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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Head Day... Match Stick .... Response to Temptingsweets99

This is a response poem to Temptingsweets99 Head Day MatchStick Poem... The Image is also from Sweets Blog ...

Careful, were there is smoke, there is fire

And were there is fire, you can get burned

So be warned, that if you softly blow on it

The fire will slowly grow

It will reach into the depths of your mouth

It will ease down into the center of your throat

It will float back and forth in the slippery tide of moisture in your mouth

And once the friction from the softness of your lips bring its tip to a soft red glow

It will cause a combustion that will explode, and release my match stick hot white lava

That will burn a path down the center of your tongue

So if you are feeling brave, go ahead, blow on my match stick

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Monday, March 26, 2012

In Between ........... Picture Poem (Repetitive) -Revisited ....

Touch- me,
in the middle of my moisten slit
In the middle of my heat
In the middle of my rapture
Yes There,
Where your fingertip is residing,
Causing chills to shoot up my spin,
Sensations to run deep into my loins
Where vibrations shake the inside of my womb walls
Where your fingertip ease forward deeper into my sacred space,
Easing in and out and around, causing my river to flood its banks from the surreal sensations...
Yes right there,
In the middle of my softness,
That's colored pink...

1ManView © 1999 – 2012

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Given ... Repetitive Poem ....

While browsing through TemptingSweets99 Tumblr. blog, I spotted this image
I thought it would be fun if I asked her to do a picture poem from it with me. She would write one,
then I would respond to it.
A person should be careful for what they ask for....
Please read TS99 poem first, then my response...

This image is from Modified by 1ManView

With open arms, you fully expose and bear yourself to me,

Which makes me sit for a moment, in reflection of your words of,

"Uncover me,

With your words,





And my reply is, I accept, what has been given to me...

Given to me,

Is the softness of the hue, of your milk chocolate stained flesh,

That has eased up to me as I sit in this chair while cherishing

your offerings of thick curvy hips, round heavy breast, luscious suckling lips,

And round flesh of buttocks, that dare you to hold them

Given to me,

Is your womanly fragrance, that pleasantly ease through my nostrils,

Enticing my being,

Exciting my soul,

Inflaming the fruit of my loins,

Causing my man-flesh to swell and throb uncontrollably in your presence

Given to me is,

Your throne, of moist pink softness,

Your throne, that is going to envelop my man-flesh with secured tightness,

Your throne, that will squeeze the living, giving, life of white substance from my loins

Lower thyself on my lap and bare witness of me,

Taking what has been given,

To do as I please,

When I please,

What I please,

How I please,

And my please, is to slowly deflower your throne,

While leaving you residue of___

Now, let your body slowly descend down the hard impalement between my thighs,

Feel its bare head slowly open up your flower, as it descends into your wet darkness,

Feel its penetration of first; grasp your senses, with intensified sharp sensations,

Feel its girth squeeze out the nectar, that lubricates your throne walls,

Feel it slowly fall inside you, filling your empty space with full-blown hard manly flesh,

Feel its girth; open up your throne walls, ever wider,

Feel its reach, reach to your farthest depths,

Feel its smooth, round, swollen head; pulsate on your cervix,

Feel your throne walls collapse, and envelop my man-flesh completely

Given to me,

Is your body, that rise upward, on every gyration of my hips,

Given to me,

Is the pink tip of your towering swollen nipple, for my lips to deeply suckle, while your body rise and fall on my lap,

Given to me,

Is the softness of your touch, as your fingertips gently wash over the flesh of my back,

Given to me,

Is the passion of your moans, as they articulate into the vastness of the air that surrounds us,

Given to me,

Are your deep groans, as my hips gyration pull my man-flesh slowly out to the tip of your throne opening, then with urgency, slam it back down its wet slippery center...

Given to me,

Is the perfect swing of your hips, as they sexually dance on my lap, causing excruciating pleasure to rush into my man-flesh core,

Given to me,

Are deep swings of your hips, as your voice softly whimpers out my name,

Given to me,

Is the deep inward curve of your back, as your body rides ever deep on mine,

Given to me,

Is the feel of your body trembling helplessly in the grasp of my close arms, as releases of orgasmic waves consumes not only your sex, but also your being...

Taken, is my scream, as my loins burst while ejaculating my hot white seed into the throne you have given to me,

Taken, is my white seed, as your hips gyrate with measure precision, milking every last drop of my loins substance,

Taken, are my whispers of love, that I give from me, to you

1ManView © 1999 – 2012

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Spank .... Picture Poem .... Revisited .....

This picture is from "MARQE'S STUDY" blog..

I feel them..

