mine, but the ones that are not mine has the person who wrote it name on it...

Don't think I won't find you; others have made that mistake,

And now that I have given notice to the people who follow my blog about it,

I guarantee there'll be a lot of eyes looking for "you"...

I think you need to look very closely at how many people follow this blog,

And those numbers will be looking for my work...

Change the title, change some words, you can't change my flavor...

I was found, to let me know you are out there, now I will find your Plagiarism Butt....

Friday, November 18, 2011

Reflection... Repetitive Poem.....

I'm thinking

About my manly endowment stroking inside you

While your womanly hips stroke back at me with the force of tightness

I'm thinking

About how my manly deep groans

Are drowned out, by your audible loud moans

I'm thinking

About lips locked in a deep embrace

While breathing, has to wait

I'm thinking

About lust that has consumes us below the waist

As our hips colliding head on in haste

I'm thinking

How you were laying it down

As you soft pink walls deeply swallow the head of my crown

I'm thinking

How I woke up this morning with you embraced in my arms,

That was holding you lovingly tight

I'm thinking

Just when did I fall in love with you last night

Monday, November 14, 2011

Head Day ..... First Taste... Sexy reprisal to Nancy C .....

Picture and Poem idea was taken from Nancy C. blog ...
She has a easy to use translator on her blog...
So you have no excuse not to visit her sexy blog...

Mind anticipates

Eyes widen

As soft inner lips surrounds its girth gingerly,

With warm, moist, heat

Soft suction slowly inhales its length deeper inside,

Eyes close after they watch the last inch of my length,

Sucked into the darkness of your greedy mouth

Suction increases

Surreal sensations rushes from the top of my swollen head,

Steadily, constantly, through my rigid shaft,

Crashing deep inside my loins

Intenseness grows,

As burning sensation of fire slowly builds higher and higher inside my loins,

As the smooth surface of your soft lips,

Glides effortlessly back and forth on rock hard slippery surface

Greedy lips glide faster,

Urgency of release intensifies,

As your eyes stare at raw emotions rushing across my face

Toes curl,

Buttocks stiffen,

Veins strain from flow of blood rushing through it,

Hard palpitations pushes on the tender insides of your lips,

While suction becomes pleasurably-unbearable

A soft deep moan escapes your throat,

As first wave of taste from my white-red hot seed, washing over your tongue palate,

Then spill into the blackness void of your throat,

Fulfilling the moment of your appetite

Safe Creative #1111260038302

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Poker .... Prose Poem

His head slowly peeps out its security blanket,

And stretches outward

The smooth round surface of his bald head slides through her well manicure bush,

Something he hasn't run into for a very long time

But the sensations of its slippery thickness jogs his memory,

As he forges forward through it

The familiarity feel of being choked,

Surrounds his large bulbous head

As he penetrates deep into her slippery tight orifice,

Memories of unadulterated bliss flash before his eye

What took him so long to return?

Slips past his mind...

Photo was taken from

Safe Creative #1111260038302

Monday, November 7, 2011

Friday, November 4, 2011

Capitulate ..... Prose Poetry (Picture Poem)

Surrender is my body,
Ravish me as you please

Use me
Squeeze me
Tempt me
Tease me
Taste me

Taste my moist offering,
Taste my moist essence of pink,
Sip in it deep,
Until my knees goes weak,

Suckle on the curvature of my derriere,
Tantalize my body with satisfying surreal sensation,
With quick licks of your tongue sweeping motions

Spank me,
Bend me over your knee and make my behind blush,
Whip, crack, smack, your hand hard on the roundness of my butt
While my lungs, audibly pretend to fuss

Spank me until my butt is the same color of the wet pinkness between my thighs,
Spank me until my eyes rain with joyous cries

Abuse me,
Abuse me from behind,
Abuse me with your long thick treat,
Abuse me fathoms deep,
Abuse me so deep your scrotum slaps against the bottom of my rosy red cheeks

Make me scream,
Just before my body quakes,
My booty shakes,
My clear sweet tart cream over regulates
And run down the inner thickness of my thighs

I surrender,
Release me!

Safe Creative #1111260038302

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Wet Wednesday .... Goodnight .... Prose Poem

Night-light burns dim

Letting the moon and stars shine through the windowpane, with all their glory and spectacular might

The he kissed my face goodnight...

He kissed my neck, which seemed a long time

He kissed my breast with suckling energy,

Which seem to take half the night

He kissed my stomach, until waves like an ocean appeared on its surface

He kissed the tender parts of my inner thighs

Until my eyes closed tight and cried

He opens my legs slowly, like a morning glory flower at sunrise, so he could properly say goodnight,

To the hidden paradise,

Hiding between my thighs...

Safe Creative #1111260038302