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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Ghostbuster .......... Licentia Rhyme Form Poem/Story.....

Licentia Rhyme Form:
A poetic form created by Laura Lamarca,
Consists of at least 3 
12-line stanzas with 11 syllables per line.

I first saw her at a Trick Or Treat party

At my own expense, she laughed loud and hardy

My demeanor was just too simple and plain

For her and her stupid entourage acclaim

It was a fantastic Halloween party

Everyone was dressed up and dancing hardy

I made the mistake of asking her to dance

She acted like I ask her for her under pants

Tall and lean, dressed like a beautiful black witch

But acted more like a tall Lean uppity bitch

Her body was lean and fine I must admit

And when she walked, her butt did a killer switch

She hex me, nobody I ask wanted to dance

I left the party with a gloomy like prance

My heart was heavy, my mind was very said

When I walked out the door, she acted so damn glad

Mind in a deep trance, I walked to my car door

My body flew in the air, I was no more

A drunken fool hit me and ended my shy life

At the end of the tunnel, was a bright light

People were talking near my lifeless body

I heard that Witch say, he wasn't nobody

As I walked through the tunnel, at the bright light

My mind said hold on, lets get something done right

And I want it done before the dawn new light

Before I leave this earth, she'll be in a fright

I'm going to take her soul, to a new height

Even if it takes, the rest of this new life

The rest of the night, her breath smelled like garlic

No one accepted, her sexual frolic

Tonight, I'll be the one licking that pink clit

Then fill her womb, with this ghostly long thick prick

She couldn't believe it, she was home alone

The mighty queen had fallen, off her high throne

There weren't going to be any loud manly groans

As her whip appeal, made him gravel and moan

Her body begged for a soothing hot shower

Still in disbelief, it had lost its powers

All the thoughts in her mind, had gone all sour

Her plan was to shower, at least an hour

She slowly unclothed, first to go was her dress

Unveiling a body worthy, of conquest

Next to come off, where her pink bra and panties

They were made of silk, and was very dainty

My ghostly body zoomed around the bathroom

The sudden cold air blast, made her nipples bloom

It was like looking at them, in vision zoom

When I lay my tongue on them, they will be doomed

She stepped into the steamy hot water fall

Soapsuds ran down her breast, time came to a crawl

Ample round breast, that squeezed real tight to her chest

They lay right next to each other, as they rest

Lovely sight, her body leaning on the wall

With her long luscious legs, making her real tall

A soft touch on her breast, from my ghostly hands

Made her body shiver, shutter, were she stands

As they slid downward, her body starts to shake

When I touched her sacred place, her body quaked

Then I stopped, she felt cold and very alone

A thought of me, brought out a regretful moan

She was playing the part, of a mean old witch

Not knowing, it would leave me dead in a ditch

She quickly dried and went straight to her warm bed

Hoping a long good night sleep, would clear her head

I watch her sleep, in her large bed all alone

It was now time, for her to make her atones

I removed her cover, and touched her soft breast

As her body went, into a quick deep rest

She moaned as her nipples climbed to the night sky

My ghostly tongue touched them, making her eyes cry

Her body bucked, from my tongue downward descends

It was time for her body, to make amends

As my tongue rested on her moist sacred place

Her heart beats loud, as it starts to quickly race

Up and down my tongue worked her small opening

She moaned in my tongue rhythm, as in singing

Her hips bucked, her tummy tucked, as she released

It was first of many, before my tongue ceased

Now it's time, to slide in my round ghostly beast

As I slid it in, she felt my size and heat

She scream so loud, it was heard way down the street

Her pink womb was pushed wide open, by my beast...

My hips thrust slow and hard, rocking her large bed

Her eyes wide open, as popping out her head

Arms extended, but my body wasn't even there

So her arms and legs flung, lifeless in the air

My strokes were long and hard, she begged for a rest

As I flipped her over, she starts to protest

With a firm grip, on her tight to the chest breast

In the doggie position, I stroked her nest

She moaned as passion filled her once lonely soul

In reality, true love, was her real goal

Up and down, in and out, I slid in her womb

The more I poured it on, the more she was doomed

Each long hard stroke, pushed her downward toward her knees

She cried out, make love to me, will you, oh p-l-e-a-s-e

Once on her stomach, I rode on her round butt

Soft with a lovers touch, make her love crust up

Loving soft long thrust, rained into her warm womb

The temperature was getting hot, in the room

Each soft stroke, her head moved upward while she moaned

It felt so good; I let out a ghostly groan

Her body sweated, as I made sweet love to her

The more we made love, the more she seemed a blur

My hands lay on her back, as I thrust deeper

Her body vibrates, as I rode much steeper

Now her body looks, more likes a silhouette

As my release came closer, I started to fret

Once I released, her skin was of a white coat

Who would of guessed, she was just a love-starved ghost

Safe Creative #1111260038302

Friday, October 28, 2011

Whisper From The Dark (2) ... Prose Poem (two voices)

