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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Touch my clit, or maybe NOT! ... A question for ladies and spouses..

As I was reading a post on Dark Pretty Fun (Sss) blog,, I realize I was reading a subject I hadn't read about in a very long time. She was talking about not being able to tolerate her clit being stimulated. I was very happy to see it, because my spouse is the same way. Sss asked her followers if they thought this was normal? Well, you know me I jumped right in. I have done some research on it many years ago because when I first got married, I found out my spouse couldn't tolerate being touch on her clit. Wanting to please, I hit the books for info. The verdict was she was different then most, but normal... After years together, I never gave it much thought because its a normal everyday thing for us. But after seeing the question on Sss blog, I'm curious on how many woman are like my spouse, and how many woman really know about it.

Usually I would run to my friend Ronnie at Heart and soul,, and let her put the female question out there. After all, I'm a male who write poetry. But this time I'm going to ask the question myself, (no I'm not bored) and I hope my followers or even a passer by will jump in.

I actually have two questions, which are: Are your clitoris very sensitive to touch_ or not? And for those who use a vibrator, have you notice it being harder for you to climax without a vibrator, after using one of the new more powerful vibrators for a period of time? (curious mind) I think the sensitive clt-tis are out there, but quiet in the background. And people who write erotic stories and poems (including myself), make it harder on those who are clit sensitive. I do know it is normal, but I guess I get caught up like most with the clit and orgasm thing when I'm writing. But I do write about the wondrous deep lick orgasm too, ( I wonder why? lol) but not as much as I really should.. BAD POET... :) ... Maybe I should put a pole up for the silent crowd... Nah, let them speak up and let us know about it... OK- Enlighten me ladies and gents with your wonderful answers-or not..

Monday, February 20, 2012

Moanday Naughty Poet .... Rhyming Poem

When passion lust grips your soul, sometimes you just have to:

Have all holes barred, but one,

Until you a least, once come

No hitting it from the backside,

Nor turning her over on the flip side,

No spoonin',

No form of droolin'

No Cowgirl ridin' the hell out of his long thick hard cock,

Until he explodes in a death defying stop

No fancy sexual positions,

Just straight missionary dickin',

Just him stroking furiously between those thick juicy thighs,

Bringin' a fountain of water from your crying eyes,

With ear shattering moans and audible passionate cries,

Which makes him wonder why oh why,

He waited so long to give carnal lust another try

Bodies shivering with sensations of,

It feels so damn good; there must be a heaven up above,

As strokes of passion slips between folds smooth as white feathers on a dove,

They envelop your dick like an pair of expensive black leather gloves

Swollen dick dive deep like a Titan Submarine into your wet stormy sea,

He's stoking you deep and hard, just like you want it to be




Making loud slurping sounds,

While wide hips gyrate round and round,

In rhythm of your balls slappity-slap tapping on that round ass,

While hips pump ultra fast

She rockin' your sexual world,

With wide hips she definitely know how to twirl

Body jerking from his hips hard thrust that's slamin' his unyielding rock hard piece,

To the point the muscles of your thighs feel like tenderize meat

Dickin' deep into your stromin' sea with all his might,

Until is entire long length is totally out of sight

Meeting your urgent gyrating hips, at the top of its peak

Because unadulterated lust, is what both of your souls seek

Doing it hard on the hardwood floor,

Doing it hard against the bathroom door

Doing it on the grass under the weeping willow tree,

Hitting it hard while he's on bended knees

Doing it in the back seat of your new red sports car,

Doing it while the car is still in the garage, because passion lust, didn't let you drive very far

Doing it over the back of the "once we had a babies chair",

Doing it while her long slender legs were high in the air

Doing it wherever you just happen to be,

Doing it because it feels so good to the we

Doing it because she has a body he can't ignore

Doing it because in the bed she works it like a whore

Doing it hard because making sweet passionate love is really passing the buck,

Especially when, "You just wanna fuck"...

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Men Are...... Prose Poem .......

Men are just horny creatures,

It’s not like women go out our way to make them that way,

They see a little flesh and get all lustful on us,

They see a the roundness of a butt cheek, they have to touch it, rub it, get it all wet by licking on it, or slap their hand on it, just to hear that slapping sound

And don't let them see the shape of your thighs, they want to put their fingers all between them, dip it in and out your pie, and then beg for a taste...

