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Monday, January 30, 2012

Happy Moanday..... Slurp ...... Prose Poem

Mmmm, It feels so good,

Feeling its elongated sides sliding past my lips,

The unwrinkled texture of its soft flesh, leaving its satisfying taste in my mouth:

Satisfying my hunger, while its inner warmth conflagrate a trail over my palette

And the there's the indulgence of pleasure I perceive in my ears, as my lips slurp loudly, hungrily, vigorously, while enjoying my devouring of every ounce of it,

Just before its creamy white texture, slithers down the center of my wanting throat...

Friday, January 27, 2012

Subsequent Musing (After Thoughts) .....Picture Poem....(Prose Style)

Darkness encompass my mind,

Absent light, besiege my body,

While enigmatic despair, envelops my being,

As the you and I; the we,

The us thoughts, crowds my mind


So far away from sight,


Less then a distant memory

As my eyes see you up close in my mind:

The hue of dark brown in your eyes,

The extent of your hair,

The distinctive shape of your nose,

That smile, that's deeply embedded into your lips,

The manly swagger of your body, moments before you took my will,

Surrendering my body to yourself, for the moment of that time

When I awaken this morning,

My nostrils inhaled your scent that lingered on my tear stained pillow,

Where my head will rest alone, on every waking night that I will endure without the persona_ of you,

While missing the absence of your body, missing the essence of you

Thoughts of our one more last kiss,

Brings back the sweet taste, that still lingers on my lips,

The memory of weaken knees, as the strength of your arms embrace pulls my body nearer to yours,

Nearer so tight, my lungs felt as if collapse,

Abstaining me, from taking a single breath

My cheeks still feel the softness of you face, gently caressing mine, as your lungs inhaled my essence one last time,

I can still feel the strum of your thumb, as it gingerly wipe away a single tear, which had escaped from my eyes,

As we said our doleful goodbyes

Soft deep breaths gently heave my breast,

As thoughts of your delicate touch, instantly brings back memories,

Of soft soothing sensations, easing across the naked flesh that stretches over my body extremities,

Tingling all my body sensations, tantalizing my mind with shivers of after shocks,

Taking the will of my mind from leader, to follower

To follow what you had to give

To follow the wants, that you took,

As my mind and body surrendered, to all your temptations

My flesh still tingles from the wet trail the tip of your tongue laced over my body flesh,

From the heights of its mountains, to the low of its valleys,

The round of its hills, to the depths of its river,

That led to surrendered shudders of ecstasy unknown

Wet, is the feel between my thighs,

As my mind recalls the fire within being doused repeatedly by your offering,

How the flames refuse to extinguish, but your fortitude pursuit of entering the flames again and again was none stoppable, until your manly coat of wet white seed finally conquered them, leaving my body in a dead smoldering heap

Then you bestowed upon my lips, a loving kisses of feather softness, that brought my mind, body, and soul, back to you,

Where it laid in a tranquil calm in the embrace of your loving arms,

As we waited for the sleep of dark, to envelope the beings of us

I use to ponder on the saying "Parting is such sweet sorrow"

Because what is so sweet about parting with someone who is your essence for living?

But I realize now that the sweet, will be in your return,

A return that's far in the distance, but never the less, a return that will pull my soul forever out of the darkness,

And back into the embrace, of your unabridged love...

Monday, January 23, 2012

Moanday ... Sex .......... Prose poem

Shallow breaths move the ampleness of breast slowly up and down, as deep slumber held her body captive

Eyes followed the smooth curves of her body, as my mind recalled the feel of soft flesh against mine just moments ago, and how the depth of deep kisses sent my body into wanting:

Wanting, the feel of her creamy flesh under my fingertips,

Wanting, the feel of her harden nipples, bathing in the warmth of my mouth,

Wanting, the feel of her hot breath on my neck, as it ease past the wet trail of hot kisses that had been bestowed on its flesh,

The wanting of feeling the tip of my tongue, ease into the wet pinkness hidden between the supple thicknesses of creamy thighs

The sweet tart taste of womanhood still lingers on my tongue, as my thoughts betray the slumber of the penile that's sleeping between my legs

A smile ease across my face, as my mind recalls taut thighs holding my head in a tight head lock as her hips pumped back and forth feverishly, grinding the opening of her womb hard against my lips, as my tongue swirled and darted in the darkness of her womb depths

Flooded was my mouth, as her juices flowed none stop, as my tongue rode up and down in the center of her slit,

Her lungs moaned audibly as her hips position my tongue on her most sensuous spot,

