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Friday, December 28, 2012

Pushin' .................... Prose Poem

Slippery lips part,
As hardness fall into the dark,
Of your sweet hot honey pot

Hard as steel,
Make you feel,
Every slow thrust, 
Every deep stroke,
Inside your hot pink moat

Eyes watch the overflow,
Of sweet clear nectar of cream,
As it seeps past your folds seems,
While bodies slowly glide in a midnight dream,
That's suddenly awakened, by your audible vocalized scream

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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Head Day ....... There She Blows ......... Prose Poem

Lips of soft, suckle,
Full of me her mouth becomes, 
My world change as everything around me becomes vivid bright

Brighter is the color blue,
Low in the sky, sun rays become hotter,
Radiate moon beams shine in the daylight,
Tidal waves of ocean wakes, slowly trickle across sandy shorelines,
As my loins fill full of surreal sensations

Stars twinkle in the clear blue shy,
In the middle of the darkest night, songbirds sing,
Barking garbage men chase dogs down the alley,
The presidential heads on Mount Rushmore explodes off the face of the earth,
Vividness, becomes dull and spent ...

1Manview © 1999 – 2012

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Monday Moaning ..... Him .... A Picture Poem .......

A Picture poem is a poem that my mind visualize from looking at a picture...

Thoughts of him overflowed her mind,
Thoughts of embracing shallow soft kisses turning into deep passionate ones of lust, left seepage at her center

A deep breath, made nostrils flare, 
As fresh floating scent of him eased through its passage, making her knees feel weak

Sweet lingering taste of him resting on her tongue palate, reminded her of the smooth texture of his ultra thick whites substance, as she swallowed it vigorously down her hungry throat

The feel of his hairy but smooth flesh next to hers was still felt,
The imagery of his rigid pulsating beast, sliding deeply in and out of  her misting pinkness, made her flesh shiver, her muscles quiver, as the lasting impression of its rigid reality deep insertion into her snatch quivering walls, still stung with pain pleasure

Racing through her mind, was clear visions of the animalistic sexual acts of pulling hair,
Primal screams, 
Suction sounds of hard unyielding flesh, pushing and pulling through soft, tight, wet, pink flesh,
All in the rhythm of the drum beat of human flesh pounding against each other, while her body submitted to him in the head down-ass up proposition

It was all there,
All so vivid, it felt as if he was still there riding inside the smoldering heat of her flame

As her mind finished its thoughts of him, 
Her flesh rekindlied the touch of him,
Her nostrils inhaled the scent of him,
A quiet moan reverberates inside her throat...

1Manview © 1999 – 2012

Friday, December 14, 2012

Enter ........ Prose Poem ........

Poem inspired from song on iamjustagirl blog: Poem-"He is, I Am 
Song-"Stay by Coal ...

I'm not asking you to love me,

Tonight I'm asking you to be my lover,

I want you to make sweet love to me,

Fall your hardness deep between my soft sheets,

Dredge my well until it overflows with my seepage,

Dredge so deep inside my walls, that I cry out for you to never stop,

Make my flesh sweat with wet drops from your deadly thrusting thunderous storm,

Until your inner storm come inside my darkness,

Leaving my body floating in your storms quiet aftermath,

I don't want you to be in love with me,

I just want you to make sweet love to me....

1Manview © 1999 – 2012

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Monday Moaning ....... Within ......... Prose poetry

Clear weeping fluid from missing its absence, seep past swollen folds,
Fragrant scent, deliberated from excitement within, hovers in the air,
Gasping moan, massage air passage way, as the swollen head of his extension
parts the pedals of her sexual flower

Back and forth, the extension of him, push and pull inside her wake,
Disturbing the peaceful calm inside the small crevice between her legs,
While her body rides up and down on top of his,
While hips gyrate in their preferred sexual dance,
In a chosen rhythm that will cause the peaceful calm inside her domain, 
To cry its rain in a downpour,
In hope to smother the fire burning inside their aching loins

Moans, groans filtrate the air,
As tight tug on large,
That pushes back and forth through tight, tightest grip

Sanction scream embarks from her lungs,
As fire extinguish fire, bringing a calm to within ...

1Manview © 1999 – 2012

Friday, December 7, 2012

Spankker 5 (The End!) .......... Prose Poem ....

Composure his body regains,
Eyes again look through me,
Thoughts of anxiousness race through my mind,
Why did I have to suck him off so quickly?
Why didn't I do what I was suppose to do?
But then that's like asking, why am I me? 

My eyes look into his while my face held a small smile,
He steps around me and walks to the bed and sat on the very end,
Again his eyes tell me what I have to do,
And what I have to do is be discipline for my actions,
And this time, it's going too really hurt

A slow walk up to him is followed by him pulling my panties off,
He slides his naughty girl across his knees,
My body is laid partly across the bed, the rest across his lap,
Relaxing thoughts ease through my mind in anticipation, to the pain forthcoming to my backside,
A surprising moan participated in my throat, as two fingers intrude inside my weeping heat,
My legs quiver as they slowly slide into my heat depths,
Slow half circles and deep swirls of his fingers sweep swirling sensations through my loins,
Just as waves of ecstasy rinse through me, he quietly whispers, "Clothes off" in my ear

With body tall and straight, my clothes slowly fall to the floor, 
His eyes watch each garment until its downward fall was complete, just as my fingers gripped the top of my stockings, his eyes said no,
At first I was hesitant to react to his eyes jester, but once they became apparently widen, my hands froze in place

While sitting on the bed edge, his eyes gazed at my expose flesh, looking at my every feature from top to bottom,
His hard manhood sat in his lap thick and pulsating, its veins was bulging as they strained to hole the blood rapidly flooding through it while clear liquid oozed out the middle slit of its swollen head,
His fingers were flexing as if getting ready to strike,
Goose bumps ran down my spine as my mind wondered what was next for this wayward girl

