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Monday, March 11, 2013

Monday Moaning ... Work to do.... Prose Poem

Round naked behind is admired,
Slippery lube is applied,
Hips straddled,
First penetration started

Eyes suddenly open wide,
Painted fingertips dig deep into mattress,
Voice wants to scream, but can not,
Sheer pain rushing through her center, 
Pain gradually changes into contempt pleasure, 
As folds stop resisting enormity intrusion

Firm chest rest on soft back, 
Hips resides on backside,
As swell deep pulsation's, pulsate against sensitive pink walls

Tight grip loosen, walls start too sweat, as hips slow gyration starts,
Balls push up against taut round behind,
Arms extend, pushing upper body up higher,
Slow long strokes thrust thick uncut endowment deep into her center pink dark depths

A voice grunts,
Another voice emanates faster, harder,
Hips start to gyrate with urgency,
As loins fill with sensations of blissfulness

Hips move in a frenzy,
Sound of balls slapping hard against backside slaps into the air

Enormity swells,
"Not yet" a voice gravels,
As deep grunts counts each hard down stroke of his mass into her soft wet center

One body quakes,
The other shakes,
As warm clear juice is mixed with lightening hot white liquid

Lungs breathe deeply,
As one body rest on top of the other,
Good morning sleepyhead, its time to go to work,
She moans deeply....

1Manview © 1999 – 2013


  1. What a wake-up call for a Monday. Mmm!

    1. The best kind of wake up.. :)

      Always a pleasure to see your comment Sweets...

  2. Bom Acordar com Desejo, Sinal Que O Dia vai ser Maravilhoso!
    Beijos Quentes

    1. Maravilhoso dia!
      Obrigado por comentar...

      Beijos Quentes

  3. What a wonderful poem :-)

  4. Prazeroso amanhecer.

  5. Des réveils , si doux et rares pour moi, qu'ils me laissent un goût d'éternité dans mon corps et ma tête
    Beau poème ;)

  6. chilina, Merci d'avoir lu et commenté