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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Spank .... Picture Poem .... Revisited .....

This picture is from "MARQE'S STUDY" blog..

I feel them..

His eyes

They follow my footsteps

They follow the sway of my hips

They watch every small movement my body makes

The anticipation why they look through me is making me lightly seep between my thighs

As my body walks closer to his, his hands reach out and grab my body by the waist, his fingertips sink deeply into my flesh to the point my body can't move

The power in his arms draws me closer to him, he holds me so tight it's almost impossible for me to catch my breath

He holds me while facing him as he sits in the chair; he deeply inhales my essence as his eyes undress my flesh until its naked

With quickness he toss me over his knee like a rag doll, my body fights to get away from his aggressive sexual play

Suddenly my pants are pulled down, he pulls my panties down to the point they hang on the bottom edge of my expose derriere

My body wiggles trying to free itself, a sharp smack whistles into the air, followed by a sharp pain on my bottom flesh

My voice screams "Are you crazy", then spank; whack, slap sounds into the air, as his spanking targets my right butt cheek

With all its might, my body fights harder to get away, but his grip was too firm...

His strikes were precise, as they landed on my other ass cheek...

I cursed his name

I cursed his mother name

I cursed his father name

He pauses but remains silent, then he slaps my left cheek quickly with a tight hand

Owl! Leaves my throat, tears fall from my eyes as the pain soaks into my flesh, my mind wonders why he is spanking my bottom so harshly, then I feel a trickle of nectar seep from my womb, while a warmness starts to grow deep inside my loins

OW! Owl! Owl! My lungs bark as quick strikes smack on my left cheek, then my right, but now my mind doesn't dwell on the feel of pain, just sensations of sharp pleasure pouring into my womb

Again he strikes, his hand strikes my bottom just below the roundness of it, as it oscillate, his eyes fixate on it, heightening his sexual senses

The color of my butt flesh has turned into a soft cherry red glow, my pleas for him to stop has turned into low sensuous moans

As my mind anticipate another strike, he hesitates or strikes the same cheek again, keeping my mind on edge

Warm waves of calm soak in my womb while his hand slaps the softness of my right butt cheek, it's as the energy from his strikes whisk into my loins

Wetness seeps from my core, soaking through his pants, while I can feel his harden excitement caressing my stomach

His warm hand now eases softly, tenderly over my pinkish bottom, as it descends downward, it follows the opening of my center crack, once at the bottom, his fingertips tenderly massage the back of my thighs

A finger enters softly into my wetness; another soon follows it, while his thump circles the edges of my clitoris

Low moans escape pass my lips, as his fingertips massage my womb

Suddenly with quickness, his hand smacks my right cheek repeatedly; small muscles spasm ensues after each smack of his hand

He now turns his attention to the left cheek, he seemingly to be spanking me harder then before

Just as my mind thinks my body cannot endure the heavy blows any more, the spanking assault stops abruptly, the power in his hands gently lifts me up, then off his lap

His eyes look deep into my weeping eyes, while he remains totally silent

My voice screams at him, "What are you waiting for, take me now!"

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  1. well spank me red!

    1. OK :) ... Thanks for stopping in lisa....

  2. Hmm there nothing like being spanked always a good feeling.

    Check out my new erotic poem I posted on my site.comment if you like

    1. Thankz PB, and I shall check you out...

  3. I want!!! I love this, 1manview.


    1. Glad you like Kitty... I wrote this a couple years ago for my friend Complicated Kitten. Thought I would repost it...

  4. LOL! Yes, "What are you waiting for? Take me now!" Love it! ;-)

    I finally had a chance to post something for the photo that you'd suggested.

    ~ Sweets

  5. great post but dont spank me please. I do like the occassional smack of my ass while in the heat of the moment to let me know my performance is being appreciated.

  6. Don't worry, I only spank to please... lol ... I'm not really a spanker, I wrote this for a friend, and my naughty mind..

  7. I like your creativity...but me, I don't like being spanked...maybe a pat or a kiss ~

    Happy day to you ~

    1. Thanks heaven, and that's mostly what this poem was, creativity from following other blogs...
      Your behind is safe with me...LMBO ....

  8. ...è bello ritrovare te...

    dolce risveglio dolcissimo...