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Monday, December 3, 2012

Moanday ..... Spankker (pt.4 Of 5) ...... Prose poem

Pants and shorts rested at his ankles,
His lovely manly penis waved in the air like a flag pole,
Quiet moans of wanting purred in my throat, as my eyes glared up at him,
His voice still held silent, but my eyes read his intent of me

My body lifted up on all four,
Just as the tip of my tongue reached out to flick and taste the drop of white on the end of his penis, his body leaned back,
My eyes never looked up because I knew by his actions, he meant for me to slowly worship his penis to get back into his graces

After rolling up on my knees, my eyes looked into his, then it happened, 
My mind decide to give him what it wanted to give, and it wanted to give him a good cocksucken by his good cocksucker

In a instant, my lips parted wide and took the head of his shaft into it, my tongue licked around it quickly, dousing it with my slippery saliva, 
After easing an inch of his length in my mouth, my head eased back rolling my lips back to the tip of his elongated shaft,
Once again my head eased forward, easing in another inch of harden flesh into the heat of my mouth, and then again eased my lips all the way back to his penis tip,
Audible moans roared past his lips, as my lips eased back and forth on his cock stretched flesh,
After several head bobs, my mouth was finally full of him 

As my head bobs fell into the perfect cocksucking rhythm, my hands wrapped around the bottom of his buttocks pulling his length inside my mouth even deeper, once my head started twisting like I was sucking on a lollipop, his legs tensed tight then shivered, while his toes curled up,
Fingertips digging into my shoulder let me know he was about to come, as much as I wanted to ease a few fingers into the flame between my legs and bring us both to climax, I concentrate on being his perfect cocksucker, and sucked his cock harder

His breath became ragged as his swollen cock flesh raced In and out my mouth, his hands was now pulling hard on the back of my head, impaling his large cock head deep my mouth could take it, 
Hard flesh raced past my lips in a flash, while his ballooning swell pushed harder and harder against my tight lips, his body suddenly jerked and my mouth was flooded with his white hot substance

As fast as I could swallowed his white substance, his steady ejaculation filled it up again and again,
After his cock last palpitation, his girth and length slowly became small and fragile in my mouth,
While his succumbed cock rested in the warmth of my mouth, my eyes glanced up into his wondering if I was going to be spanked for being such a good cocksucker

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  1. We always feel that your poetic prose (contradiction in terms...?) is quite exquisite, ie, it touches us deep...

    1. Thank you much sexy couple, I appreciate the comment...

  2. I agree with above comment -- "exquisite". Exquisite words, imagery and emotion. Mmmm! *moaning*

    1. Always leaving me with a big smile, thank you Sweets...

  3. ... Oh! And exquisite images.

  4. You do have a way with words. Thanks.


    1. I appreciate your comment Ronnie, thanks for stopping in...