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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Head Day ...... On the prowl .... Prose poem

Like  a lioness creeping up on its prey, my body slowly, cautiously, timidly, ease between his firm muscular thighs,
Naked flesh is felt brushing against naked flesh, 
Causing a quiet sensational sigh to release from my lungs,
The hair on the back of my neck stands up, as the excitement of catching my formidable prey asleep shoots up my spine

Fingers lightly grab the lethargic prey and envelope it in its firm grasp,
One hand holds it stil, as the other slowly walk up and down its length,
My eyes watch its soft curve shell straighten to rigid, then grow longer, swell larger, and become heavier, all while in in my fingers tight fitting grasp,
Soon it has transformed into a man size beast to be reckon with, 
In a split second, my mind must decide if I fight this solidified foe, or retreat,
It decides I have the upper hand and i shall execute it slowly

Tongue tip slowly extends, and swirl on the faceless face of my adversary,
Its taste intrigues me, its scent intoxicate my senses,
Its thin flesh stretches thinner, as it reaches out to my tongue slow soft flickers

My body vibrates as it feels his thick manly thighs shake against me, 
A hushed moan floats into the quiet air, as my lips cover the faceless head of my foe,
As my lips rest on his bald tender ridge, I slowly suck until my cheeks goes  gaunt,
A slow turn of my head side to side, persuades an audible moan to speed past his lips
Now that my lips has the man beast attention, I precede to slowly kill it

As my head fall slowly downward, it slowly moves like a corkscrew, while leaving a wet trail on his swollen shaft surface, 
Slowly up, slowly down,
Slowly up slowly down
As  my head eased back up, I let the head of the faceless beast fall out my mouth

I licked its tip with vigor, flickering my tongue around his ridge until I find his sweet spot, 
Once I found his spot, my tongue flickered directly on it, 
Lungs moan, 
Hips bulk,
Legs straighten taut,
His body squirmed as if it wanted to pull the manly beast away from my hungry lips, my soft butterfly fluttering tongue

My assault abruptly stops, my eyes glanced at his wide heaving chest, my ears listened to his heavy breaths, as my hand slowly eased up and down his beast shaft, I feel sensations of excitement build between my legs, as my eyes feast on his body every reactions

Mouth open wide and encircled his beast,
My head again slowly fall downward while my lips avoided his shaft flesh,
As I felt the head of his beast push into my throat, my lips closed tight, and my head slowly eased upward,
Once my lips reached the tip of his shaft, my mouth again open wide, my head fall downward again, as the head of his beast flash into my throat once again, a shearing moan screamed in the air, while his hips hovered in mid air like a helicopter,  
My mind sensed it was time for the kill

Butterfly licks slowly flickered on his beast head, as my lips closed over its top, his fingertips dig into my  shoulders,
slowly my head fell the pulled up, each time taking a little more of his shaft inside, each time taking my time, my eye glanced up and focused on his face that was contorted like a man who was being tortured, his mouth was open wide, sometimes garble words would flow out, other times just silence
The more my lips wet his flesh surface, the smoother my head glided across its surface,
The more his beast succumbed to my lips touch

Harder suction, a slow twist of the head had his legs twitching, when my lips ease down and touched his scrotum, his hips involuntary gyrate in rhythm with my head movements,
Moans and groans followed shadow breaths of air flowing out his mouth 

Hands on each side of m y head was felt, they followed the flow of its rhythm,
His beast was on the edge of death, but I refuse to let it die then and know,
I kept just enough pressure on his harden shaft to keep him there, I wanted his beast to burn from the inside out before I was done

A pleading whispered groan of make me come was barely heard, as suction and slurping sounds filled the air,
His back arched inward, his breath hitched, pain from my hair being pulled out swept through me, his body bulked like a bronco as his orgasm exploded with the force of a neutron bomb.

The hungry lion in me feasted on his massive ejaculated mass offering of hot wet tangy sweet cream,
As his man beast died in my mouth heat, I savored the very last drop

1Manview © 1999 – 2012


  1. Loving the poetry - Never thought I'd read a poem about a Blow Job - Very Powerful

  2. Thank you much Babs, I appreciate the visit and very appreciative of the comment... I hope to see you again in the future...

  3. Steaming write ~ I like the picture too ~

    1. Thank you Heaven, thank you for taking the time to read me...

  4. Wow! Now that's how to catch one's prey and enjoy it afterwards. :-)

    1. That you much Sweets, the pic gave me the prey idea... ;)

  5. Love it! Of course blow jobs are my favorite things and you don't often read a poem about it though. Nice job.

    1. My favorite also... :) Most wednesday I write a Head day poem, or post a picture.... Thank you for stopping in, and leaving a comment, it's appreciated by ME! ;)..

  6. Awesome! Gives me some ideas to wake up my man like this soon... Maybe he won't be as cranky early in the morning ;)

    <3 Dirty Blog's Girl

    1. To wake up feeling your manhood stretching inside a hot mouth in the morning, feels so erotic...... Thanks for stopping bye...

  7. Conhecendo seu blog.. Tesão!!

    Estou seguindo teu Blog..


    lua.. :)

  8. lua, obrigado
    Vou seguir você também ...

  9. Very delicious, 1man. I also love the Camille Crimson photo. (You should add a link to her sexy site for all your readers...)

  10. Than you Cheeky minx.. I will have to look for that link, I lost most of my links when my computer went down. I haven't taken the time to retrieve the memory out of it yet. But that's a great idea, maybe I'll hunt it down and add it to the next head day poem...