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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Monday, January 28, 2013

Monday Moaning ..... Enhanced .... Repetitive poem

He had me sit quietly in a chair,
While he stood in front of me and gazed at me in silence

I could feel his brown eyes fixate,
On the curvature of my nakedness

I could feel the soft caress of his lips,
Tenderly touching my cheek, 
Softly embrace the pout of my lips 

I could feel the tender touch of his long fingers,
Firmly clasp the long of my breast,
knead my nipples into an rigid erection

I could feel the docile touch of his fingertips,
Wash over the smooth wakes of my quivering stomach

I could feel the warm moisture from his slithering tongue,
Leave a long wet trail, 
On the surface of the expose flesh of my inner thighs,
Causing them to tremor from heighten sensations

I could feel his hot breath,
Gingerly propel across a moist liar, 
Hidden behind a profuse forest,
That was tucked in the center of the thunder,
Between the want of my thighs

When he walked behind me, 
My eyes became blind from the softness of silk,
Making my lungs prolongedly moan...

Image was borrowed from Virtual Female
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Monday, January 21, 2013

Monday moaning ... Tuck Me In ...... Prose Poem .....

Come, tuck me in,
Softly brush your fingertips across my forehead,
Then kiss me with a soft, sweet, lingering kiss goodnight,
A kiss so soft, I'll dream of your kiss all night long

But, when the sun arises, and you see my eyes open with a yearning for you,
kiss me tenderly good-morning, 
With a kiss so deep it awakens my soul

1Manview © 1999 – 2013

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Computer fraud..........

My computer has failed! Rendering me internet o useless. I shall return as soon as apossible. Since you have taken the time to visit, feel free to read some of my older  poems. Thank you.

P.S.  AAAaaaggggg!!! 

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Saturday Seduction... Breakfast.... Seduction series

Hint from last week:"My body melts into the kitchen, Breakfast smells still escape the smell of my nostrils, My eyes fixate on him sitting in a kitchen chair butt naked, Sorry he says, all I could find to cook was this hot dog, He smiled, as he slowly stroked the big hot dog between his legs."

My body stands before him in surrender,
His eyes stare melts my flesh as I feel their touch easing a cross my shoulder, sailing over the tip of my mountains, then dip into the warmth of my lake,

Eyes gesture me towards open arms that invites me in,
My legs straddle first him, then the chair ,
Slowly my heated center is slid down over his pulsating hot dog,
He growls, "damn you're tight", as my body slowly lowers, Force feeding his hard meat into my taut confines,
After taking half of his length inside me, I stop the descend and take a deep breath, giving  my womb time to adjust to his enormity 

Slowly my hips gyrate back and forth, slipping his mass in and out my wetness, as my womb perspire more, the more his mass falls deeper into my heat,
He groans then grasp my derrière and push his size inside me deeper,
Lips suckle on my breast as hips gyrations find their preferred rhythm, 
Not to fast, not to slow, our hips rock back and forth

lips suckle harder on my nipples, hips gyrate deeper, the fire inside my loins burn hotter, as his greedy lust becomes contagious

The chair squawks as our hips pond heavily into each other,
His hard mass is felt swelling larger against my tender pink walls, just hold on baby, hold on, I plea for him to last a little longer for me,
 A loud deep breath is followed by a bull grunt, then he stops and commands in his baritone voice, get up baby , get up

My body scurries off his, his arms spin me around and pull me back into him,
His ballooned mass falls fast and deep into my sopping wet womb, 
As soon as his balls is felt on my backside, my lungs scream, the ache in my loins inflames into a towering inferno

This man knows me all so well,
He knows I love the feel of his balls pushing deep into the flesh of my behind, 
The surreal feel of his mass at this angle plunging inside my pink wetness
The width of his girth sliding back and forth on the edge of my swollen clit

I now became the grunting bull on attack, as my hips flail wildly, 
My breath hitching, my bosom heaving in pure lust, a wildness that throws our hips out of rhythm, as I ride his rock hard dick for all its worth

His strong grip catches tight under my breasts, 
He lifts my body up high off his and pounds the entire length of his mass inside me,
Each smooth hard thrust push and pull his full length through my hot molten core,
My breath eludes my lungs as a nearing searing orgasm 
starts to swallow my soul

Matador has taking control of the bull, and is slaying it with his big long sword,
Again and again he strikes it inside my fiery core, until an explosive orgasm rocks through my extremities

Flex taut my body,
Clench tight, my womb on his urgent moving sword, 
Body shudders in lust release as his sword moves in and out with urgency in the depths of my womb, 
Ejaculating hot sperm is felt filling my corridor beyond capacity

Muscular arms embrace around my breast, as lungs inhale deeply,
My body sits in a calm, the feel of soreness inside my soft walls is felt, but it doesn't distract my thoughts of the next seduction... 

