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Friday, November 2, 2012

Without a word .... Repetitive poem... Song poem ..

I heard this song on iamjustagirl blog accomplished with one of her wonderful poems. The song caught my ear and I wrote this song poem. Please visit iamjustagirl blog,and see her poem vision. It was posted on 10/30/12 at  Thank you ...

Please Push Play

Without a word,
The almost nakedness of you, stood before my eyes,
Body petite, full of smooth gradual curves,
Hint of silky blue fabric covering your sacred place was seen,
Your body shivered in excitement,
Blushed in complete innocence,
Waiting for the coming of me

Without a word,
I looked deep into your eyes and visualize how I'm going to make love to you,
How to make this transition from boy to man,
While transitioning you from daddy's little girl, to womanhood

Without a word,
My touch reach out,
It ease across the softness of your cheek,
Draws a thin line alone your lips edge,
Then pull your face into a soft tender kiss of lingering 

Without a word,
Our bodies fall onto the bed soft mattress,
Firm breast impale into taut chest,
The feel of your body shivers vibrate through me,
My lips embrace yours deeply, to ease our fear

Without a word,
My touch ease up the length of the delicate flesh of your neck,
Around the length of your small round breast,
Circle on the tip of your blood erect nipples,
It lingers while crossing over the flat flesh of your stomach,
Then down the center of firm thighs,
My touch hesitates, my cloudy thoughts are cleared, then my touch gingerly remove the glimpse of fabric between the thickest part of your legs

Without a word,
Slow, without haste,
My touch brush lightly through the thin forest that covers your sacred place,
Then gingerly ease up and down the moist slit between your folds,
Your legs vibrate with anticipation sensations,
While your body shake in small tremors of doubt

Without a word,
Legs widen then become tight, as my touch falls through that taut of your swollen folds, into the warmth of your wet wake,
Gently, sliding up and down the smooth sides of your haven,
Turning your silent sighs, into quiet moans

Without a word,
I taste your first offering,
As I quench my thirst, your hand folds through my hair,
Your thighs tauten around my head,
Your first moan of audibility floats into the air

Without a word,
While hovering in the air,
Quivering body arch towards the sky,
It shakes from electrified sensations bolting through its extremities,
Then without a word, indents into the mattress softness

Without a word,
The extension of me penetrates pass the softness of your folds,
And slowly fall into the rising wake of your womb tautness,
My body lies on top of yours, while hips slowly, gently, gyrate,
Pushing and pulling the extension of me up and down the velvet softness, of your womb taut walls

Without a word,
Your warm breath floats past my ear,
Your legs wrap around my hips,
Your blood stain nails sink deep into my shoulder flesh,
While your hips brush deeply into mines

Without a word, 
Your body is felt trembling and quaking under mine,
Eruption leads to the hot coming of my cream,
Leaving our lungs in a harmonious duet of screams

Without a word,
Our bodies lay intertwined,
Silently, sleep undertakes us,
Without a word

A Song Poem: is a poem that is written from a song, using a phrase, word or sentence from that song. It must also be written in the melody, rhytmn or spririt of that song... 
1Manview © 1999 – 2012


  1. Ciao, da me c'è un premio per te.

  2. Wonderful words and photo to match.

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    1. Thank you freckles, thanks for the read ...

  4. Recibe un gran saludo.... Pasando a saludar por tu casita...

    1. Saludos Bella, ha pasado mucho tiempo.
      Tan feliz de verte de nuevo
      Gracias por la visita

      abrazo grande

  5. Sans un mot mais au son de cette musique pénétrante ...
    Frissonnant !

    1. Merci pour la lecture et commentaire ....


  6. Without a word, very erotic Repetitive poem 1MV.

  7. Hello Do you remenber me? Sofia by blog, well my blog is, off line but you don t, I never forget a friend and a good potry like your s, have a good day. I love the picture and the your s wonderful words.

    1. Yes, I remember you very well Sofia. It's nice to hear from you. Thank you for the visit and comment. I hope to see you again soon..


  8. I could feel the emotion and that I am the one who is in the intimate act. What a beautifully written piece. Best one I've seen so far.

    1. A big thank you Natalie, also thank you for the read and comment. And please feel free to return soon ...


  9. one word, repeated several times.

    yes, yes, yes, yes, yes! :)

    1. A big smile and a thank you very much...