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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Saturday Seduction ..... Master Bakes ... Seduction Series

This is a new series I'm starting for 2013 ... How long the series last will be determine by how much fun we have... I originally was staring off with something else, but after reading Ronnie blog, I had to
do her story in my prose style version to start off my Saturday Seduction series ....
You can read ronnie true life version here...  (P's New Year Resolution) Ronnie is an very vivid writer, so check it out ....

None conscious body of mine, sleeps in dormancy,
Tips of fingers ease over indentation of taut folds tucked under flimsy panties, 
They slowly slide down my folds center, then slowly circle back up,
They repeatability ease up and down my slit center until my eyes flutter open

Surreal sensations floating in my loins retain my sleepy eyes open,
My lungs take slowly deep breaths as my body lie in silent, while bathing in the wonders of the pleasurable sensations

Wide open eyes are met by filtered sunlight in the room, as fingertips push panties crouch off to one side of my swelling folds,
My voice stays silent, my body remains rigid, as it lie motionless in reception of his soft tender touch sailing over my wetness

A quiet moan is swallowed, as his fingertips push past the resistance of my folds, hips slightly lift as they slowly push into my pink wetness,
Breath is held, as the length of his fingers plummet slowly down the center of my pink walls that push clear nectar out of my womb confines, which seeps down the top of my thighs while my feminine fragrance spills into the quiet air

His voice doesn't speak, his attention focus on the roaming fingertips that seek my forgotten sweet spot, 
A crisp moan floats into the air as shear sensations flood my loins, as two fingertips press on it perfectly

Hips gently buck as fingertips swirl slowly on my most sensitive spot, a low moan exit my throat as their pace quickens,
My hand grabs his arm tight, for what reason I do not know, just a reaction to the shear ecstasy roaming inside my womb,
My hips start to gyrate involuntary in his fingertip electrified stirring rhythm,
Voices still do not speak, his fingertips just keep giving while my body keep receiving their pleasure,

My eyes feel his looking deep into mines, as my eyes glare back into his, my womb walls become taut, my voice starts to audibly groan, his free arm has to restrain my deeply vibrating body as urgent moving fingertips work my womb into an orgasmic frenzy

Eyes slowly open to a bright smile,
My lips smile back at him,
A soft kiss is bestowed on my lips,
A whispered voice says "I love you" and I have breakfast waiting for you in the kitchen,
As he walks away, my lungs inhale deeply, but for some reason, the only scent in the air I smell is mine...

Hint of next week ....
My body melts into the kitchen
Breakfast smells still escape the smell of my nostrils,
My eyes fixate on him sitting in a kitchen chair butt naked,
Sorry he says, all I could find to cook was this hot dog,
He smiled, as he slowly stroked the big hot dog between his legs...

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  1. Oh my, that was really well done and hot. Thanks and thanks for the mention.

    Love and hugs,

    1. No, thank you for the inspiration. :)

      Peace and love

  2. Un moment cru et vibrant, plein de cette émotion latente qui nous envahit quand en nous, la vague monte ...Moment si vivant !

  3. A steaming write ~ Happy weekend ~

    1. Thank you heaven... A smooth week for you...

  4. Wow I always enjoy visiting your blog :-)

    1. And i appreciate your comments.. Thank you ...

  5. Very seductive, indeed! Lovin' next week's hint. Hot dog isn't a bad breakfast food. :-D

    1. Especially if it is served hot... :)

  6. Gostosa loiraça~deliciosa buceta bela,que tesão,beijos....

    1. Obrigado pelo comentário
      Espero ver-te de novo.....

      paz e amor