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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Head day ....... Head given.....

Vigorously, she sucks his stiff wood with complete unadulterated contempt

Lips opens wide as she prepares to take him into dark depths of her mouth heat

Hips reach for the stars, as his hard as granite mass slowly disappears between the tight seems of her lips softness before his eyes

Heart races, breath becomes ragged, lungs groan perpetually as his wood drift into the space of her throat 

Girth swells and palpitates against her lips tight encircled grip,
Moments before his universe explodes

Leaving her mouth full of the sweet tangy robust taste of him....

1Manview © 1999 – 2013

Monday, January 7, 2013

Monday Moaning....... First touch ....... Prose poem

Hard as steel,

Deep sharp painful ache, 
Burns inside my loins,
Then she kissed me, 
While gingerly touching it

Body flexed,
Legs stiffen,
Lungs deeply inhaled, 
Suddenly a gushing passionate moan,
Rushes from my mouth, into hers...

1Manview © 1999 – 2013

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Saturday Seduction ..... Master Bakes ... Seduction Series

This is a new series I'm starting for 2013 ... How long the series last will be determine by how much fun we have... I originally was staring off with something else, but after reading Ronnie blog, I had to
do her story in my prose style version to start off my Saturday Seduction series ....
You can read ronnie true life version here...  (P's New Year Resolution) Ronnie is an very vivid writer, so check it out ....

None conscious body of mine, sleeps in dormancy,
Tips of fingers ease over indentation of taut folds tucked under flimsy panties, 
They slowly slide down my folds center, then slowly circle back up,
They repeatability ease up and down my slit center until my eyes flutter open

Surreal sensations floating in my loins retain my sleepy eyes open,
My lungs take slowly deep breaths as my body lie in silent, while bathing in the wonders of the pleasurable sensations

Wide open eyes are met by filtered sunlight in the room, as fingertips push panties crouch off to one side of my swelling folds,
My voice stays silent, my body remains rigid, as it lie motionless in reception of his soft tender touch sailing over my wetness

A quiet moan is swallowed, as his fingertips push past the resistance of my folds, hips slightly lift as they slowly push into my pink wetness,
Breath is held, as the length of his fingers plummet slowly down the center of my pink walls that push clear nectar out of my womb confines, which seeps down the top of my thighs while my feminine fragrance spills into the quiet air

His voice doesn't speak, his attention focus on the roaming fingertips that seek my forgotten sweet spot, 
A crisp moan floats into the air as shear sensations flood my loins, as two fingertips press on it perfectly

Hips gently buck as fingertips swirl slowly on my most sensitive spot, a low moan exit my throat as their pace quickens,
My hand grabs his arm tight, for what reason I do not know, just a reaction to the shear ecstasy roaming inside my womb,
My hips start to gyrate involuntary in his fingertip electrified stirring rhythm,
Voices still do not speak, his fingertips just keep giving while my body keep receiving their pleasure,

My eyes feel his looking deep into mines, as my eyes glare back into his, my womb walls become taut, my voice starts to audibly groan, his free arm has to restrain my deeply vibrating body as urgent moving fingertips work my womb into an orgasmic frenzy

Eyes slowly open to a bright smile,
My lips smile back at him,
A soft kiss is bestowed on my lips,
A whispered voice says "I love you" and I have breakfast waiting for you in the kitchen,
As he walks away, my lungs inhale deeply, but for some reason, the only scent in the air I smell is mine...

Hint of next week ....
My body melts into the kitchen
Breakfast smells still escape the smell of my nostrils,
My eyes fixate on him sitting in a kitchen chair butt naked,
Sorry he says, all I could find to cook was this hot dog,
He smiled, as he slowly stroked the big hot dog between his legs...

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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Head Day ......... Slow blow ..... Prose poem ......