His eyes

They follow my footsteps

They follow the sway of my hips

They watch every small movement my body makes

The anticipation why they look through me is making me lightly seep between my thighs

As my body walks closer to his, his hands reach out and grab my body by the waist, his fingertips sink deeply into my flesh to the point my body can't move

The power in his arms draws me closer to him, he holds me so tight it's almost impossible for me to catch my breath

He holds me while facing him as he sits in the chair; he deeply inhales my essence as his eyes undress my flesh until its naked

With quickness he toss me over his knee like a rag doll, my body fights to get away from his aggressive sexual play

Suddenly my pants are pulled down, he pulls my panties down to the point they hang on the bottom edge of my expose derriere

My body wiggles trying to free itself, a sharp smack whistles into the air, followed by a sharp pain on my bottom flesh

My voice screams "Are you crazy", then spank; whack, slap sounds into the air, as his spanking targets my right butt cheek

With all its might, my body fights harder to get away, but his grip was too firm...

His strikes were precise, as they landed on my other ass cheek...

I cursed his name

I cursed his mother name

I cursed his father name

He pauses but remains silent, then he slaps my left cheek quickly with a tight hand

Owl! Leaves my throat, tears fall from my eyes as the pain soaks into my flesh, my mind wonders why he is spanking my bottom so harshly, then I feel a trickle of nectar seep from my womb, while a warmness starts to grow deep inside my loins

OW! Owl! Owl! My lungs bark as quick strikes smack on my left cheek, then my right, but now my mind doesn't dwell on the feel of pain, just sensations of sharp pleasure pouring into my womb

Again he strikes, his hand strikes my bottom just below the roundness of it, as it oscillate, his eyes fixate on it, heightening his sexual senses

The color of my butt flesh has turned into a soft cherry red glow, my pleas for him to stop has turned into low sensuous moans

As my mind anticipate another strike, he hesitates or strikes the same cheek again, keeping my mind on edge

Warm waves of calm soak in my womb while his hand slaps the softness of my right butt cheek, it's as the energy from his strikes whisk into my loins

Wetness seeps from my core, soaking through his pants, while I can feel his harden excitement caressing my stomach

His warm hand now eases softly, tenderly over my pinkish bottom, as it descends downward, it follows the opening of my center crack, once at the bottom, his fingertips tenderly massage the back of my thighs

A finger enters softly into my wetness; another soon follows it, while his thump circles the edges of my clitoris

Low moans escape pass my lips, as his fingertips massage my womb

Suddenly with quickness, his hand smacks my right cheek repeatedly; small muscles spasm ensues after each smack of his hand

He now turns his attention to the left cheek, he seemingly to be spanking me harder then before

Just as my mind thinks my body cannot endure the heavy blows any more, the spanking assault stops abruptly, the power in his hands gently lifts me up, then off his lap

His eyes look deep into my weeping eyes, while he remains totally silent

My voice screams at him, "What are you waiting for, take me now!"

1ManView © 1999 – 2012

Friday, March 2, 2012

Spankee's Delight... Spank me now or later...

I have been more then curious (who me ) since following blogs that share their desire of being spanked. Some blogs speak of maintenance spankings, which explains itself, except why does a person rear end need weekly maintenance? Is it like myself in need of at least one sexual romp inside her pink warmth during the week to satisfy my sexual hunger, or is it more then that? Is it a sexual release, a mental release, or both? I ask this because I have read where some spankee's get real ornery without their weekly spankings. Almost like not having that morning cup of wake me up. Then you have some who go through a cleaver "I love Lucy" TV episode to get that ouch, ouch, ouch on their lovely behinds. Then others stand in front of their spouse with a butt pain-pleasure dispenser of choice in their hand and yell, what the heck are you waiting for, I want it now you big dummy... Some like it hot, others like it hotter, how hot do you like it?

When the instrument of pain-pleasure is raining on your rear, what are your minds and bodies going through? And is it a different process (mind) when it's a punishment spanking, vs. a maintenance spanking? I can’t forget this, why does it arouse (I was soaking wet when he dipped his finger between my legs) so many of you before and afterwards? ... I was reading one blog where a lady was "riding high" on her hubby (woman on top) choking the white out of his big hard membrane, while he constantly slapped her on the behind with his hand. The spanking brought her to a powerful orgasm. If you are one of those who can orgasm while being spanked and having sex at the same time, what is like? And why do you think being spanked at the same time of having sex, make the sex act better? Do you think the spanking heightens the sex act? I ask the same question for those who can orgasm from just being spanked... (I know who you are, so don't make me call you out. :) Yes I have more questions but I already have a book here, so if any of you want to add something in your comments, please feel free to do so... I know I have over stated some of my questions, but sometimes you have to push all the buttons to get people to speak up... J

Oops, I do have one other question I would like to ask. It's for the person giving out the spanking, known as the spanker. J

First of all, I understand that some of these questions will be answered accordingly to your relation with your spouse. Such as a D/s relation, vs. I just love having my butt spanked to a robust red... J

Do you enjoy spanking your spouse, if so, why? ... What satisfaction does it give you? ... Does it arouse you at all, if so, even during a punishment spanking.... Do you ever fell regret after giving a punishment spanking? ... How much does their antics to get a spanking amuse you, or not? … Ok, I said one other question. I lied ... J