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Monday, March 4, 2013

Monday Moaning .. Kisses .. By Poetic Guest Peaches

Kiss me slow and deep
Kiss me long and hard
Kiss me with your hands holding my face
Kiss me as you stroke my hair
Kiss me with your eyes open
Kiss me on my top lip
Kiss me on my bottom lip
Kiss me as you push me up against the wall
Kiss me with urgency and need
Kiss me as I feel you harden
Kiss me as our heart beat quicken
Kiss me until the hair stands on the back of my neck
Kiss me until my knees become weak
Kiss me until your hands tremble as you reach under my clothes
Kiss me as I open your pants and free you
Kiss me as you lift me and plunge deep inside

Kiss me as we move to our own rhythm
Kiss me as the tear of pleasure falls down my cheek
Kiss me as your thrusts become harder and deeper
Kiss me and muffle the screams
Kiss me as you feel my orgasm
Kiss me as you arch your back and release
Kiss me as we both tremble and shake uncontrollably
Kiss me as we smile at each other...
Just Kiss me!

Written By Peaches...

Peaches © 2012 – 2013


  1. OMG! I just did a "Kiss" post for today, too! Great minds think alike, huh? Peaches I love what you're written. Makes me want to go out and kiss someone, right now! So hot! Wonderful guest post.

  2. Kissing hot. Makes me want to be kissed right there, right now.. :) Romantically hot write Peaches... :)

  3. I loved the pictures along with the poem. :-)

  4. Le Baiser, antichambre de tous nos plaisirs
    J'aime beaucoup ce poème

    1. Translation for Peaches...

      The Kiss, foyer for of all our pleasures
      I love this poem

      chilina, Merci pour le commentaire ...

  5. Very erotic Repetition poem Peaches... That you for letting me post it on my blog....

  6. Replies
    1. Thank you Alex for the read and leaving a comment for Peaches...

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