Hips gyrated with power, as she rode my face, pushing my tongue deep into her womanhood

Her back arched on each deep pump of her hips, as the trickle of release marched steadily forward inside her loins

My head flung backwards as the power of her hips gyration grew stronger ad stronger,

The taste of her steadily flowed on my lips, as the scent of her taste flooded the passageway of my nostrils, as deep licks slide into the dark of her womb

Lungs gasped, hips flung wildly while my tongue slashed in flurries,

A cursed moan vibrates in her throat, as her release lingered on the edge,

Her body stiffens tight, while muscles shudder and quake, simultaneously rewarding my tongue with the sweetest of feminine cream

Even as her lungs gasped deeply for air, she quickly position my body on the couch, then straddles it,

Damn, I can still feel the heat rushing from her womb as she lowered her body down on mine

The feel of razor sharp sensations rushing into my loins, as the tightness of her opening gave way to the smooth mushroom head of my hardness, followed by swallowed moans that escaped past her lips as my shaft length pushed deep into the wetness of her tight offering

As soon as my shaft was secured deep inside her haven, hands held her hips tight as they gyrated like a over winded toy doll, sliding her tight pink walls up and down my hardness shaft with urgency,

On each gyration of her hips, her womb enveloped around my shaft girth tighter and tighter, while she rode me like a cowboy bronco star

Small quaking sensations roam in my loins as my mind reminisce the animalistic act of lust between us, hips gyrating faster then a locomotive train until a thunderous quake roared inside her with a ferociousness that shook her body from head to toe,

Shivers, gasp bestowed in her body extremities, but she still rode high in the saddle of sex

As her body recovered from her lingering release, long slow gyrations guided her hips movements that left just the tip of my swollen mushroom head inside her walls securing grip,

With a slow fall of her body, her taut womb consume all of my length, causing a rush of unrealistic sensations to crash head on inside the domain of my loins

Facial muscles contorts in lust-pain as hardness ballooned to large proportions, while loins overflowed with excruciating sensations,

Breath quickens, as deep pulsations in hard mass were replaced with uncontrollable palpitations of release

While my body feverishly jerked and contacted, hot fiery seed ejaculated deep inside soft taut walls of pink, covering it completely with its texture that's colored white

Now I stand here watching her sleep, as wanting desire again inflame inside my loins,

A quiet muffled moan awaken the silence in the room, as wanting desire falls deeply into moist pink depths...

Friday, January 20, 2012

Dreamy & Shit .... Reply to Lisa-justagirl Poem ....

Sometimes I see a picture and it jumps out at me with words, then sometimes I read someone's poem that arouse my mind. I found both at lisa Blog, and I had to write a reply to it...
You should read lisa poem first, to understand the just of mine....


Of you

Circulates in my mind

Your intoxicating scent

Still floats inside my nostrils

Making my dream of you

And I

Seem all so real

My eyes open to total darkness

But I see the silhouette of you

Laying next to me

The heave of your bosom

Reaching for the night sky

The curves of your hips

Connected to the cream of thighs

The slender of your legs

Longer then short

I wish to touch once again

Not to feel their absent,

As one of my hands

Touch the other

My mind reminisce of your softness

Under me

The throw of your hips

At me

The flow of your breath

Whispering quiet screams of passion

By my ears

As my hips thrust back at yours,

The feel of infinite rapture

As I fall deep into the depths

That lies between the thicknesses of creamy thighs

Until the storm of passion becomes calm

Then fall into a deep dream

Were we shall meet

And I can


Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Happy Head Day ..... American Haikus......

You know what they say

About good presentation

Are you hungry yet?

More then a mouth full

Can cause gasping gage reflex

Past the pickles please

Manly meat hotdog

Enveloped in a hot bun

Leaves her womb weeping

Long thick with foreskin

Give worship while on your knees

Taken from the rear

American Haiku:
A American poem of seventeen syllables, in three lines of five, seven, and five

Monday, January 16, 2012

Moanday Haikus .......... American Haikus

A American poem of seventeen syllables, in three lines of five, seven, and five
Continues Haiku is when the last line of a Haiku is used to start another one in continuos ...
These Haiku's were started from my vision of this picture...
Please feel free to join me in the comment section or start one on your blog...
Remember, the syllable count is 5-7-5, have some fun....

Continuous Haiku's:

The color of red

Shades, the bottom of my butt

I've been a bad girl

I've been a bad girl

Bend over for me kitty

Head down, azz iz up

Head down, azz iz up

Rosy red cheeks remind me

How much I love her

American Haiku's:

I need a spanking

To feel the pain of release

I know, he loves me

His hand touches me

Leaving a warm pink trail

Moisten affection

I have gotten rusty with these..

