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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Lechery Voyage ......... Prose Poem... Revisited ...

My body is waken from the collision of your buttocks into my back as your body seeks the warmth of mine,

With a quick body roll, my body rolls over into yours,

Your naked flesh ease into mines, as my arms cross your body and pulls it into a tight embrace,

In a hot second my mind realize that more then my body has been awaken, as your taut round buttocks sinks into my groin area

A gentle pull, rolls your body unto its back,

A wet embrace bestows on your lips,

As our hot passionate kiss sizzles, my fingertips travels downward toward your long pear shape breast,

They seek and find your nipples, then circle them slowly, pleasuring their outer edges,

Once they become full of passion blood, my thumb tip circles on their sensitive tips, bringing then to their full length of sensitivity

After the taste of your tongue is bestowed on mine, my tongue follows my fingertips trail,

Once again your nipples will be found, and my tongue will circle them slowly, softly, gently, then eased them into the warmth of my mouth, were my lips embrace will suckle on them like a baby suckling on its mothers breast,

Firmly, but gently, with a continues suckling effect, while the tip of my tongue tickles

your nipples sensitive tips...

Your body contorts, your legs squirm, your lungs exhale, as a moan pushes through your throat into the air,

A warm trail of electricity is sent surging throughout your body, as my hungry mouth seduce one breast, then the other, while the soft tips of my fingertips walk down the smooth contours of your stomach flesh

Fingertips ease on the sensitive side of your inner thighs, as small tremors radiate through its flesh,

Indolently your tighs spread open, giving my fingertips the freedom to roam unimpeded up and down its soft sensitive surface

Again your lungs exhale, and a quiet moan pass your parted lips, as my mouth explore the tender underside of your breast, while my fingertips slide through the dense protective forest of your womb outer door,

Once past the forest, my fingertips touch find your folds protective lips,

They are soft, mushy, wet and swollen, with feminine nectar slowly seeping past them

A slight touch between them and your body tense, your lungs gasp, your back slightly arch inward as your front teeth bite into your lower lip,

As my fingertips roam on your swollen domain, the air in your lungs exhale in quick short bursts, your nails rake across silky sheets, as the dampness between your slit mists on the tip of my index finger

As the anticipation of what I'm going to do next enters your mind, my tongue follows the path my finger has just journeyed, the closer its wet trail gets to your moist haven, the more you body trembles in passion

Your eyes watch as my tongue taste its first drop of your nectar, then they close from the sensations of my tongue touch, as it slides up then down the sides of your folds,

Once it splits your fold seems, your body tense up, as your head tilt backwards, your lungs expand full, while my tongue circles on the inside of your womb swollen lips flesh

A gentle push and my tongue dips inside and taste the flexible pinkness of your womb

My left hand cups and caresses your buttocks as my right hand roams the front side of your body, seeking to give your body pleasure, by finding its most sensitive spots

At first you lay motionless, as your body is bombarded with electric charge sensations running amok through you, then slowly your hips gyrate in an erratic tight circle, that becomes smoother and wider in rhythm with my tongue swagger

Each lick, each plunge, is a precise movement to bring you pleasure, as my head slowly rolls while my tongue plunges in and out your wetness,

Up and down my head bobs, following the smooth rotation of your hips,

At first the pace is slow and smooth, but now the pace slowly quickens

On each rotation of your hips, a silent type moan brush past your lips, coming faster and more audible with each swing of your hips,

Your breathing has become erratic, the taste of your womanhood floods my mouth, you lay both hands on my head and gently pull on my hair

Aggh... Agggh... audible in the air as your hips move with more urgency and dip deeper and harder while my tongue ride in and out between your folds,

With gentle suction, your pearl past my lips, your hands grabs my head tightly as your thighs tightens on my ear lopes,

A squeal surge into the air, your hips suddenly pushes up off the mattress, my hands surround the roundness of your derrière as your hips bulk up and down, my eyes glance up and watch the passion wake expressions on your face as your hips pump franticly up and down while grinding your folds hard on my tongue

The feel of your hands guiding my head towards your most sensitive spot is felt, while your hips pumps back and forth with reckless abandon,

My eyes glance upward, they see your arms muscle bulge as you pull harder on my head, as it bobs up and down like its riding on a wild roller coaster ride

Faster and harder your hips flex up and down, my lungs gasp for air as you bury my face deeper between your legs,

On each deep rotation of your hips, my head bounces higher and harder until stars appear in my eyes,

As the heat of my tongue touches your erect pearl, your legs locks behind my head, your hips tilts forward, plunging my tongue deep into your hot womb, the sound of your breath leaving your lungs in short rapid burst fills the air,

Tight pressure surrounds my head as your womb vibrates on my tongue, while your hips now grind up and down in long deep snapping strokes,

A sudden shower of sweet nectar rushing into my mouth tells me your orgasm is near,

As my tongue again darts on the tip of your pearl, your head tilts back while loud audible moans rush out your open mouth on each swing of your hips,

Aaaaa..iii..eee echoes in the air at such a high decimal my ears can barely hear it,

Your body completely freezes in place, as the ecstasy of your release runs rampage through your body

A long low shriek plummets into the air; your body shakes and quakes as my tongue ravages your womb with sudden deep plunges and quick licks,

As your womb vibrates, the weight of your body falls downward on my hands, it jerks helplessly with orgasmic spasms,

At the peak of your release a faded moan cries out, I... want ... you...