And when they see a raised nipple, they have to but it in their mouth, lick on it, suck on it, play with it until we sweat between our legs,

And please don't let them see that fury triangle between our thighs,

Because then they will have to at least touch it-suck it or fuck it!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Moanday Music And Poem ...... Riding High .........

Push Play: Riding High By Faze-O

Slow soft deep bass pitched from the stereo was followed by low-pitched graveled moans singing in the background of the soft playing soulful music,

Deep breaths of air echo off the bedroom walls, as hips dipped and swirled in a unison rhythmic motion

Aweeeu, Aweeeu, Aweeeeu, was followed by whispered moans of:

"Oh baby, you feel so good in me"

"Deeper baby, deeper"

"Tear it up, tear it fuckn' up baby", ooh - shhh- et, seeps past her open lips

A quick change of sexual positions leaves her thighs straddling over his,

Her body slowly lowers, letting his harden mass slowly penetrate past the resistance of her vulva lips, then ease deep inside her wet wanting womb,

His staggering mass slowly filled her small opening beyond capacity of full

Lungs gasp, whispers of:

"Oh baby, you are so tight"

"Ride me baby... Ride me"

Oh shi … e … e … e ... rode on the deep bass notes floating in the room pungent smell of adulterous consensual sex scent

Mind staggering sensations rush up her spine as her body reaches up toward the sky,

Slow long measured strokes flows urgently slowly up, then down her womb sensitive walls

As their bodies capture the sheer rapture of sensations bombarding their minds,

Its penetrating force reaches so deep inside their bodies, it seeps into their very souls

Up... Down,

Up... Down,

Up... Then Down,

Her appealing body rides high on top of his masculinity

Hands reach up,

Her body leans forward,

The swell of her bosom falls into the crest of his hands, impaling her solid erect nipples into the center of his palms,

A firm gentle squeeze corrupts a soft deep moan from her lungs,

While she rides him high

Back arches,

Womb walls tightens,

The sides of his massive hard flesh is squeezed so tight his lungs gasp in euphoric torment

Belly muscles tighten then swing in a soft slow fluid back and forth motion,

Making her body dance on top of his like a graceful belly dancer

Deep groans vibrates in his chest as her love dance manipulates his love staff like no other before,

The velvet softness of her womb walls rubs back and forth over the top of the mushroom head of his inflexible shaft, then down to his thick anchoring base like a sailboat sailing over low tides in the moonlight,

Surreal sensations run rampage from his loins up his spine, crashing deep into the base of his brain,

Hands grip her waist with brute force, as his mind climbs the ladder of sexual high

Fingertips hold tight on her buttocks, as he crams every ounce of his harden fiber inside her tightening womb

Eyes glance upward, catching her glance, fixated on his,

Her body rides straight up,

Her womb weeps porously on his harden mass,

While her firm ample breast bounce in rhythm of her body dance

Smooth long strokes of harden flesh slides in and out her cramped opening,

His massive girth pushes against her hard swollen protruding clit

The rhythm of their dance, his size, the position, causes electrified sensations so deep and intense inside her womb, her mind quickly defaulters into, "a sexual high"

As his sexual high reaches its peak, his eyes no longer can see her,

They see bright stars that glitter around the moon,

They see the hue of the blue sky

Just as they see the brightness of the sun punching through the white clouds of the blue skies, his lungs


I'm cumin baby, I'm cumin'

His body snaps rigid,

His harden mass palpitate with force of urgency, as his loins explode like a megaton napalm bomb, a strangle cry of release gravels form his lungs while the heat of his manly seed ejaculates hard and deep into the heat of her receipting womb

"Oh baby", it's so hot race past her lips, a fractional moment before her body becomes tauten, then spasm with deep tremors

Hips flail, womb spasm, as harden flesh penetrates beyond belief,

Lava hot sperm mixed with her slippery lubricate pushes out her wet and runs over his scrotum flesh, spilling onto the sheets, puddling into a large circle

Bodies shake and quake, as the after shock of their high of sexual release soars through them

Voices become silent,

As the soft deep bass of the background music plays over and over again,

The smell of mixed sex juices filters through their nostrils, as lungs breathe deeply

Bodies in a vertical heap of contented flesh, lay motionless,

Whispers of "I love you" whisper into ears as minds realize only true love can take you on this kind of, "sexual high"…

Friday, February 10, 2012

Touched .....Repetitive Poem ...........