A whispered, "I love you" floated out the dark in the bedroom

A smile, then a whispered "I love you more" is sent back into the dark

As I step away from the room to let her sleep in peace, her words draw me back into the dark

Silently I ease back into the dark

Once I got to the bed edge, I leaned down and softly kiss the softness of her lips

Her eyes open as a smile on her face said; I knew you would come back to me

Captured lips embrace

First softly

Then deeply

Hands roam over the bed covers, pushing them aside

Finding a naked body under my fingertips


I watched his clothes float to the floor

I felt his weight ease between my legs

I felt the lead of his length, push against my moisten door

I felt it push my door haven open with a thrust of steady brute force

One long slow thrust ease inch after inch of his rock hard flesh down the center of the hidden crevice between my thighs

First penetration sensations sent my fingers grasping the sheets as his girth slowly opened me wide

A gasp,

A moan,

A groan, as penetrating pain turns to love lust bliss

Just as I thought all of him was in me

More of his length penetrated into my depths

He lay still on top of me, letting my tightness accommodate his lustful swell

Then I_ felt him,

I felt the swollen veins on his hardness on my sensitive walls,

I felt the beat of his heart transfer through his hard as steel rod

Ii felt the heat of his blood, seeping into my walls

I felt the heavy throbs of the head of his masses, throb on the front of my cervix

As his lips cover mines,

Blissfulness like I never felt before, kissed my captive lips

Another slow measured thrust pushes his man flesh deep inside me,


Surreal sensations,

The passion of being so loved sends me over the edge instantly


Her womb spasm to a tightness that grip my hard flesh to a stop

Her body unexpectedly shuddered then quaked

Bucking my body up and down like it was on a bulking bronco,

Tightly my fist grip the sheets to keep my body upright on top of hers

As soon as I felt my hardness start to slide in her womb, my hips gyrated slow and deeply, causing her lungs to scream while a second wave of orgasmic release rushed from her loins


He is a devil, he knew a deep slow stoke would make me cum once again

That's what makes him my forever lover

Legs held high on his shoulders

His length falls ever deep inside my divine

His girth pushes hard against my pink walls,

Causing tiny shudders to float through my body, as my loins burn hotter then a forest fire

Mmm, slow measure stokes will make him last in my tightness

While letting me feel every rippling sensation inside my wet before it rush up my spine

I know he's going to bring me to the edge again and again, then make me cum forever

All because

Of a quiet whisper

In the dark...

Safe Creative #1111260038302

Monday, October 24, 2011

Happy Monday Moan .... MonoRhyme Poem ......

Should of known

Not to tease you, but to leave your butt alone

My long luscious legs, you I should had not shown

Now you ride on top of the roundness of my butt, like it's your throne

Deep inside my wet pink, with your long hard bone

Easing in and out my wet, like a slide on a trombone

Making my lungs emulate, a high pitch tone

Of sexual gratification, blissful moans

Safe Creative #1111260038302

Friday, October 14, 2011

Wait .......... Prose Poem.... 4Sweet_misfit ....

In the moonlit room 
I sit on my favorite chair and wait,
Wait while my mind anticipates, 

The coming of you... 

