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Friday, April 20, 2012

By Chance .... Prose Poem ...

A simple body bump,
Turn into a glance,
A glance turned into a chance,
That two bodies would embrace,
While two lips would taste

No words are spoken,
As clothes of token,
Fall urgently, but quietly to the floor,
Because small ears might hear,
And awaken to two lovers sitting face to face naked in a chair,
Embraced, flesh to flesh,
Chest to breast,
Hard and dry, pushing against wet but soft

A gasp flows softly from an open mouth,
While a breath is withheld, as teeth grimace,
A deep breath is taken as rigid slips into pliable,
As past denial is slowly brought to the past

Heartbeats quicken as hips gracefully gyrated,
One follows the other in a perfect rhythm,
A rhythm that had been silent too long,
Because single had become a couple,
A couple had became forever partners,
Forever partners that had become a family,
A family that took time that use to be taken for granted

Long hair flowed up and down as her body rode gracefully on top of his,
Fingertips softly pulled on the back of her neck,
Pulling her into a soft wet deep kiss,
Just as minds thought the kiss couldn't get any deeper,
Lips opened wider and fell deeper into each other,
Lungs moaned as the sweet taste of love flowed from one mouth to the other

Fingertips embraced her hips tightly,
Pulling her hips tighter into his,
A silent scream entered the room, as his rock hard flesh ravish the soft walls of her haven

Her back arched,
Her hips swiveled at the waist,
As her haven sucked ever inch, every fragment, of his hardness inside her

Kegel muscles tighten around his big hungry beast,
Flashes of its size flash in her mind,
The size of the blood vein running up the side of his hard beast,
The mushroom head peeking from its uncut covers,
The skin that looked paper-thin once it was stretched to its limit

Wet sloshing sounds overruled all sounds in the room,
As hips gently bumped into each other again and again,
Sensations of his beast falling into her dark depths rushed into her loins,
Sensations she had denied her body for two long
Sensations that made her eyes tear in sexual joy,
Sensations of bliss, that that had been surely missed,
Without a warning, her body shook uncontrollably

Just as she regain her composure,
She heard his moan of near release ease into her ear,
Quickly she wrapped her fingers around the chair back supports,
Her body pulled so tight into his; their bodies were as one,
Deep thrust gyrated from her hips,
Once his body went rigid, her haven walls squeezed the life out of his beast,
Until it became flaccid 

Bodies clung tightly to each other,
While naked breast flesh, laid against naked chest flesh

Hands surrounded his face and held it still while her lips planted a loving kiss
on his lips,
Eyes greeted, lips smiled, then she laid her head next to his, as her body rested
on his body

A soft muffled cry of a child that was about to wake up was heard,
A soft kiss, followed by I love you, flowed from one ear to the other,
As time that stood still for a simple body bump, that turn into a glance,
A glance that, turned into a chance,
Moved on...

1Manview © 1999 – 2012


  1. this was erotically sweet.

    nicely done!
    now what am i supposed to do with this
    tingling in my bottom?!!!


  2. Oh, that was so wonderful. I want to read it again and again.......

    1. Thank you Leah, I appreciate your comments..

  3. I so can relate to the child in the background, lol!

    Great job...I really enjoy reading what you write.


  4. Thanks Kitty, Caught in the act is something we both relate too..

  5. Steamy writing ~ Have a good weekend ~

    1. Thankz heaven, I hope yours was as good as mine...

  6. belo relato de um momento do prazer da entrega.

    1. Obrigado Núcleo, sempre um prazer ver voce ....

  7. Good night, my pretty!

    Special Invitation to all my friends and partners:
    Opening party of the House of Anita ... is a pleasure to have you in our party!
    Juicy kisses!

    I hope you enjoy ... there to pick up our new banner .. juicy kisses!

  8. What a wonderful erotic description. Love this. I'm behind in my reading here. I'll be back to catch up very soon.