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Friday, January 27, 2012

Subsequent Musing (After Thoughts) .....Picture Poem....(Prose Style)

Darkness encompass my mind,

Absent light, besiege my body,

While enigmatic despair, envelops my being,

As the you and I; the we,

The us thoughts, crowds my mind


So far away from sight,


Less then a distant memory

As my eyes see you up close in my mind:

The hue of dark brown in your eyes,

The extent of your hair,

The distinctive shape of your nose,

That smile, that's deeply embedded into your lips,

The manly swagger of your body, moments before you took my will,

Surrendering my body to yourself, for the moment of that time

When I awaken this morning,

My nostrils inhaled your scent that lingered on my tear stained pillow,

Where my head will rest alone, on every waking night that I will endure without the persona_ of you,

While missing the absence of your body, missing the essence of you

Thoughts of our one more last kiss,

Brings back the sweet taste, that still lingers on my lips,

The memory of weaken knees, as the strength of your arms embrace pulls my body nearer to yours,

Nearer so tight, my lungs felt as if collapse,

Abstaining me, from taking a single breath

My cheeks still feel the softness of you face, gently caressing mine, as your lungs inhaled my essence one last time,

I can still feel the strum of your thumb, as it gingerly wipe away a single tear, which had escaped from my eyes,

As we said our doleful goodbyes

Soft deep breaths gently heave my breast,

As thoughts of your delicate touch, instantly brings back memories,

Of soft soothing sensations, easing across the naked flesh that stretches over my body extremities,

Tingling all my body sensations, tantalizing my mind with shivers of after shocks,

Taking the will of my mind from leader, to follower

To follow what you had to give

To follow the wants, that you took,

As my mind and body surrendered, to all your temptations

My flesh still tingles from the wet trail the tip of your tongue laced over my body flesh,

From the heights of its mountains, to the low of its valleys,

The round of its hills, to the depths of its river,

That led to surrendered shudders of ecstasy unknown

Wet, is the feel between my thighs,

As my mind recalls the fire within being doused repeatedly by your offering,

How the flames refuse to extinguish, but your fortitude pursuit of entering the flames again and again was none stoppable, until your manly coat of wet white seed finally conquered them, leaving my body in a dead smoldering heap

Then you bestowed upon my lips, a loving kisses of feather softness, that brought my mind, body, and soul, back to you,

Where it laid in a tranquil calm in the embrace of your loving arms,

As we waited for the sleep of dark, to envelope the beings of us

I use to ponder on the saying "Parting is such sweet sorrow"

Because what is so sweet about parting with someone who is your essence for living?

But I realize now that the sweet, will be in your return,

A return that's far in the distance, but never the less, a return that will pull my soul forever out of the darkness,

And back into the embrace, of your unabridged love...


  1. Please keep goin!
    I read the entire poem and some of the olders, loved it. Really hot.
    I've found your blog following a blogger that follows my own
    We are a married couple doing wild things to each other.

  2. Sexy couple, thankz, I appreciate you checking me out and leaving a a comment. I shall visit your blog soon...

  3. EROTICAMENTE FALANDO, thank you, please come again...

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  5. That was just beautiful. It made me remember many times I've slept on Daddy's side of the bed, sniffing deeply to smell his scent, wishing he was home. It's so difficult to be separated from my lover.


  6. @kitty, gracious... a little different stye of writing I'm trying to incorporate in my poetry. I also do as you do when I'm missing ML. But us tough guys will never admit that.. :)