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Monday, November 12, 2012

Moanday ......... Vehement PT.1 ....... Prose style

My body slides under the velvet soft covers and come to rest near hers,
A deep breath escapes me, as my body goes into a calm rest state,
My eyes watch the dark of night come through the window pane, dragging the dim light of the half moon with it,
My body lies still, awaiting a night of quiet slumber,

Restlessness, ease my body closer to the center of the bed, 
The warmth of her body easing into the night air is felt,
My body rolls on its side, my hand reaches under the soft covers and extend a fingertip on her soft bare flesh,
As it eased over the curve of her buttocks, a flash of surreal sensation raced through my loins, by the time my fingertips eased down the center of her thighs, my loins ache, the extension of me is in full bloom of lust,
Slowly, carefully not to wake, I slipped the covers off the bareness of her creamy soft skin

A single fingertip circle slowly across her shoulders, then down the middle of her back, as it followed the crack between her butt cheeks, her body stirred, the quiet sleeping rhythm of her breath, now hesitates 

My eyes watched her eyelids flutter,
Once they opened I showed her my intentions by softly kissing the back of her neck, 
Her neck flinch, but her eyes quickly close, showing my intentions, no intentions what so ever

A devilish smile eased across my lips, then part as the pink tip of my tongue slide past them, 
A wet lick eased down the center of her back flesh, it continued over the roundness of her buttocks, 
As it starts to circle on her inner thigh, her body draws tight, her voice sigh, my intension now was to make her body lust for mine, as much as I lusted for hers

Miniature kisses are bestowed on her backside, some velvet soft, others closer to a nipping bite, causing goose bumps to float across her flesh,
As the flickering tip of my tongue followed the crack between her butt cheeks, her voice sighed, 
And when it circled around her most sensitive spot, a low moan reverberated in her throat...

1Manview © 1999 – 2012


  1. A low moan reverberates on this side of the laptop screen after reading this.

    1. :) ... I'm use to late comments from you, but happy to see you anytime Sweet1 ;)

  2. why do i even try to...?!!!


    i'm listening to my posting while reading yours. um. yep.