Arms embrace the softness of her body flesh,

She pushed me away...

A tender kiss was bestowed on the softness of her check,

She pushed me away

I whispered softly in her ear, "I love you,"

She pushed me away

When my voice expressed calmness to her,

She huffed at me, then walked away

My eyes glanced at the calendar date, and I realized,

This is the time of the month, the other woman comes to stay...

Don't hate me ladies, the devil made me do it...

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Monday, February 6, 2012

"A little Foreplay" Song Poem (Series 3)

A Song Poem Challenge: You can use only one line, one word or phase of the chosen song.
The poem must be written in the medley, theme or rhythm of the song.
Song: A little foreplay by Fourplay ...

Push Play Please: (long pause after push play)

Soft tip of his tongue traced my ear lope edge, it darts on its surface like a rapid firing machine gun, causing my body to tense tight while soft moans coming so far from my depths they had to be noticed

Warm breath blowing across the clear wet on the flesh of my ear, made goose bumps sprint up my spine,

Slowly my hand grasp his head and pulled the heat of his mouth closer to me,

When his tongue slid across my ear flesh, my body wrenched in the ecstasy of pleasure as wet and heat embroiled my senses

As his tongue commenced a slow danced on the naked surface of my neck and shoulders, fingertips gingerly roamed over my hills, ease around my curves, slide through my breast valley, then casually dipped into the hidden triangle betwixt my quivering thighs

A single fingertip trail around swollen folds, enticing them to swell even more, then eased up and down on the lubrication of its wet slit while our lips deeply embraced with passion fire

Legs widen to let his hand roam further downward between my thighs while tongues plunge deeper into mouths,

Deep passionate kisses took our breath completely away,

While Flames inside my loins were felt slowly lingering into my extremities

As the soft as butter touch of his lips roamed over my body flesh:

They tasted,

They teased,

They suckled,

They nibbled on every inch of expose flesh they bumped into; the tantalizing pleasure was slowing taking my body to a higher plane unknown, while bathing my mind in sensations of shear ecstasy

Eyes watch the height of a long erect nipple disappear inside his lips gentle embrace,

As his lips suckled, his tongue swept over every inch of its surface, it swirls around its base, then pushed vigorously down on its swollen sensitive pink tip,

Causing my lungs to gasp in sequence of each deep lick:

My hands to grab the back of his head,

My back to arch into a near perfect bow,

My trembling body to vibrate with vigor,

My breath to be taking away, once again

Again his lips embraced mine in a fiery passionate kiss,

Touch sensations of two fingertips invading into my wet opening made my legs deeply vibrate

Fingertips slowly swirl side to side inside my pink while easing up and down its soft pliable walls, causing sharp piercing sensations to run rampage inside me, which cause my wet to propulsory leak its sweat tart nectar down my buttocks

As his thump tip teases the tip of my swollen clitoris,

My hand tenderly holds his free hand, as it manipulates my body with rhythmic motions of soft shearing touch,

Body stiffens as first wave of orgasmic release builds to expulsion

His touch slowly assaults the sensitivity of my pink walls with a soft, slow, free fall, once it touched my sweet spot; it lifts upward, pressing dead center on its sensitivity,

Lungs screams a moan deep into his throat, as the ecstasy of first release explodes deep from inside my being, from "A little foreplay"

"To be Continued"

Saturday, February 4, 2012

"A little Foreplay" Song Poem (Series 2)

A Song Poem Challenge: You can use only one line, one word or phase of the chosen song.
The poem must be written in the medley, theme or rhythm of the song.
Song: A little foreplay by Fourplay ...

