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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Saturday Seduction... Breakfast.... Seduction series

Hint from last week:"My body melts into the kitchen, Breakfast smells still escape the smell of my nostrils, My eyes fixate on him sitting in a kitchen chair butt naked, Sorry he says, all I could find to cook was this hot dog, He smiled, as he slowly stroked the big hot dog between his legs."

My body stands before him in surrender,
His eyes stare melts my flesh as I feel their touch easing a cross my shoulder, sailing over the tip of my mountains, then dip into the warmth of my lake,

Eyes gesture me towards open arms that invites me in,
My legs straddle first him, then the chair ,
Slowly my heated center is slid down over his pulsating hot dog,
He growls, "damn you're tight", as my body slowly lowers, Force feeding his hard meat into my taut confines,
After taking half of his length inside me, I stop the descend and take a deep breath, giving  my womb time to adjust to his enormity 

Slowly my hips gyrate back and forth, slipping his mass in and out my wetness, as my womb perspire more, the more his mass falls deeper into my heat,
He groans then grasp my derrière and push his size inside me deeper,
Lips suckle on my breast as hips gyrations find their preferred rhythm, 
Not to fast, not to slow, our hips rock back and forth

lips suckle harder on my nipples, hips gyrate deeper, the fire inside my loins burn hotter, as his greedy lust becomes contagious

The chair squawks as our hips pond heavily into each other,
His hard mass is felt swelling larger against my tender pink walls, just hold on baby, hold on, I plea for him to last a little longer for me,
 A loud deep breath is followed by a bull grunt, then he stops and commands in his baritone voice, get up baby , get up

My body scurries off his, his arms spin me around and pull me back into him,
His ballooned mass falls fast and deep into my sopping wet womb, 
As soon as his balls is felt on my backside, my lungs scream, the ache in my loins inflames into a towering inferno

This man knows me all so well,
He knows I love the feel of his balls pushing deep into the flesh of my behind, 
The surreal feel of his mass at this angle plunging inside my pink wetness
The width of his girth sliding back and forth on the edge of my swollen clit

I now became the grunting bull on attack, as my hips flail wildly, 
My breath hitching, my bosom heaving in pure lust, a wildness that throws our hips out of rhythm, as I ride his rock hard dick for all its worth

His strong grip catches tight under my breasts, 
He lifts my body up high off his and pounds the entire length of his mass inside me,
Each smooth hard thrust push and pull his full length through my hot molten core,
My breath eludes my lungs as a nearing searing orgasm 
starts to swallow my soul

Matador has taking control of the bull, and is slaying it with his big long sword,
Again and again he strikes it inside my fiery core, until an explosive orgasm rocks through my extremities

Flex taut my body,
Clench tight, my womb on his urgent moving sword, 
Body shudders in lust release as his sword moves in and out with urgency in the depths of my womb, 
Ejaculating hot sperm is felt filling my corridor beyond capacity

Muscular arms embrace around my breast, as lungs inhale deeply,
My body sits in a calm, the feel of soreness inside my soft walls is felt, but it doesn't distract my thoughts of the next seduction... 

1Manview © 1999 – 2013

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  1. This is breakfast? Dayuuum! Makes me hungry for lunch, snack and dinner! Love this!

  2. Un petit déjeuner qui se profile avec une chaude envie au ventre ...Les matins à deux sont tout légers ...Bien tristes sont ceux où l'on est seuls !
    Sur vos mots, je bois mon café
    Bon dimanche à vous