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Monday, February 13, 2012

Moanday Music And Poem ...... Riding High .........

Push Play: Riding High By Faze-O

Slow soft deep bass pitched from the stereo was followed by low-pitched graveled moans singing in the background of the soft playing soulful music,

Deep breaths of air echo off the bedroom walls, as hips dipped and swirled in a unison rhythmic motion

Aweeeu, Aweeeu, Aweeeeu, was followed by whispered moans of:

"Oh baby, you feel so good in me"

"Deeper baby, deeper"

"Tear it up, tear it fuckn' up baby", ooh - shhh- et, seeps past her open lips

A quick change of sexual positions leaves her thighs straddling over his,

Her body slowly lowers, letting his harden mass slowly penetrate past the resistance of her vulva lips, then ease deep inside her wet wanting womb,

His staggering mass slowly filled her small opening beyond capacity of full

Lungs gasp, whispers of:

"Oh baby, you are so tight"

"Ride me baby... Ride me"

Oh shi … e … e … e ... rode on the deep bass notes floating in the room pungent smell of adulterous consensual sex scent

Mind staggering sensations rush up her spine as her body reaches up toward the sky,

Slow long measured strokes flows urgently slowly up, then down her womb sensitive walls

As their bodies capture the sheer rapture of sensations bombarding their minds,

Its penetrating force reaches so deep inside their bodies, it seeps into their very souls

Up... Down,

Up... Down,

Up... Then Down,

Her appealing body rides high on top of his masculinity

Hands reach up,

Her body leans forward,

The swell of her bosom falls into the crest of his hands, impaling her solid erect nipples into the center of his palms,

A firm gentle squeeze corrupts a soft deep moan from her lungs,

While she rides him high

Back arches,

Womb walls tightens,

The sides of his massive hard flesh is squeezed so tight his lungs gasp in euphoric torment

Belly muscles tighten then swing in a soft slow fluid back and forth motion,

Making her body dance on top of his like a graceful belly dancer

Deep groans vibrates in his chest as her love dance manipulates his love staff like no other before,

The velvet softness of her womb walls rubs back and forth over the top of the mushroom head of his inflexible shaft, then down to his thick anchoring base like a sailboat sailing over low tides in the moonlight,

Surreal sensations run rampage from his loins up his spine, crashing deep into the base of his brain,

Hands grip her waist with brute force, as his mind climbs the ladder of sexual high

Fingertips hold tight on her buttocks, as he crams every ounce of his harden fiber inside her tightening womb

Eyes glance upward, catching her glance, fixated on his,

Her body rides straight up,

Her womb weeps porously on his harden mass,

While her firm ample breast bounce in rhythm of her body dance

Smooth long strokes of harden flesh slides in and out her cramped opening,

His massive girth pushes against her hard swollen protruding clit

The rhythm of their dance, his size, the position, causes electrified sensations so deep and intense inside her womb, her mind quickly defaulters into, "a sexual high"

As his sexual high reaches its peak, his eyes no longer can see her,

They see bright stars that glitter around the moon,

They see the hue of the blue sky

Just as they see the brightness of the sun punching through the white clouds of the blue skies, his lungs


I'm cumin baby, I'm cumin'

His body snaps rigid,

His harden mass palpitate with force of urgency, as his loins explode like a megaton napalm bomb, a strangle cry of release gravels form his lungs while the heat of his manly seed ejaculates hard and deep into the heat of her receipting womb

"Oh baby", it's so hot race past her lips, a fractional moment before her body becomes tauten, then spasm with deep tremors

Hips flail, womb spasm, as harden flesh penetrates beyond belief,

Lava hot sperm mixed with her slippery lubricate pushes out her wet and runs over his scrotum flesh, spilling onto the sheets, puddling into a large circle

Bodies shake and quake, as the after shock of their high of sexual release soars through them

Voices become silent,

As the soft deep bass of the background music plays over and over again,

The smell of mixed sex juices filters through their nostrils, as lungs breathe deeply

Bodies in a vertical heap of contented flesh, lay motionless,

Whispers of "I love you" whisper into ears as minds realize only true love can take you on this kind of, "sexual high"…


  1. OMG! This was soooooo !@#$% sexy.

    I am aroused beyond belief.

    You've caused me to be a naughty naughty girl.

    Love this: "as hips dipped and swirled in a unison rhythmic motion."


    P.S. You're so freakin' sexy

  2. You've got me wanting to "ride him high", lol!


    1. Be sure to write about it. :)


  3. Love this: "I'm cumin baby, I'm cumin'" and "Whispers of "I love you"". This was hawt. Sex-inducing.

  4. Hedone, (smiling), thank you, it was a little rougher then my normal poems, but I wanted it to sound hot like the real sex act...

    1. You certainly succeeded>>> frenzied hot sexy sex!

  5. Kitty, you better tell Daddy to grab onto something, and hold on... lol ...

  6. Sweets, Thank you, I was hoping more vocals of sex would give this poem even more visuals. Your comment let me know it did...

  7. um.
    i love music.
    i love words.
    i love this!

  8. OMG this was HOT!!

    Ive got no words...I think you said them all.


    1. :) Thank you sky fro the comment. i appreciate it.

  9. It was hot 1MV. Happy Valentine's Day.


    1. Thank you Ronnie, Happy belated Valentine to you are yours..

  10. Not only was this beautifully written but the song you've chosen just happens to be my very favorite by candle light, and well you know...Thanks for taking us there baby.


    1. It's on top of my list, and yes I know... lol..

  11. Muito bom... bela imagem !

    PS - Agradeço o tradutor (translate), já alterei, nem sabia que o meu não funcionava.

    Mega-abraço !

    1. Obrigado,
      alguns tradutores não trabalham com a página de aviso ...

  12. i need a cig after that and yes it was as good for me.