Hands up she whispered in his ear as they laid together naked in the bed,
His reaction was curious, but he smiled and raised his arms above his head,
A girly giggle was followed by the feel of soft restrains around his wrist, 
After securing the restraints to the bed head board, she whispered, "baby", you're all mine 

Consumed ear lobe appeared from her lips embrace,
Wet, shiny, and super sensitive to her tongue touch, encourage a slight giggle to escape past his lips as her tongue tip darted tenderly on his ear lobe surface, 
He gasp as she nibbled on its round edges,
His legs squirm as she inhaled the tip of it into her mouth,

As her tongue blazed a slow trail down his chest, magnified sensations followed its wet trail,
His body slightly jerked as he felt her soft touch firmly squeeze his scrotum, while the softness of her lips encircle his nipple that quickly became erect,
Suppress moans eased into the air, as her tongue raced around the base of his hard swollen nipple

Mmm, she moaned, as she felt his hardness push up against the flesh of her left thigh, 
After a quick grab, she positioned her body so she could slip it between her weeping folds, 
She slowly rocked her body back and forth, sliding on the length of his swollen girth

Quiet moans floated in her chest, as his thick girth slid back and forth on the side of her clitoris,
After two quick hard gyration of her hips, she smiled at him, then repositioned herself between the muscularity of his taut thighs

Fingers clasp around his thick girth, then slowly slid up and down its slippery sides, while her tongue playfully flickered on his scrotum flesh,
Legs tense tight as she sucked on one side, then the other side of his scrotum into her mouth, once his moans became a quiet silent, she knew she had him were she wanted him

She release his shaft from her grip wanting to bring his release with just the softness of her lips riding his girth flesh,
Her body leaned upward so she could position her head over his towering length, his hips bucked as her lips enveloped the massive head of his hard dick,
His lungs quiet gasp as he felt the pleasuring warmth of her mouth surround his harden flesh

Slowly she worked only the tip of his dick in and out her mouth, seducing its enormous head with just the softness of her lips and the heat of her mouth, once she felt she had the tip very sensitive, she slowly lowered her head until every inch of his rock hard flesh her mouth could hold eased past her lips

Slowly upward her head moved, then slowly down,
Slowly upward, then slowly down, 
Slowly up, then her head hesitated at the top,
Her eyes fixated into his, his eyes were wide and teary like a puppy dog begging for a treat, but he was begging her to bring him release from her slow pleasure torture,
But that wasn't about to happen

Slowly she swirled her head in a half circle on the tip of his engorgement, taste of his pre-cum dripped on her tongue, She took a a couple seconds to savior the sweetness of its taste

Legs flailed as her lips tighten its grip, while her head slowly weaved side to side on his dick enormous head,
After hearing a graveling gasp flow past his lips, she let her head slowly fall downward once again

Again she slowly let her head move upward, then slowly down
Slowly up, then slowly down,
His body started to vibrated with so much intensity, the whole bed felt like it floating across the bedroom floor

Hips buck upward as he tried to fill her moth fuller of his rigid mass, 
She knew if his hands were free, he would be forcing her mouth to take more of his long length, her head to move up and down faster, but at this precise moment she was in charge, 
She dictate how fast her head would bob and down, 
She dictated how much of his flesh towering length would flow back and forth between the soft surface of her lips,
She dictated when he would cum

With her way there was no choking, 
No gaging, 
No gasping for air, 
No pulling and pushing on her head, 
No strain on her neck, 
Just moans of his pleasure was heard, complete concentration of his pleasure was on her mind, and for once she was the complete head master in charge

She pulled his mass almost out of her mouth then stopped, Just as he moaned in ecstasy agony, she suddenly dropped her head, quickly sliding the head of his penis deep in the dark of her mouth, 
Ås she held her head down, she could feel the erotic deep throbs of his penis pushing and throbbing on her soft inner lips, she could feel the wet of more of his pre-cum

His body goes rigid as her lips moved slowly up and down on his tight swelling girth,
On each bob of her head, his buttocks moves higher and higher off the mattress, a telling sign his sexual release was about to explode

More clear slippery lube spilled on his shaft,
Audible slurping sounds of suction joined the deep graveling groans flowing from his lungs into the air,
Her eyes glanced up and watched the muscles in his arms bulge larger and larger as he pulls harder and harder against the soft restraints that holds his manly arms in place

Head movements are kept slow and steady,  while lips encircled around his swelling girth as tight as they can get,
She force as much of his length inside her mouth, as she fills computable with

His moans become just a whisper,
His buttocks felt tight as a square knot in her hands, while small tremors raced through them,
"Oh baby", I'm cumin' he groaned

Suddenly her head snap slightly back as an massive ejaculation of sperm exploded into her mouth, his legs shook as if he was having a massive seizure, while his orgasm raged unmerciful inside his loins,
Slow and steady, she brought him total release

His voice went silent,
His body became limp,
His penis quickly became flaccid, as she softly suckle on its tip like a baby playing with its empty milk bottle

Her eyes stare upward,
Her mind wondered if he would ever let her restrain him again,
After taking a deep gasp for air, a  large smile cross his face,
She now knew the answer to that question...

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