Push Play:

Naked hips ease between my legs,

Hard, large, erection, impales into my thigh muscle,

Sweet enters my mind, as a soft, wet, deep kiss, embraces my lips

He kisses me as if he has never tasted my lips before,

He kisses me soft,

He kisses me deep,

He kisses me long and hard, until my breath is taken away,

His kiss transcends, as he raise his body up on his arms,

Giving my lungs a second to breathe

Eyes fixate into mine,

As his hips gyrate slow and deep,

His manhood feel as if it's hard enough to drill through my tender flesh,

My hips tilt and slightly twist to guide his manhood down the center of me,

The feel of his hard mass sliding up and down on my center slit, send chills up my spine,

The fire between my legs starts to rumble,

As his steel rod glides up and down in the center of my wet slit,

While its girth presses down on the top of my erect clit,

Ragged breaths, deep moans, muscles with spasms, are enticed by his "A Little Foreplay"

Pointed fingernails softly rake across the broadness of his shoulders, As hips dry hump in unison,

Eyes close as my mind absorb the sensations of his "Little Foreplay",

My womb starts to weep in anticipation of his thereafter coming,

The first trickle of release sensations starts to build in the depths of my womb

Audible moans,

Drown out his quiet groans,

As hips collide,

While his hardness slide,

In the wet of my slit

While pressing down on he head of my clit

Harder his hips pumps

Making my mind drunk

One last hard dry hump makes my lungs gasp, my body shiver,

As my lungs moan in agony, my body shudder in ecstasy withdrawal, My eyes open to see his watching mines, he flashes his devilish smile, Then proceed to giving me 'A Little More Foreplay"

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Happy Head Day "A little Foreplay" Song Poem (Series 1)

A Song Poem Challenge: You can use only one line, one word or phase of the chosen song.
The poem must be written in the medley, theme or rhythm of the song.
Song: A little foreplay by Fourplay ...

Push Play:

Small waves float my body side to side as it deeply sleep,

The smell of "him", filled my nostrils, as I dreamed of "him" taking my mind, my body, my soul, slow and steady

Eyes open and "him" was resting inches from my lips, "him" was sticking out the top of his white cloth covers, happily waving at me

Involuntary my tongue lashed out with soft snake like licks, and licked the delectable treat in front of me,

A soft moan reverberated in my throat as the taste of "him" washed onto my tongue palate

Slow teasing licks ease around "him" crown,

Light teasing off and on suction pulls "him' head past my wanting lips into the warmth of my mouth slowly again, and again,

My body feels his legs shudder from the searing sharp sensations rushing into his loins

He slowly rocks his body back and forth, feeding only the head of "him" into my needy mouth, teasing my mind with the physicality of foreplay

The feel of his scrotum rocking back and forth on my breast,

The scent of 'him" flowing into my nostrils intoxicates my mind, my will, making what was dampness between my thighs, to turn into a wet trickle that was now seeping pass my vulva lips

"Him" white protecting clothing is quickly pulled down further,

A warm wet trail slowly trickle towards his scrotum, as my hands roamed freely over his naked flesh, when his sacs entirety slip into my mouth, his lungs first gasp in pure pleasure, then quietly screamed in ecstasy

As my tongue rolled over his scrotum flesh, my right hand slowly eased back and forth on "him" elongated shaft with long, slow, smooth, measured, strokes,

It wasn't long before "him" started to seep clear wet seed from the slit in top of his mushroom head

I let "him" slick head slide past my needy lips, slowly devouring its crown, then letting an inch, then another inch of his length ease past my inner lips tight grip

His eyes closed,

His stomach muscles whiffed like a strong wind blowing across the top of ocean waves,

His buttocks tighten hard as a rock, as he force feed his hard impediment slowly back and forth inside the slippery spit laced lining inside my mouth,

I restrained "him" attempt to hide deep inside my mouth, because my own need had quickly surface, and it needed to come forehand

A stern but confuse look in my eyes looked deep into his, a smile a mile wide cross his face as he read my mind that was asking, "Can I get a little foreplay?"...

He slid "him" out the warmth of my mouth and placed "him" between my breast flesh,

Tight gripping fingertips held my breast bare flesh tight around 'him" vast girth, he slowly thrust "him" back and forth in my breast valley of deep, the warm pleasurable vibrations sooth my eyes to closing, my body goes limp as it prepares itself for ... "A Little Foreplay"