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Monday, June 11, 2012

Monday Moan, pic and poem... Repetitive Poem

When my ears heard the sound of my zipper tumbling downward, my mind became enticed

When she tugged my flaccidity out into the open air, my heartbeats quickened

When she pressed her nose against my manly flesh and deeply inhaled its scent, my mind raced with excitement

When she laid down in front of me on the couch, my mind became intrigued

When the warmth of her tongue licked, taste, then wrapping itself around my growing pain, my breaths became stuck, in my throat

When my harden flesh pressed past the softness of her parted lips, my breath was taken away

When the head of my engorged shaft, fell completely inside the moist heat of her wanting mouth, my lungs audibly moaned...

Happy Moan Day....

1Manview © 1999 – 2012


  1. Que imagem deliciosa!!

    Uma ótima semana, meu amigo!
    Beijos no coração e um Happy Moan Day para você também!

    (posso "roubar" esta imagem para mim?...)

    1. Obrigado Nancy C. .. (POSSO "roubar" ESTA Imagem parágrafo MIM? ...) Sim, meu amiga, a qualquer hora ... :)

      Abraços ....

  2. Daddy and I read this HOT!!!


  3. My oh my that is one sexy picture

  4. Wow...WOW...W-O-W!
    I've never, ever seen such a THING!
    My eyes tried to read the words but my mind refuses to stop looking at the picture...
    I'll try to read that later...For now...I'm going to take a shower!
    xx Catarina,

  5. Catarina, such a pretty name. :) I received this picture after a google search under sexy moan. I said the same as you when i first saw it.. wow.. Thanks for commenting...

  6. hehe

    the things that want to fall from my lips now...
    too naughty to let them escape,
    so i'll keep them floating within my thoughts.

    1. Too naughty? I thought this was a naughty blog. Naughty comments are welcomed.. :)