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Monday, April 2, 2012

Moanday .... Bow Down 1 ....... Weekly Theme Poem

Fragrance of Vanilla seeps slowly into his nostrils,

As his eyes look upward, a scantly covered body standing at the doorway with legs shapely and long follows the flow of fragrance,

Her eyes were brighter then the sun, wider the a quarter,

Her hair flowed past her shoulder, with a face with a smile a mile wide

She steps toward me, swaying her hips from side to side on each step she took, when she got closer she unfasten her bra, exposing twin round breast that hung tight to her chest, with large long nipples that seem to be pointing straight at the wet of my mouth,

She keeps walking towards the couch until she reaches the edge and stops,

My eyes fixate of her panties as they slip seductively over the roundness of her butt, then down her thighs to the floor,

A finger covers her lips to tell me to remain silent, while her eye fixate on the excited bulge in my pants,

A satisfied smile cross her face as her fingertips ease over my shirt, and unfasten its buttons

As soft fingertips ease off my shirt, soft lips rain tender wet kisses on my face and neck, after removing my shirt, she walks her fingertips over the bareness of my chest, circling around my nipples, making them raise up to the softness of her touch

As her mouth consumes one then the other, her fingertips quickly unfasten my belt, then teasingly slow unzip my pants,

As she struggles to release my hardening mass past my shorts, her lips suckles deeply on my enraged nipples,

A quiet sign leaves my lungs once my mass is freed from the captive of my shorts,

I feel her hands surround the girth of my mass and gently pump up and down its length; precum is felt seeping from my mass center slit,

My eyes watch her small hand knead my mass into a towering erection

After a seductive smile crosses her lips, she Bows Down to give homage to the rigid mass that was deeply pulsating in her hands

Soft hair eased across my chest, teasing every fiber it touched with light tingling sensations, soft long hair swayed between my legs, easing over my scrotum flesh,

My lungs inhaled deeply as the surreal sensations rushed into my loins, a slow drag of her hair across my thighs put my lungs into a panting frenzy, my body into wanting,

She centers her body between my legs and look deeply into my eyes, devilish smile eases across her face

Sounds of lungs inhaling is heard,

Eyes watch lips part, then watch the pink tip of her tongue snake outward

Legs involuntary vibrate and shake as her tongue glides over the head of my throbbing mass

Soft suckling follows soft licks,

More soft licks,

Softer suckling,

Mmm, she moans as the first taste of manly cream slides past her palette,

Once the engorged tip of my mass was wet,

She lets it slip past the soft inner linings of her lips,

It's girth push her lips open wide, while slowly invading inch by inch into the moist heat of her mouth, until its length tickles the front of her throat

Her head movements became calm; while she lets the Rhapsody of my mass throbbing rhythm beat on her tongue sensitive palette,

Eyes slowly closed, as the vibrations from my mass heartbeats rush into her loins,

Causing the calm of the wake between her legs to become wet

Soft moan sticks in her throat, as her neck wavers her head gently back and forth,

Easing her lips across the smooth surface of my engorge mass,

Moans emitting from my lungs float into the air, as heat from fingertips wrapped around my scrotum,

Hips gravitate as they tried to gyrate, as razor sharp sensations bombard my loins

Eyes no longer can see her face, as her head Bows Down and her long flowing hair covers her face

Heat emitting from her hands is felt as she lays them on top of my thighs,

Soft lips covering my mass head is felt, after they consume its swollen flesh entirely, they slither slowly down the width of my shaft,

The constant flow of electrified sensations makes my eyes close, my head to tilt back, my lungs to quietly moan,

After taking half my length into her mouth heat, her head starts to bob up and down, falling into a slow rhythmic motion

Her lips slide to the tip of my mass, then her tongue flicker on my mass head ridge, making my body squirm,

The hunger in her eyes grow as she watch my body jerk and shake from her tongue lashing on the tender under spot on my mass head

With a precise move, she slides only the head of my mass inside her mouth, then slowly side her lips back and forth across its surface,

First slowly, then more intensely

Griping fingertips tangles hair, as my fingertips intertwine into her hair,

Their grip holds her head still, as my hips rock back and forth; sliding my mass in and out her hot mouth like it was her vagina,

Each thrust became more urgent then the last as my orgasm build to the point of spill,

After one last deep thrust of my mass into her throat, my hips become still as my mass palpitate wildly in her mouth,

Deep breaths, deep concentration held my orgasm at bay,

After a deep moan, my hands slowly rock her head back and forth, While relinquishing control of her head movements

Hands fall to the side of my body,

My legs shook with tremors,

My thighs quivered,

Her head fells into a slow, deep, weave and bob, while her lips gripped with tightness on my mass girth

Lungs gasp and groan, as release nears,

Slow, deep, rhythmic bows of her head, slides her lips smoothly over the my mass wet flesh again and again

Enticing my lungs to gasp and groan as my release lingers on the edge

Fingertips dig deep into the sofa,

Hands indent fingers into my thighs, as she feeds her mouth all my length,

Hips push upwards,

Buttock clench tight,

Chest heave as lungs gasp for air moments before my orgasm releases, ejaculating hot as lava sperm into the depths of her throat,

My body shakes and quakes uncontrollable, as her soft lips suck the last drop of my life giving seed out of my loins

Right hand grabs her head in an attempt to hold it still, because the head of my mass has become too sensitive to her lips touch,

One last suck of her lips make my body jerk with pleasure pain,

I try to see her eyes but cannot, because of her massive hair still covers her face,

But I could feel her stare, as my eyes Bowed Down,

While my body went into a limp heap of content pleasure

1ManView © 1999 – 2012


  1. Pure Hotness!! What a blow job. Given with passion and excitement!! Yes!!

    Hey I wrote something new on my blog read and comment if you like

    1. Thank you PB, and I shall read your new poem...

  2. 1manview - your writing is hot, but your pictures are even hotter... I love them.

    So thanks for that Monday morning break. :)


    1. Thanks Kitty, I try to keep the pictures on the erotic side to help the visual of my poems...

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you for the comment Cadelona, please return again..

    2. Thank you for he comment Cadelona... Please return again..

  4. Very hot, Thanks 1MV.


    1. A thank you to you too Ronnie...


  5. real e intenso.
    prazer gostoso de te ler.

  6. Wow! This was good. And hot! I love the first line.

    1. As always, appreciate your comments..

  7. That makes me want to run right out and give a blowjob. Damn your good.

    1. "A humble smile" Thank you KittyCat

  8. Erotic perfum and images of beautiful poetry

  9. um...