The only person that can fully fulfill my needs, 

My dreams, 

My wildness fantasies, 

Sex my body 

Sex my mind
Sex my soul, 

Give me all the love this 1man body can hold

I sit and wait for your touch,

To ease across my brow, 

To trace the outline of my lips,

To flicker, the softness of your fingertips across my cheeks like a feather, 

And as our eyes meet, 

You smile at me, 

With a loving smile ,

Moments before your lips gingerly 
Deeply and tenderly sweet 

I sit and wait for you, 

While my mind anticipates, 

The way your lips suckles on my nipples, 

While your fingertips ease down my waist, 

Then into my lap,

Unfolding the opening of my pants

I sit and wait for you, 

While my mind anticipates, 

My pants falling down around my ankles ,

While the softness of your lips, 

Taste the bare flesh of my stomach 

You pause 

And inhale my sexual sent, 

Then ease the tip of my throbbing manhood, 

Past the softness of your inner lips, 


Transpire into the air,

As suction, 

And tightness 

Greets my manhood shaft, 

Waves of heated energy washes inside my loins, 

Like a tropical storm, 

That only you can make me feel

That's why I sit and wait for you,

While my mind anticipates, 

The softness of your lips, 

Passing over my harden flesh, 

And again,

Making my mind scream in ecstasy, 

Taking all my length, 

All my girth, 

pass the softness of the inside of your lips 

That's why I sit and wait for you,
While my mind anticipates, 

You taking me to the edge, 

Before we ever get to the bed,

While my hips gyrate the length of my manhood deep inside your face,
Like it needs to be fed, 

But before I pass the edge,

You whisper, 

"My womb 
needs to be sexually fed ."

Your body straddles mines, 

And as my girth opens up the pinkness of your haven divine,
Your haven showers my shaft,
With your clear nectar wine,

Hips gyrate, 

Stomach muscles tuck, 

That's why I sit and wait for you,

While my mind anticipates, 

Harden flesh thrust, 

Wide girth deep inside the cotton softness between your thighs, 

As you take me on a 




That's why I sit and wait for you, 

While my mind anticipates...
In and out my length and girth glides,

While up and down our bodies ride, 

As my manhood falls into the abyss of your divine,
Sweat sweeps off chest unto breast, 

Whispering breaths whisk softly into our ears, 

Bodies embrace tighter,

Hips collide together harder,

A lustful sensation fills the mind,
As release nears

That's why I sit and wait for you, 

While my mind anticipates.... 

An abrupt stop, 

Your body stands,

And then turns around, 

You offer me your backside, 





As you’re inner sphincter muscles stretch, 

And my manhood falls into the depths of your bowels
Sheer blissful sensations tramples in our loins,
As my hardness makes your backside feel full
Hands hold firm breast tightly,
Hips move gracefully,

As my girth glides inside your darkest crevice, 

That you willingly surrender, 

Arms wrap around waist ,

As fingertips dig deeply into my naked flesh
Harden nipples push upward into the palm of my hand, 

As manly harden nipples impales into your back ,





That's why I sit and wait for you 

While my mind anticipates 

Your coming... 

Eternal love 

Has finally arrived

Safe Creative #1111260038302

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Gather........ Prose Poem

My mid thinks about it all the time,

Its aroma,

Its texture,

It's varies shapes of mood

How soft its flesh feel as it lays limp in the palm of my hand

How pliable it is when it’s flaccid

How my fingers can swirl it in a large circle, dangle it in the air

Then there's that I don't know mood,

It’s stiff but not hard,

It feels firm but not solid,

Its flesh is stretch but not enough to uncover its big head,

It points straight without rising itself up,

While making my mind anticipate

Safe Creative #1111260038302

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Happy Head Day ... Pondering... Repetitive Poem .....

I had thoughts of you last night,

I thought of your scent,

As my nostrils came close to your presence

I thought of your texture,

As your length invaded the heated wetness of my mouth

I thought of your girth,

As your length vanished between the soft firm touch of my lips

I thought of the swollen head of your elongated length

As my lungs gaged for air, as It reached into the back of my throat

Again and again

I thought of you last night

As I swallowed the sweet taste of your loins offering...

Monday, October 3, 2011

Monday Moans ....... Prose Poem ....

This is a playful "Reply" to Kirsti Moanday post at You should read hers first, because mines is a after thought... I fight the urge to use Gifs because they lean towards porn. But this one is diffidently erotic in taste...

I hear your grunting moans,

As I fill your need deeply,

While your core surrounds my girth with shear tightness...

My body fights the urge,

My mind refuse,

My will shall overcome,

The feel of release,

Until I feel your body shake and shudder under mines...

Then I shall coat your need,

With scorching heat,

Of my whiteness

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Twice Kissed ............ PIcture Poem ........... Prose

As my mouth opened wide to receive the affection of his deepest kiss

His inflexible affliction, was introduce to the wet of my abyss ….