And yes, I misspelled is (iz) on purpose..

(because I can hehe)

Happy Moanday ....

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Eccentric sensation .... Picture Poem ...

Hips thrust constantly, steadily, with gentle force forward,

Pushing the head of my endowment, against the opening of her haven door,

Prying sultry lips folds slowly open, giving clear passage to the center of her wet

Mushroom head ease downward, into the center of her wet moist heat,

Tightness, softness, surrounds the length of my shaft,

As soon as it enters the domain of her pink haven

Legs vibrate; loins tingle with a deep, dull full sensation,

As a gasp rush past her parted lips

Urgency is put aside,

While bodies suspend in time,

As we indulge in the magnitude of first penetration...

Monday, January 9, 2012

First Time .... Prose Poem ...........

Lights turned off,

Candlelight’s flicker,


Tight body embraces,

Deep sweet kisses




Cloths slowly floats to the floor

Dash under the covers,

Nervous shivers,

Whispering words of love,

Soft sweeping tongue,



Nipples caressed,

Nipples licked,


Back arches

Her first quiet moan,

Her first shallow breathe,

Her first flood of nectar,

Her first banks overflowed,

Her first legs shake from body overflow of sensations,

Tummy ache with anticipation

First tasted,

First shake,

First quake of sensations rushing into her loins

Eyes fixate into each other,

First feel of palpitation on her soft swollen vulva lips,

First swell tenderly push into the crevice opening between her thighs

First penetration,

Gulp of shear pain,

Unbearable tightness,

Tender long, slow, continuous thrust,

Hymen tears,

Cry of pain,


Bodies suspend in air

Deep breathes

Deep kisses,

Small thrust,

More penetration,

Hips gyrate in ultra, slow, motion

Legs open wider,

Swell falls deeper as it floats in and out her wet wake,

Burning pain turns into bliss of pleasure

Hips rotate in rhythm,

Eyes close,

Fingertips dig deep into back flesh,

Warm felling in pit of stomach

Sensations unknown flow inside her loins,

First orgasm overwhelms all senses,

Hips gyrate deeper

Swell widens,

Teeth sink deep into shoulder flesh,

Soft audible scream,

First ejaculation against soft pink walls,

First feel of white seed scorching heat-

Triggers unsuspecting orgasm hiding inside loins,

Bodies collapse as one

Heavy deep breathes,

Followed by shallower ones,

Words of love comforts her,

Intertwined bodies enveloped by the silence in the room,

Deep sleep ensues

Head rest on chest

Arms embrace her with security, love, and deep affections,

Marriage consummated...

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Shaken, Not Stirred ...... Wet Wednesday ... Prose Poem ......

Fingertips softly, gently caressed the flesh of my cheeks,

Slowly, they eased upward and playfully pull on my ears

After teasing the sides of my hair,

They gingerly lay on the top of my head,

Moving in a perfect rhythm with my head every movement

Words of encouragement,

Softly floats into the air

Fingertips grasp tightly on the back of my head,

While pulling my face up closer and closer to his scrotum

After a groan from the depths of his bowls escaped into the air,

His fingertips pull hard with urgency on the back of my head

Close to gag,

My lungs grasp for air because of his urgency

Audible tones of his voice cursed into the still air,

As the heat of his ejaculated white seed is sucked into the blackness of my throat





Consumes the being of his body

His fingertips lay dormant on my shoulders,

His voice is silent,

His chest heaves on every deep breathe,

His body weight leans heavily on mines,

While my fingertips held his body upright

Monday, January 2, 2012

Moanday Music ....

Last night you were so into it

You told me secrets that

You've never told a soul

You were so nervous and

yet oh so comfortable

As we explored your image of love

I drank your wine

As you taste mine

I kissed your lips

You felt my body slip

Into your soul

I almost cried 'cause it was so beautiful


Last night

I was inside of you

Last night

While making love to you

I saw the sun , the moon

The mountains and the rivers

I saw heaven when I made sweet love to you

Last night, there was no planning it

It was so special and

So very innocent

We talked of memories

Our favorite fantasies

As we explored our visions of love

Deep in the night

Right by the fireside

You felt my candlelight

In your soul

You felt incredible

I started to explode

I almost cried 'cause it was so beautiful


Sunlight, red roses

The scent of you, it calms the heart

The sight of you, I fall apart

Moonlight, the things we notice

When we're in love, that's when it comes

And I'm so in love, I'm so in love

Romantic Prose Poem or song lyrics?..