Your plea is ignored, as your clitoris finds itself surrounded from the heat of my mouth, more screams echoes around in the room while your hips circles and bucks erratically,

After your clitoris becomes over sensitive, you beg for its release while you pull upward frantically on my hair

After a quick release of your pearl, I find myself upright on my knees while laying your legs around my waist line,

My eyes want to see your passion quakes as it rushes through your body; they want to see your facial expressions as my manhood enters the warmth of your tight womb domain

My left hand holds you up by your buttocks as my right hand guides my manhood toward your quaking womb; it circles on your womb lips causing small eruptions to vibrate through you body,

A plea to enter your domain is heard, a quick thrust push the mushroom head of my manhood past your womb doors, as if in slow motion, you hips tilt up, you stomach flattens, your nipples reach for the sky, your head tilts backward as your mouth opens wide in silence

Another thrust pushes half way inside your tight walls, a third thrust pushes the swollen head of my endowment closer to the back of your womb,

Each thrust entice a gasp to past your lips and echo into the air, my eyes fixate on your body passion wakes, as my hips thrust deeper and with more and more intensity

My passion soars higher as my eyes watch pleasure wakes rocket through your body,

A hard deep thrust pushes my manhood to the hilt, the sensation of your womb being completely full rockets a deeper eruption through your body

One quick deep hip rotation thrust the entire length of my manhood inside your womb as deep as possible, then held in place,

Purposely, my endowment throbs even harder as your body quakes and shivers on its soft, hard shaft,

As your release subsides, my manhood is drawn back and with a short thrust, then slowly thrust back into your womb

As your tightness adjust to my hardness, my thrust gets longer and smoother as we find the optimum passionate rhythmic glide,

Our eyes look deep into each other’s as my measured strokes glide in and out your wetness,

My left hand holds your body close to mine as my right hand roams over the contours of your smooth stomach, then up to your nipples, where it circles and gently tugs on them,

My body leans forward as my lips seek to embrace your nipple,

The warmth of my mouth surrounds it then taste and lick it hungrily, as if it was my tongue first time ever tasting it,

You moan as my strokes glides in and out your wet, you hips push into me harder, my loins tingle with sharp sensations as they fill with my thick manly white seed

Fingertips replaces my tongue as each of my strokes plunges constantly deep into your womb,

My eyes watch your eyes fixate on my manhood, whose flesh is cover with your passion nectar as its girth side up and down the center of your slippery wet womb walls,

Your hips circle deeper as our body clash, your womb grips my manhood tighter, now it's your turn to watch as my eyes close, my body tense, my breath quicken, as my release nears

The feel of my fingertips gripping your buttocks tighter is felt, pulling our bodies even tighter together, pulling my manhood inside you so deep my scrotum slams into the roundness of your buttocks on each deep thrust,

Our rhythm quickens, moans barks out your lungs on each gratifying thrust as your own release builds from watching my body passionate movements, and your urge to complete my release

My thrust falls hard and deep, my loins ache with the sense of fulfillment of sperm, my shaft swells in anticipation of my completeness,

Your hips thrash wildly as your eyes watch each deep dive of my manhood between your luscious thighs, you want my release to be complete, but your eyes begs for its delay

A gentle but firm squeeze is put on your breast, as a towering nipple is lightly twisted,

My release roars from my loins, my shaft palpitates as my hot sperm ejaculates deep inside your womb walls,

Your body jerks as my hot white release explode deep into your womb, coating its insides completely with my white sticky goo,

The feel of hard palpitations and manly hot sperm splashing against your sensitive walls, entices another release deep inside your womb,

Your hips grinds hard into mines, as we moan in unison while our bodies quakes and shudder with the pleasure of passion pleasure release

My body awakens and finds itself lying on top of yours, my head is on your shoulder, my manhood is still tucked inside the warmth of your tight womb, its searing heat entices it to quickly awaken to new heights,

As my lips embrace yours deeply, your eyes slowly opens, and greets mines...

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  1. Beautiful and I was reading this I was reminded of this exact scenario being played out. It's so HOT to read, though!!!


  2. What a long erotic play :-) hot ~

  3. close my eyes and release my imagination ... very good!

  4. Very erotic and arousing! Take care. Sky

  5. Kitty, If have been blessed with a great combination of "married with a sex life"... Thank you for the wonderful comment...

  6. Heaven, I had just thought about you. I had missed you in my visiting rotation.. My bad:) I shall see you soon... You know, I always wanted to write short erotic stories, but this is close enough:).. And a thank you, I appreciate your visits and comments..

  7. Sem Reino, Thanks very much for the comment...

  8. Sky, Thank you, I hope your weekend is a good one...

  9. wonderfully written!

  10. TS, Thank you as always. Have a sexy weekend... Like i need to tell you.. :)

  11. cosa dire...è già stato detto tutto...dico solo che è bello leggerti...

    dolce sera per te...

  12. Definitivamente agora você fez gozar de tanto tesão nesse conto. Como consegue esse efeito a cada post?!

    Um final de semana super gostoso e tesudo pra você...beijos.

  13. Wonderful! xo - E.

  14. Anita, thank you so much..

    And a happy, sexy weekend to you...

  15. EllaGirl, thank you, always nice to see your visits..

  16. another treat of again ~