He stood up then eased slowly behind me,
Parted lips could not restrain the audible gasp that flowed from my lungs, as his hot lips pressed against my neck while his hard as steel rod pressed up against my naked backside,
With force his body pressed up tight against mine, my body reeled forward with his giving chase,  Arms reached for a nearby chair to stop our forward descend,
His body pressed up against mine so hard it felt like his harden mass was going to drill right through me

His left hand griped the left side of my hip, and pulled my body slightly backward,
The feel of his thickness snaking toward the center of my thighs cause my lungs to gasp,
Gasping lungs gave way to a quiet scream, as my folds gave way to penetration, 
His girth mass stretched my walls to their limits as its long reach, reached slowly into the darkest corner of my womb 

His thrust at first pushed his heavy mass back and forth inside my wake like a spring soft raining mist, but soon it thunder into me like a deadly thunderous thunderstorm,
Each hard thrust brought me closer to ecstasy, my eyes closed as my body bathed in the sexual sensations of having my womb throughly raptured by the hard beast between his legs

Swaat, Oh gud that hurt!
His heavy hand sounded on the fatty flesh on my backside,
He had caught his naughty girl completely off guard, never before had he spanked me while force feeding me his harden meat

Hips gyrations flowed in a quick steady rhythm, his butt slaps followed our hips rhythm perfectly, 
My mind was in a sexual daze as his balls slapped against my back side while his hand slapped against my derrière, an intense searing sensation was building rapidly inside my loins

His actions was acting like a Halloween trick or treat in my mind, 
What was suppose to be a punishing spanking, was driving me to an orgasm like I never felt before, each strike push me closer to orgasmic bliss,
My lungs screamed as my body shook uncontrollably, 
My womb rewarded his actions with a downpour of clear cream all over his hard steel rod

The spanking stopped as my body gathered itself from the deep penetrating orgasm, 
The feel of his fingertips griping deep into my hips flesh was felt,
His strokes were so hard I swore I felt his balls pushing into my womb as his fingers tight grip held my body steady,
The feel of his girth ballooning inside my walls pushed me over the edge once again, my body bucked as he drove his penile into my leaking lake like never before, each deep thrust was followed by a deep baritone grunt, as his balls slapped against me harder then his hand ever slapped against my backside

Loud gasping roar was followed by hot white sperm flooding my center crevice, 
My hips gyrated wildly until the very last drop of his seed ejaculated from his loins,
Sexually spent bodies now leaned against each other

Heavy bodies stood quiet and still,
The mixture of clear wine of mine, and the white wine of his was felt oozing down my thigh,
The strength of his arms was felt as he lifted my slumping body into his arms,
He gently laid me unto the bed, then laid next to me,
Muscular arms soon surrounded my sexually spent body

As the flesh of me laid wrapped up in his arms, my mind wondered why did he spank me the very first time?
Did he do it to make me submit to him? 
Did I do something that he felt was out of place? 
Did he do it because he felt I needed it, or I wanted it? 
One thing I knew for sure, he did it because he loves me....

1Manview © 1999 – 2012

Thursday, December 6, 2012

100,000 Visitors ..........

A Big Thank You To All Who Has Visited This Blog
And A Big "Yahoo" To All who Have Taken The Time To Leave Me A Comment
It Has Been Really Appreciated

Monday, December 3, 2012

Moanday ..... Spankker (pt.4 Of 5) ...... Prose poem

Pants and shorts rested at his ankles,
His lovely manly penis waved in the air like a flag pole,
Quiet moans of wanting purred in my throat, as my eyes glared up at him,
His voice still held silent, but my eyes read his intent of me

My body lifted up on all four,
Just as the tip of my tongue reached out to flick and taste the drop of white on the end of his penis, his body leaned back,
My eyes never looked up because I knew by his actions, he meant for me to slowly worship his penis to get back into his graces

After rolling up on my knees, my eyes looked into his, then it happened, 
My mind decide to give him what it wanted to give, and it wanted to give him a good cocksucken by his good cocksucker

In a instant, my lips parted wide and took the head of his shaft into it, my tongue licked around it quickly, dousing it with my slippery saliva, 
After easing an inch of his length in my mouth, my head eased back rolling my lips back to the tip of his elongated shaft,
Once again my head eased forward, easing in another inch of harden flesh into the heat of my mouth, and then again eased my lips all the way back to his penis tip,
Audible moans roared past his lips, as my lips eased back and forth on his cock stretched flesh,
After several head bobs, my mouth was finally full of him 

As my head bobs fell into the perfect cocksucking rhythm, my hands wrapped around the bottom of his buttocks pulling his length inside my mouth even deeper, once my head started twisting like I was sucking on a lollipop, his legs tensed tight then shivered, while his toes curled up,
Fingertips digging into my shoulder let me know he was about to come, as much as I wanted to ease a few fingers into the flame between my legs and bring us both to climax, I concentrate on being his perfect cocksucker, and sucked his cock harder

His breath became ragged as his swollen cock flesh raced In and out my mouth, his hands was now pulling hard on the back of my head, impaling his large cock head deep my mouth could take it, 
Hard flesh raced past my lips in a flash, while his ballooning swell pushed harder and harder against my tight lips, his body suddenly jerked and my mouth was flooded with his white hot substance

As fast as I could swallowed his white substance, his steady ejaculation filled it up again and again,
After his cock last palpitation, his girth and length slowly became small and fragile in my mouth,
While his succumbed cock rested in the warmth of my mouth, my eyes glanced up into his wondering if I was going to be spanked for being such a good cocksucker

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